Monday, March 12, 2012


Jon's shackles contract with TLC expired at midnight, according to his reps. Presumably, Kate and the kids' contracts are up, too. Best wishes on their next chapters.

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silimom said...

Congratulations to Jon. A word of caution - Jon, you have won much respect by remaining silent these past two years and for not acting like an spoiled brat with an entitlement complex, unlike your ex wife. I hope that you continue down that road. Certainly pursue media/entertainment gigs if that is your wish, but please continue to remain silent on personal matters. Be affable, flexible and responsible and you may be able to carve out a niche for yourself in the local media in your area, if that is your wish.

Sandi said...

WTG Jon!..You have earned a lot of respect these last couple of years..dont blow it like she will do well..I wish you success and joy!

Katie Cry-duh said...

Well, I hope Kate gets her wish and that only THE TRUTH will be printed about her and Jon in the future. So sick of hearing her bullshit and wish him all the best

cathy518 said...

Congrats to you Jon, there is no doubt in my mind that your children would still be under the thumb of TLC if you didn't say "no more". I hope you continue to take the high road and provide stability in the lives of your children.

Kate, the party is finally over. Things are about to get interesting.

A Pink Straight Jacket For Kate said...

Congratulations, Jon!

Now go live a happy, healthy, productive, and honorable life.

Teresa said...

Ditto on the previous 5 comments. Live long and prosper Jon. Don't let our faith in you be in vain.

abc said...

Teresa 6


DebbieDowner4 said...

I was thinking.....we live in a very litigious look at will tell you that.

I bet that in the very near future, when the house and fancy cars are long gone, and the kids and kate are cramed into a 2 bedroom apartment (Kate getting her own room, of course) Kate will sue TLC for not providing a representative to help her manage her money.

Betcha a nickle that WILL happen.

It's over Kate said...

Be careful Jon. Be very careful.

whyohwhy said...

Ok just saw a preview of the Fox Philly coming up. The hosts said that Kate must have not gotten the memo about wearing the Red Ball and instead wore a black dress LOL. Also, she really dug herself into a hole yesterday because the hosts said that Hugh will be talking about the Twitter war. Let you know what else what said!

She is a Cow said...

I was looking on to see if anything was posted and found his article on Kate running up the "rocky stairs". Here is a comment submitted by Milo. She really is out there. I read with my jaw hanging open. You think she is snarking on Kate, but she is not. She ends it with a Go Kate. She says: who cares if they have mental illnesses when they grow up....they have gone on trips.....WHAT?!
And she acknowledges that Kate spends all the money on herself. What a freak!

firedupforkate said...
Oh you haterz need to realize that Kate works like a dog. Just look what she did at that campout. She stayed like a whole hour being cold and all that. Kate is a superstar because of her kids, now that is true, but what is wrong with that. Loss of privacy sure, but material objects are better than mental wellness in my book anyway. If the kids have mental health issues when all grown up, so what. They have memories of trips dang it. Trips are important. Especially when your mother is benefiting off of them and spending all the money on herself. Moms have to look good too ya know. Go Kate!

December 23, 2010 1:12 AM

abc said...

She is a cow 11
(mouth hanging open in disbelief)
There are no words............

keep it real said...

That comment is not from Milo. Its obviously a non-fan being sarcastic.

Localyocul said... ‏ @iPhillyChitChat Reply Retweeted Favorite · Open
Hanging in the green room @Good_Day_Philly #fb coming up Kate goselin @RedCrossPhilly #redball12

The live stream is here:

She is a Cow said...

Keep it real...13

LOL, well, that makes me feel better then. I didn't even think it could be someone using her name. Too early I guess.

Anonymous said...

you can watch here too, on Facebook

readerlady said...

I agree, the quote inn comment 11 is not from Milo. It's too coherent, correctly spelled and reasonably grammatical. Pretty obviously snark, from someone!

Teresa 6 -- AMEN!

abc said...

keep it real 13

Keyword "disbelief"

No matter how I feel about Milo, the fact that someone is hijacking her name and posting is wrong. It was done to me on another blog. I made it known the comments were not mine and never posted there again.

chefsummer #Leh said...

What will she do now.?

Jumping In said...

Jon, all the best in whatever you choose to do in the future. Stay on that high road, advocating for your children, keeping them safe from exploitation, and good things will come your way.

Berks resident said...

Hughe is on right now. He said no one knew who she was!!!

chefsummer #Leh said...

