Sunday, January 24, 2010

Another photo of Kate shushing Collin

Here is another snapshot of the shush heard 'round the world. In this one, Collin is cringing significantly, and Aaden appears to be caught up in the fray too.

This was not a supper table, a dinner party, church, or the library. We ask Kate: Why does Collin need to be quiet outdoors?

14 sediments (sic) from readers:

Anonymous said...

The kids must be shushed because Lordie Bee they just might give a snapshot as to what the real story is behind a Gosselin.

Kate is a control freak. I am sure now that she does not have Jon to push around she is taking out her frustration on her kids.

Administrator said...

If you think about it, it's pretty inexcusable to do this to a 5-year-old, in public especially, either way. If Collin were saying something Kate didn't want the public to know (I want the nanny, I want to be with Daddy, Mommy you're mean, etc.), then she is just a bully and a coward for trying to cover it up. Or if he was just being loud and screaming, she is also a bully and a bad parent for not handling it in a appropriate manner. For one, not losing her temper especially in public, giving him a warning, sitting down with him and discussing with him why being loud is inconsiderate to others, and other appropriate ways to handle it.

itsaboutthekids said...

The words, "brace for impact" come to mind.

Lauren said...

I'm just not shocked or surprised by anything Kate does. She is so self-centered that she doesn't care how her behavior comes across.

Kate doesn't care about smacking her little boy. Why, because it's all about Kate and how Kate was inconvenienced about picking the kids up from the bus stop. The funny thing about this is that Kate didn't have to drop the kids off. The paps have photos of the AM nanny dropping the kids off at the bus stop. So this was a PR shot gone bad when she smacked her little boy for speaking up.

Administrator said...

Actually when you think about it, it's not so shocking that Kate would smack her kid in the mouth, but it IS shocking she would do it knowing full well someone was taking their picture. That to me says she has absolutely no sense of shame or conscience, that she fully believes it's okay to treat children in this way, like chattle. At least if she kept her rough treatment of the kids behind closed doors, we would know on some level she didn't think it was right. Which also leads me to wonder, if this happens in public, what happens at home in private?

Dunwoody Mom said...

One sheeple claimed Kate just gently touched Colin's mouth to quiten him. Yep - that look in Colin's face just yells tenderness.

Anonymous said...

Off topic but GWOP has put up that Kate's book Love is in the mix is being sold outside the U.S. Is that true?
Isn't Zondervan the publisher a christina publisher? How could they support Kate? Wow....

just wondering said...

Here you go, Irene. It is now selling in Nigeria where people have never heard of her. Zondervan has dumped the book overseas.

Lauren said...

Hey Irene - check out this link.

You will love it!

Anonymous said...

Thanks Lauren and Just Wondering. Wonder if they will like Monkey Munch in Nigeria.

Diane said...

Maybe, Kate's cook book comes with a jar of peanut butter. That way, those people in Nigeris can have that all american favorite...pb&j cut on the diagonal.

Anonymous said... is reporting Kate's new show: Kate: Taming of the Shrewd.

Would you let Kate walk your dog? after how she exiled hers?

Would you let Kate watch your kids? she doesn't watch her own.

Would you support Kate & her lifestyle?

Irene said...

Thanks Lauren and Just Wondering. Wonder if they will like Monkey Munch in Nigeria.

Anonymous said...

I think that Kate really smacked Collin.
And I think that's Joel not Aaden who caught up in the "fray."

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