Thursday, October 1, 2009

Jon files papers to END THE SHOW

The Insider is reporting that Jon, through his lawyer, has finally filed cease and desist papers to end the filming of Jon and Kate Plus 8.

Rumors have abounded the past few days that Jon's leave from the show was not mutual or voluntary and that he was actually upset about it. If true, we were just waiting for Jon to stick it to Kate and hit her where it most hurts--take away her path to glory, her show. If he can't have the show, we wonder if he doesn't want her to have it either. Although we would like to think that Jon has filed these papers to protect his children and to do what is in their best interest, the timing looks much more like a jab at Kate. He has had months and months to make this move and protect his kids, but he's been too busy with women and partying.

We also think it will be very hard for a judge not to find that this show is detrimental for children going through a messy divorce. We think even the most liberal of judges would grant this cease and desist immediately.

Jon has a new lawyer now, one clearly trying to reshape his image. It is another very smart move to come out against filming, making Jon look like the responsible parent concerned about his kids, and making Kate look like a money-hungry whore if she opposes his request. Very smart, calculated move.

We see Kate as addicted to her show, the fame, and its gravy train, stopping at nothing, even her own children's mental stability and core privacy, to continue filming. Someone is going to choke on their Cheerios when they get served this morning.

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