Well Steve was with her at the ball.

And no one knew she was in a room full of reality stars now that funny.

Berks resident said...

OMG he is showing the tweets!!!

Kat said...

To be perfectly honest...I could "care" less about what those two idiots do...they're just good entertainment. I have my own family to be concerned with...they're BOTH con artists...

Anonymous said...

That was a let down- still waiting for the photo...

It's over Kate said...

Watched the live feed. As I suspected- that was a LET DOWN. No pic- no real story.

Berks resident said...

That's it? No picture to show round the world? What gives HughE??

Bonnie said...

About the photographer having the twitter fight with Kate, just saw it on the my philly. It was a waste of time, no big deal. The guy didn't have any big news, he just whined about Kate being mean to him, then preceded to gush about how great she looked.

hmmmm said...

I think y'all were set up to look silly!!!

Localyocul said...

Well that was nothing. Where is this picture? It was kind of funny when he said his mom had 7 kids and wasn't grouchy all the time.

She is a Cow said...

WHAT? The only picture was the one with the carousel and the card reader. He said she was grouchy and that no one knew who she was, so there was no need for a body guard. That was it. Of course, then went on to explain the twitter war. There was no picture that he showed that would piss her off, or be seen around the world.

So, why was she so upset yesterday? There has to be more to it. Someone got to him, or his superiors. Otherwise, she majorly over reacted.

gotyournumberKate said...

Well, Kate made a fool of herself for nothing. All he said is she was asking the taro card reader questions about her future and was grouchy with him when he asked to take a photo with Steve. She's such a moron.

A Pink Straight Jacket For Kate said...

She doesn't need a bodyguard, no one knows who she is... Uh-huh.

librarylady said...

Not surprised at all. Maybe he was forced to give in to her and cut the mysterious photo. That could explain why things were suddenly all hunky dory with her again, with perky! tweets! and exclamation!!! points!!!

If something doesn't surface, though, he's lost his credibility.

She is a Cow said...

Oh, and he did show a few other pictures of people attending, who were dressed very nicely, IN RED! (the women anyway)

I was putting my money on a crotch shot with how short that dress was. Maybe he still has it and is saving it for the tabloids.

Gift of grab said...

He did say something about posting on his blog this morning. Not sure when.

Yeah, I agree, if that's all he's got, there's NO story here. After all of the build-up yesterday, especially talking about photos, it makes me wonder if someone made him back off. If this is all that happened, then why in the name of all that is holy did Kate have such a protracted and nasty exchange with him? The only way it makes sense is if you believe she deliberately set this up to get more media attention focused on her. I just don't think she is that clever.

Gift of grab said...

So someone asked him about "the pic," and here is his comment:

Kate with tarot card reader. I thought but glad I didn't put it in as exclusive cause no one picked it up. she's done

What was her freakin' meltdown yesterday about???

Anonymous said...

The pic was Kate w/tarot card reader?? REALLY?
Lame! Ok, going on with my day.

Gift of grab said...

I guess this is the paparazzi equivalent of "made you look!"

Not a fan. said...

I may be the lone dissenter here but I am going to voice my thoughts and risk ruffling feathers.

I don't have much faith in Jon. He's got a track record of trusting the wrong people and being manipulated. Kate once said that he listens to whoever happens to be in his ear at the moment. That was one of the few things I ever agreed with her about. She manipulated him, TLC did for a while and then he acted like a child and threw a public tantrum. He proceeded to align himself with the likes of Michael Lohan?

He left the marriage with a large chunk of cash that he wasted in no time at all. Today he's broke and he probably owes money to people. (just a guess, but I'd bet on it.) I know he was in a post-stress situation after everything Kate and TLC did to him, but even so, he doesn't get a 100% pass with me.

Why did he fail to invest in a modest home for those kids? Why did he buy sports cars and an overpriced SUV but not a single vehicle (even a used one) that was big enough for his kids? When he did rent an apartment, he selected a luxury 2 bedroom. How did that represent a father who put his kids first? After a YEAR he finally moved to a house- or that is the rumor. I hope that's true.

If we are going to access Kate, then we should fairly apply the same rules to Jon. What talent does he have? What can he possibly do with this new agency he signed on with? He's not an actor, not a singer, not a writer and he's not a public speaker. He works in IT. Since when does someone in IT need a talent agency? The only options for him would be something that capitalized on his reality TV status and that is exactly what we criticize Kate for.

