Saturday, January 23, 2010

Kate's latest bus stop pickup goes a little better

While Jon was in Utah with new girlfriend Morgan at Sundance (we still don't know what business he has at an indie film festival), Kate picked up the kids from the bus stop Friday afternoon, fake hair tucked under a baseball cap. We like her much tamer outfit again. Stylish, but modest and reasonable.

Hmm, could this be a a plant to try to mitigate her outrageous blow-up at Collin earlier this week? Fake smile, or sincere? And look at her left hand, which appears to be pushing and prodding Aaden along.

15 sediments (sic) from readers:

Anonymous said...

Could her smiles and more gentle demeanor have something to do with her being ordered to undergo anger management?

Anonymous said...

It looks like a fake smile to me.

I also looked at the video from the morning and it appears to be damage control. In the video the children in the back of the van are able to get out of the van on their own. The children in the middle of the van Kate picks up from under the arms and puts down. The video seems to address recent blog complaints in the way she helped one of the boys up the other day.


Anonymous said...

I think this is clearly a re-imaging attempt on behalf of Kate's handlers nothing more nothing less. This is not sincere. This is fake, staged, phoney & manipulative. It shows they clearly monitor the public & blogs.

What would it take for me to think Kate is sincere, caring, etc? Alot. Let us start with a publicity release that her children come first & they will have worked long enough to provide her with a living.

2nd a public denouncement to the paparazzi to keep away from her minor children. There is no reason for them to be at bus stop snapping away at these kids.

Pitiful desperate plants...pitiful Sorry. I know I sound negative. I do not apologize for it. The Gosselin kids have been through enough.

Rebecca said...

I believe it's all an act. She saw pictures of herself being nasty to her children and read all the comments people made about her. She's trying to reverse that image to further her career. TLC probably was all over her for it. ~ Administrator said...

I have not seen any reports Kate was ordered into anger management. The only report I have seen is that allegedly Kate's PEOPLE have suggested she do anger management. I am very suspicious of that report, which is why I haven't posted it. As well, although it is not unheard of (I have seen it happen, admittedly), it would nonetheless be unusual for the parent with primary custody to be ordered to do programs. Usually that goes to the parent with visitation rights, so they can work their way up to having more and more custody as their anger improves.

The story is fishy and doesn't add up. Although I am liberal about what I post knowing that not everything may be 100 percent true (you can never know for sure if everything is TRUE, you just have to do your best gathering at least two sources and more if possible, the general rule of thumb in journalism. That is the downfall of GWOP, they got way too caught up in verification and practically wanted 100 sources to verify before posting anything, that is overly cautious), I don't post things I just have a feeling in my gut is FALSE. If I am able to get more verification of this rumor to convince me it's true, I will post it. ~ Administrator said...

I think it is damage control too and obvious damage control at that. I have always thought one of the best ways Kate and Jon could do damage control would be to disclose the children's finances. That was after all a huge sticking point for many people, where did all the children's money go? While they certainly have no obligation to tell us what their financial situation is, I think if they gave us a ballpark breakdown of how they have invested the children's money, how much they have now, how it is protected, and how much they expect to have at 18, it would go lightyears in improving their image. At least with ME.

BUT the reason they don't do this? Is because I think they are shamefully embarrassed of how LITTLE they have saved for their children. If their children are so set for life, why not just tell us??? BECAUSE THEY'RE NOT SET FOR LIFE, I FIRMLY BELIEVE THIS. They would be mortified if they disclosed the REAL numbers, and we crunched the numbers and asked where did the other 10 million go????

Lauren said...

This is common knowledge that TLC and/or Kate's management have been lurking the blogs for show ideas and damage control.

The Baltimore Sun's TV Critic, Z on TV, was contacted by one of Kate's divorce attorneys asking that he remove something that was Kate related. It was some time ago so I don't remember every detail so...

I remember one time when a lot of comments on GWOP were complaining about Kate's abusive behavior towards the kids and Jon. Well what did TLC do....they had a segment in an episode that showed Kate kissing and hugging Jon and the kids. It was totally scripted because she isn't REALLY like that. But it was how TLC played damage control with Kate.

They troll Preesi's blog and I'm sure they check out DGS.

Now that the show is gone TLC/Kate's management uses People Mag and Radaronline.

Anonymous said...

Here we go again, the big TLC conspiracy theory!!

Anonymous said...

Interesting about disclosing the finances. And, makes me sick thinking the parents may have blown it all for the monkey munch of it.

As far as Kate & that satire about Angermanagement I saw it a few days ago but there is nothing else to back it up. But, Kate has needed anger management for a long time. If TLC would just now come that realization they are lost.

The whole problem I wonder boils down to this. Everything they try to do to rebuild her backfires. And, being on covers being called Mommie Dearest is not a compliment. So, they try to do what they have always done counter it. Problem is there is no show right now & no cute kids to take the edge off all the rumors. I say Kate is all but done in showbusiness. They certainly are gonna try to reimage & re show her but Conan Obrien had 20 years at NBC & he was gone in a snap.

Hopefully, though Kate will focus more on her children in the future, maybe write a book, and move on rebuilding a life. Who knows? ~ Administrator said...

Having worked with a lot of clients with this problem, probably on the order of 100s with anger management issues, many of whom have been ordered into programs, my experience has been it is one of the hardest problems to try to fix or correct. Usually, those anger management problems stem from some other issue in their life--mental illness, drugs, alcohol, a sexually abusive past, absent parents or abusive parents who never taught you how to deal with emotionas constructively, things like that. I am in no way implying I know Kate has that kind of past, but anger management doesn't come up on its own without some kind of trigger. That is why I think classes don't work for so many of my clients, it doesn't get to the heart of the issue.

Kate needs massive therapy, and yet her personality may be of the type that doesn't respond well to therapy or even is encouraged to continue to act the way she does by therapy (a scary effect for some people). She has heavily resisted therapy in the past, which is a bad sign for therapy working for her since she clearly doesn't want it. But never say never, I know someone who resisted therapy until she was 54 years old. She didn't believe in it. She was very unhappy in her life even though to an outsider she had everything. She finally broke down and went after much begging, and became a much better woman and mother for it. And friend.

Yolanda said...

I'm just curious...what kind of pants are the girls wearing? Is this what little girls are wearing these days? I'm sorry, they look like pajamas!

Also, seems to me like one of the boys does not have socks on! Am I mistaken about that?

Paula Caldarella said...

I enlarged the picture of Kate at the bus "smiling". That smile is so forced and fake. And yes, it appears little Colin has no socks on. ~ Administrator said...

I thought the girls' pants were odd too. I wondered if it was pajama was a Friday and schools usually do themes on Fridays if they do. On another note, I have always found it obnoxious the way they all dress alike. I get this funny feeling they are not allowed to just pick out the outfit THEY want to wear, they have to wear what their sisters wear.

I don't see socks on Joel either....although he could be wearing anklets, which I hard to see. However kids don't usually do well with anklets at that age. It's very cold for no socks. Maybe the nanny forgot.

Dianew said...

Yep. Either they are the short sport socks (which in mho) is tottally inapporpriate in cold winter weather or no socks at all. - either way, it's just wrong. This is so sad.

Anonymous said...

One other observation on the tups.

Since bloggers were complaining about the girls hair, the nanny (asian one, sorry don't know her name) had done their hair. Hannah had french braid down the back and the other two also had smaller braids. If I had a Nanny stay overnight, maybe it's me, I would have had the Nanny drop them off at the bus in the morning.

The girls always have their hair fixed nice when that Nanny has been on duty.


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