My guess is that Jon has worked the mundane 9-5 for the past year or so and the REALITY has hit him. He makes a fraction of his old TLC paycheck and it takes a lot more time and effort. He now wants another slice of the pie he once enjoyed and wasted. He can only do that through his image as a "Dad of eight" or "Former Reality Star" or even his "Most Hated Man in America" status.

Hey Jon, reality TV is not a career.

canadianmom said...

THAT WAS IT? God what a let down... who is this douch? Why all the drama over NOTHING? I think he just lost a little credibility... so lame and not worth it...

A Pink Straight Jacket For Kate said...

Well according to my born again neighbor,
Christians do not partake in Tarot readings.

librarylady said...

I think the real story is...she's not a story any longer! As someone said on the other thread, to her, no publicity is worse than bad publicity. And she's got nothing.

aggiemom09121416 said...

Perhaps the Red Cross gala was her last TLC sponsored event..if her contract has expired as Jon's has, it will be interesting to see how she continues in the public eye from this day forward.
If she was still being comped through her TLC contract for clothes, hair, publicity, etc, the past six months, it will be interesting to see what happens from this day forward.
Maybe this is why she has been crying poor recently..her eyes have been opened to realize that, gee, if the kiddos need 3d glasses or a spring vaca, she is going to have to cough up every penny to pay for it.
I bet she was pissed she didn't get one last free spring break trip added to her contract.

Gee, it's funny, the 'real-ist' of reality stars, is finally having to face 'reality'.

Anonymous said...

I missed the "show" but found the reporter's column at The Philly Post, The Scene, where he refers to overhearing her tell "her boyfriend, er bodyguard (as she barked at me)" that she was still confused about her future.


Berks Neighbor said...

The more notable information that came out of this is how concerned Kate is about her public image. She accused him of lying when he wasn't going to. She was the one making a mountain out of a molehill just by reading his tweets. I think there are one or two of her sheeple that are feeding her information through email or DM's and get her all riled up for nothing.
It's interesting to know that she is a 'nobody'. Noone but a bagel store owner and one other person recognized her. She may have a good looking body, but she's just plain old mediocre trash when it comes to her attitude and the way she treats people who don't bow down to her big old feet and kiss her massive Flintstone toe.
The philly guy was right. She doesn't need Steve. She keeps him around because she can't get anyone else to be her 'plus one'. No one likes her anymore so a paid companion (married at that) is all she has.
What a pathetic loser. If she really did have a best friend (you know, the one she talked about talking to in the radio interview "I was just talking to my best friend about this the other day..." Why didn't she go with her. There were plenty of single ladies who all went together and had a blast.
Once again - Pathetic MEDIOCRE Loser: Kate Gosselin.

It's over Kate said...

Kate claims to be a Christian. Tarot card readers are part of the occult. Christians generally don't engage in the occult.

Did Kate miss that Sunday when this was covered?

JudyK said...

Posted this on the other thread but this is from Hugh's written article:

"Below: Kate Gosselin, of Kate Plus 8, was there, as it was Jon Gosselin’s weekend with the kids. I caught up with her as she was getting a tarot-card reading from Marilyn Sukonick-Zeff. Kate was really into the reading, and I later overheard her tell her boyfriend, er, bodyguard (as she barked at me), Steve, that she was still confused about her future. Seems she didn’t ask specific questions because she didn’t want the tarot-card reader to know who she was? The good thing was no one harassed her all night, as most people didn’t recognize her. When they did, she happily posed with them. She looked sexy in her short, mid-thigh cocktail party dress from Mac Duggal Couture."

Berks Neighbor said...

Apparently God isn't supplying her with the answers she wants, so she's heading to the Tarot Card reader who still says 'you've got nuttin' hunny'.

Kate Gosselin gets smacked in the head with Reality.

It's over Kate said...

A Pink Straight Jacket For Kate said... 45

Well according to my born again neighbor,
Christians do not partake in Tarot readings.



Mandy said...

I find this very intriguing. Hugh Dillon obviously knows how strictly forbidden it is for a Christian to consult a psychic. This further proves the hypocrisy of Kate Gosselin.

Here's a good test to apply when you're looking at a person's authenticity in regards to Christianity. We in no way are to be judges, but we can definitely put on the brakes and light up the caution sign when we answer this question: Is this person being used by God or using God?

At the Last Supper, Jesus washed everyone's feet. The lesson He was trying to teach the disciples this night was central to His message: Go out and serve others, NOT YOURSELF.

So when you look at a televangelist grifting for money to buy fancy clothes, homes, and cars, or the participants in the Crusades, you know what the answer to that question is going to be.

When you look at Billy Graham, Mother Theresa, Tim Tebow, etc., you will probably get a very different answer.

So we get a further glimpse into the sham of Kate Gosselin. Is God using her or is she using God? A woman who dresses like a tramp, consults psychics, and most importantly, treats her children like zoo animals and her husband like a piece of garbage.... Hmmmmm... Is Kate serving others or is she serving herself?

Also interesting are Dillon's causal referrals to Steve as her boyfriend. He seems to associate that with her conversation about being unsure of what her future holds. Could that have been a question posed at Steve?

I wonder how many media people have witnessed the intimacy between Kate and Steve. Wonder if it will start coming out now. I highly doubt Kate thought it was a tarot card picture that Hugh was going to publish. Nothing else explains that meltdown yesterday.

That meltdown could be her undoing.

MamaKnows said... ‏ @iPhillyChitChat Reply Retweet Favorite · Open
I decided not to publish it. too invasive @SchmeckyGirl @ashymama2 @Underwalt @Kateplusmy8

tate said...

Has anyone looked at that Mac Dougal (sp?) Couture website where Kate got her dress. OMG. So Vegas-y low-class looking. So many feathers and sequins and short hemlines, etc. Who wears this kind of thing? Not sophisticated. Not refined. Not lovely. Really sleazy and brassy looking. I guess that is the look Kate obviously goes for. Wow. Totally wrong look for the Red Cross event she went to over the weekend. More like a weekend in Vegas semi-stripper/hooker look.

chefsummer #Leh said...

Kate Gosselin ‏ @Kateplusmy8 Close
@HspncElvis oh msd take me away... I need a vacation!

Why does she need a vacation what does she do all day. ~ Administrator said...

You know, this is when the twitter nonsense really annoys me.

All that rabid tweeting to this guy scared him off publishing his photo. It was too invasive? What could it have possibly been? ~ Administrator said...

I missed the "show" but found the reporter's column at The Philly Post, The Scene, where he refers to overhearing her tell "her boyfriend, er bodyguard (as she barked at me)" that she was still confused about her future.


LOL. Don't be confused Kate. It's very simple: Stick a fork in you you're done!

Mamaknows said...

I think the RC people made him put the brakes on. ~ Administrator said...

The Red Cross can't "make" him do anything, he is a journalist with a photo he has a right to publish under the first amendment. All the rabid tweeting was too much attention, I would freak out too.

Maybe if the stupid tweeters lay off the guy for a few weeks and let things quiet down, he'll be willing to show it again.

Mandy said...

Didn't you claim in the second paragraph that Christians are not to be judges? You seem pretty dang judgmental to me. Guess you're not so good at that Christian thing either!


I sure did, but I also said that but we can definitely put on the brakes and light up the caution sign when we answer this question: Is this person being used by God or using God? I never judged her by saying she is not a Christian, but I sure as heck can call out a public figure who claims to be one and doesn't act like it.

Evidently, you aren't too adept at discernment. I'm in the company of 99.9% of people who know anything about her at all that are disgusted by people like her. I'm so tired of people like her "representing" what Christianity is, and yes, we are allowed to call her out on it. Read all of the Epistles in the Bible and tell me where the Apostles avoided pointing out hypocrisy.

Mamaknows said...

If he wants to work for them again, he can be made to put the brakes on.

MamaKnows said...

Excellent answer, Mandy. Discernment and judgment are 2 very different things. ~ Administrator said...

He doesn't work for the Red Cross does he? I thought he's a journalist.

But it is true if he wants the Red Cross to give him press credentials again I guess they could ask him not to publish it.

Mel said...


I was just thinking that at least he saw something that she *thought* he took a photo of.

And that he was going to play with her by not publishing it, only threaten to publish it. Cuz who knows when it will surface. That part's gotta be driving her nuts!!!

And we are with his tweet. I decided not to publish it. too invasive

My oh my. The web we weave....

She's gotta be on pins and needles about this one.

Canuck said...

Well, she certainly freaked out about something - pretty clear now we'll never know what it was. Since Kate has never had a problem acting out in public like an entitled, crabby tool I have a hard time believing she was this concerned about being called out as a b*tch and tarnishing her "positive" image. Was probably something to do with the boyfriend.

Mel said...

This reminds me of the dog situation a few weeks ago where she was clearly trying to pre-empt something getting out about the dog.

Something happened there, and she was trying to get her "story" out before the truth came out. Except nothing came out, so she looked stupid. Again. ~ Administrator said...

I think y'all were set up to look silly!!!


I'm gonna go out on a limb and say the person here who looks ridiculous is KATE.

A lot of us said last night who even cares about the photo anymore, Kate's meltdown is the real story here.

It could have been a photo of Kate petting a kitten, the story here is Kate has anger, temper, control, and a host of other issues.

It's over Kate said...

The judgment controversy only comes up when Christians dare to speak an unpopular opinion.

Here's what the bible actually says about judgement:

Jesus taught: Stop judging by mere appearances, and make a right judgment. (John 7:24)

The bible also says that judgment begins in the house of the Lord. That means CHRISTIANS are judged first. Jesus publicly called out the high-ranking church leaders who were abusing their position for power and money. (So they arranged to have him executed)

We are taught to judge not UNLESS we can withstand the same judgment. I'm a Christian. I don't exploit my kids for money. I can call her on that. I don't engage in the occult so I can call her on that.

When you declare you are a Christian, you open yourself up to the judgement of other Christians.

koopdedoo said...

I think the IRONY of the washed up reality star looking to the Tarot cards for a clue about her future (because said ex-reality star actually doesn't live in reality and isn't looking for a job, she wants someone to give her a job) is fabulous.

And, I do wonder if the twitter war was a set up, except it didn't paint anyone in a good light...maybe if it had stopped while the haters were bashing Khate, some people in media would have been sympathetic towards her situation. Maybe it was the best idea she and Skeve could come up with to pop her back on the couch on the TODAY show?

MamaKnows said...

" Check out Philly Mag today for my Kate Gosselin attends the Red Ball photos. Click on the heading "The Scene for the article" about 1030AM" ~ Administrator said...

It's Over Kate, thanks for pointing that out. Not to get too knee deep in religion but I roll my eyes when sheeple try to discount our opinions as, Christians don't judge!

The Bible actually pretty much says we need to keep each other on our toes so to speak and we need to be hard on people who are doing bad things especially when it hurts others.

It actually commands us to "Speak up and JUDGE fairly, defend the rights of the poor and needy."

MamaKnows said...

Sorry. That link goes to nothing new.

Anonymous said...

I think the real story is...she's not a story any longer! As someone said on the other thread, to her, no publicity is worse than bad publicity. And she's got nothing.


Exactly. She isn't a story any more. No one cares. That is the best outcome of all of this. Even with the picture and the twitter war, no one will PAY for any info/pics.

She is finally DONE.

Fork in head??


Mel said...

Well, let's see. What could possibly be too invasive?
She's shown almost every possible thing about her children. There are *no* boundaries when it comes to the kids.

Oh. This is about her. That's different.

So, let's see. I wouldn't call her being seen smoking too invasive. She doesn't care if people see her being a b*tch, so that's not it.

Hmm...what's left? An intimate moment? Maybe the bodyguard tying the back of the dress? Or something?

What would he have seen that could have been misconstrued? Cuz she was clearly going to say that he was lying, and he was saying, nope, lady, I've got a photo that's pretty darn clear what was going on.

My vote is he was scared off by legal....his own or somebody else's. Or she or TLC bought him off.

Does anyone think it's too coincidental that he pulled this same stunt with the Rocky steps picture? Said he had incontrovertible proof of misdeeds, and then caved. Does he do this a lot? Hard to call yourself a journalist if that's is your schtick. ~ Administrator said...

I do find his whiminess a little puzzling for a journalist. I never experienced that when I was in that field. No matter where you work we would get emails, letters, etc. all day long from people upset about this or that. Oh well, that's part of the job. You ignore them and keep on publishing.

A Pink Straight Jacket For Kate said...

March 12, 2012 7:18 AM (Administrator) said... 59

You know, this is when the twitter nonsense really annoys me.

All that rabid tweeting to this guy scared him off publishing his photo. It was too invasive? What could it have possibly been?


We'll never know, but we do know one thing for sure- Kate's really not what she makes herself out to be. She is just as mediocre as the rest of us.

The question still remains- since her mere presence ANYWHERE does not incite a riot,
why is married Skeevie by her side?

Afterall, adultery is a very big no-no.

Anonymous said...

I agree with the Administrator; the person who looks ridiculous (as always) is Kate. Yesterday she accused the reporter of lieing BEFORE she saw or read ANYTHING which he may (or may not) have published.


It's over Kate said...

I don't believe he has any picture. He was creating a buzz, which is what he does for a living, and Kate played right into it. I think he's still messing with her by pretending he has some shot.

I don't think TLC give's a rat's behind what is published about her anymore. I don't think the Red Cross cares enough about Kate to get involved.

On the other hand, this photographer was working with the RC PR director at the event (Remember the tweet where the PR guy was looking for the photog to get a shot of the CEO?) It's possible that they talked about it and decided how to proceed and maybe he backed off on different pic. It's possible, but I don't think so. No one knows or cares about this has been.

Anonymous said...

Kate, a public figure, professes to be a christian and shows, time and time again, how her actions do not jibe with the values she natters on and on about. Many of the sheeple do the same thing. I, on the other hand, am not a christian. I do not say one thing and act the opposite. So no. I am not a hypocrite. I do, however, love to point it out when I see it.

As for the whole twitter debacle, here's what I think happened. Kate did something at the ball - whether it was smoking, letting Purse boy adjust her thong, or something else that doesn't jibe with the public persona she thinks people still buy. The photographer comes up and she's scared he caught her on film. She then proceeds to act like a guilty bitch, thus pissing him off and convincing him he missed some scoop. So he decides to provoke her on twitter, making her think that he really did catch her on film. Commence the freak out and the sheeple pile on. So while he didn't actually get a record of her bad behavior, he did get his pound of flesh. This is all conjecture, of course. But it fits the facts and her history.

- Monrovia

Dmasy said...

After all, I read some hilarious posts.

Anti-climatic -- but, we never give up hope for the big reveal.

There is still the unfolding chapter of TLC/contract termination.

I'm going to stay tuned!

Pity Party said...

But, he still has the pic that she was so upset about. Just not the right time. It had to have been something to do with PB, because that is the only thing that upsets her. She has no shame otherwise. Being mean? Hello she has 8 count em 8 kids and that is her excuse for everything, except BP. Hasn't it been published before that she doesn't mingle and that the two of are "cozy." ~ Administrator said...

The fact that Kate has marketed herself heavily to the Christian audience, misrepresented herself to the Christian audience (crying poor while closing on a mansion), and developed a fan base around little old church ladies makes this tarot card reading fair game.

If she never talked about being a Christian and never took money out of the mouths of little old church ladies, no one would care. ~ Administrator said...

Kate didn't say good morning to her tweeties today and rave about the fabulous breakfast she made for the kids.

I'm guessing it's a dark, dark day over there. She probably isn't even out of bed.

Tucker's Mom said...

I'm reposting from the previous thread...

Is this PhillyChitChat guy the same one who dished about the Phila. Art Museum sighting?
Anyway, what a bunch of nothing... dude needs to grow a pair again since Kate apparently has added his nads to her Dixie cup collection on her night stand.

kris said...
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kris said...

Ugh this Philly guy sucks! Whoever heard of a pap NOT wanting to print the dirt on a celeb?

A Pink Straight Jacket For Kate said...

Mel said... 73

Does anyone think it's too coincidental that he pulled this same stunt with the Rocky steps picture? Said he had incontrovertible proof of misdeeds, and then caved. Does he do this a lot? Hard to call yourself a journalist if that's is your schtick.


No coincidence at all. I definitely see a pattern with him regarding Kate.

That's o.k.

Next time (if there is a next time), people will not be so quick to pay attention to what
he says.


Anonymous said...

You ignore them and keep on publishing.

Unless no one wants to buy them.


Anonymous said...

So no. I am not a hypocrite. I do, however, love to point it out when I see it.

As most none christrians do! Who think saying your a Christian is a claim to perfection.

PatK said...

Too bad this turned out to be nothing. The twitter war was interesting at least.

Oh, and congrats on finally being free from the TLC chains, Jon! Good luck to you!

JudyK said...

I want to know what could be so invasive that Mr. Dillon decided not to publish it? He obviously doesn't have any balls or got paid off. Why does Kate always get a free ride with her reprehensible behavior.

gotyournumberKate said...

I still think Hugh has an incriminating photo of her and I think it has to do with Steve. He has made too many references now about them being a couple to be a coincidence. He called them a "cute couple" and her "boyfriend, er, bodyguard" and said he could have followed them around and got "candid" shots of them but he didn't. My guess is Kate and Steve got to the RC and they pulled him back. Hugh did say it would be seen worldwide which makes me think it was a good one. I guess I can't blame the RC for not wanting their name attached to this kind of gossip. There have been thousands and thousands of people waiting to know the truth about Kate and Steve and this photo would have caused quite a stir. That's about the only thing left about Kate that could cause a stir.

canadianmom said...

OK, I'm over my initial disappointment of not seeing this "alleged" super scandalise picture of Kate (which I was totally convinced was a shot of Kate ridding Steve like a rented mule in the alley of this event). Weather this reporter actually has a "invasive" pic of her or not I guess we will never know, the fact that she completely lost her sh*t over it tells me that perhaps he does but who knows.

I do think that things with Kate are about to get really interesting now that her contract is done... and I find it HILARIOUS that she was counting on a psychic to give her some direction about her future. If that's not circling the drain I don't know what is.

Hoosier Girl said... (Administrator) said... 55

I know she's off the radar these days, but ROL or someone would be willing to pay something if this guy had something good, right?

He's either got something he's shopping around, or he's got squat.

gotyournumberKate said...

Admin, I also agree if the tweeters would have kept quiet he would have released the photo regardless of Kates tirade. Like I said yesterday, some of them help or more than anything by acting rabid and insane.

A Pink Straight Jacket For Kate said...

Remember his tweet about something going on fire?.

HughE Dillon: Photos From The Red Cross's 2012 Ball/ The Philly Post.

An ironic lesson was learned just as I was taking a photo of Frank Sestito and WOGL’s Valerie Knight. Next to us was a woman grooving to the music. Suddenly I noticed a napkin caught on fire from candle at the cocktail table where she was standing.

I, of course, thought let me get a picture. The women began to blow on the fire, which only made it worse. Eventually common sense prevailed, and we threw our drinks on the flames (glad it wasn’t grain alcohol). It was an eye-opening experience and a reminder that accidents happen and you should think ahead about solutions. Also a good reminder that in disasters, the Red Cross is there to help. Disaster here was averted, of course, and the spectacular night continued.


That bullsh*t artist played us very well, this time-- but never again ;o)

CharlieCat said...

I don't know if this has been posted yet. It includes a picture of Kate at the tarot card reader. It includes pictures of other attendees and although I noted that there were a few other women not wearing red, it seems that most of the dresses were red floor-length gowns.

njay said...

The tell all will be the cruise. The sheeple will be folding into themselves. Hey, no pun intended but I'll take it. hee hee! There is no win win situation for her in this one. She bails, for any reason, the sheeple loosing that much money, they will never forgive that. A lose of THAT much money from hard, mediocre, finger to the bone working people will be inexcusable!

There is no way she will put up with gushing fans, especially those who didn't pay Kate's fee for her attention. I don't think she will stand it from those who did pay her fee.

One hr., two hr. tops and she will want to head to her cabin. The girls won't make them happy. They adore her not the kids. Especially the twins. They weren't the famous ones. Maybe if the tups were there, a slight chance. They want Kate in all her glory. And she doesn't have it in her. Especially if Steve is not there. Of course he will be, even at her own expense. Oops, the kids expense.

Tamara said...

Not a fan, well said about Jon. Being silent by choice and being silent by FORCE are two very different things. So far his track record as a free man isn't a good one. As of now he's building his public life, and in some ways his life as a father and ex-husband, from 13 March 2012 forward.

As for the tarot/christian stuff, Kate hasn't ever been a good Christian. Hell, she hasn't ever even been just plain a Christian. So I don't see anyone in that community being especially surprised.

Anonymous said...

I'd like to read Sue Buddy's take on all this. Hope she graces us with her comments.


Westcoaster said...

Perhaps, in the end, this guy decided that KG was really not that important(gasp) enough to become the focus of his story on this annual, classy event. Stab to the heart Kate, even your bad behaviour is not worthy of attention. Sure it got a lot of twitter action yesterday, but in the cold light of dawn, it was probably a good thing the reporter focused on the people who actually support ($$$) this charity event. Kate did show Twitterworld her true biotch colors.

Macdouggal Couture - playing fast and loose with the word couture IMHO.

And yes, congrats to Jon - hope he uses this freedom wisely.

njay said...

Ok, my spelling sucks. I admit it. I hear that people who are creative can't spell. We'll I am creative. So there! Total snark! For real!

Westcoaster said...

P.S. - just checked out HughE's pics from the party, lots of happy people, women elegantly dressed, mostly red gowns, some black, mostly floor length, saw one at the knee, cocktail length. No shory, tight hoochy mama ala Kate, so his comment that she looked sexy is not really a compliment in this context, especially as a Mom of 8. So many ways to be lovely, elegant, appropriate, boobyguardv+1 not withstanding, but noo, KG goes with Macdouggal Couture (so honored to wear them, snark). Still wish we could see the shoes.

A Pink Straight Jacket For Kate said...

JudyK said... 90

I want to know what could be so invasive that Mr. Dillon decided not to publish it?


Skeevie's balled up fist?

readerlady said...

Let me get this straight -- Kate, who markets herself as an uber Christian, who has her tiny children proselytizing that there's no such thing as Santa and who won't allow her twins to read the Harry Potter books because they are unChristian (and who also lied, cheated and stole from churches and other Christians) was caught consulting with a tarot card reader? BWAHAHAHA!!!!!! (sorry, channeling my inner Kate). This may not be the photo that Philly was hyping last night, but it's good enough!

Irony -- other than twitting Kate (in both senses of the word) about having a tell-all photo, all Philly did was say she was beautiful and that she was grouchy and she fell all over herself to call him a liar. So -- she's not beautiful? That's what we've been saying herefor several years, Kate. Glad you finally see our point.

Anonymous said...

Westcoaster said... 102
P.S. -. Still wish we could see the shoes.

here's the pix with the shoes:

They look like they could be these:

nanb (sorry for having to use anon)

JudyK said...

Westcoaster said... 102
Still wish we could see the shoes


Westcoaster, they were black patent with a very high heel and round platform unflattering...she needs a pointed toe. The round toe makes her look chubby. And platforms are out.

Anonymous said...

Milo's recent tweets indicate KG has put the Philly reporter, HughE Dillon, on "the" map.


njay said... ‏ @iPhillyChitChat
OK I watch clip. Opps hope my mom doesn't c it. I meant to say she was mostly sunny with 7 kids - LOL Now if she had the reality TV $$ whoa
Don't know what this means if anything.

JudyK said...

Correction: Just looked at the pic again: the shoes are a satin-type (sateen), not black patent.

I'm sick w/ the flu, called my doctor this a.m. and found out he quit his practice two months ago. Thanks for letting me know...hope I don't have/get pneumonia again like last time I had the flu. So frustrating.

Permanent Name said...

LOL - those shoes makes it look like she cut off her flintstone toes!

Who's stubby now?! HA

njay said...

Kate Gosselin, and Do No Harm Set Shots + M. Night Shyamalan hosts a Party
M. Night Shyamalan Hosts Gala Honoring
Sharon Pinkenson for 20 Years of Vision,
Commitment & Accomplishments On Saturday, March 10th, the Greater Philadelphia Film Office (GPFO) Board of Directors and Board of Advisors hosted a star-studded fundraising gala for the regional non-profit organization, at the home of M. Night and Dr. Bhavna Shyamalan. The event marked the first in a year of planned activities recognizing Sharon Pinkenson’s 20th Anniversary as Executive Director and regional film commissioner.
I don't think Do me no harm refers to Kate. I think it is a set for a movie. Don't know why Kate would be there though. Is this the guy that has the crush on her?

Pants On Fire said...

Anonymous said... 88

So no. I am not a hypocrite. I do, however, love to point it out when I see it.

As most none christrians do! Who think saying your a Christian is a claim to perfection.


Being a Christian means that you trust in Christ's shed blood as the payment for your sins rather than try to earn God's approval by your own good behavior or religious rituals like baptism, communion, confession, and church attendance. 1 Corinthians 15:3,4; Ephesians 2:8,9.

A true Christian knows that he/she is far from perfect -- that is the whole point.

njay said...

Should of just posted the link. Sorry, here it is.

Pulling The Wool said...

Let me get this straight -- Kate, who markets herself as an uber Christian, who has her tiny children proselytizing that there's no such thing as Santa and who won't allow her twins to read the Harry Potter books because they are unChristian (and who also lied, cheated and stole from churches and other Christians) was caught consulting with a tarot card reader


Events such as this often use these readers as a form of entertainment, a game, nobody takes it seriously. I've seen it happen many times. My father-in-law was a minister in a large diocese. I've seen him had his palms read/tarot cards at county fairs, various events. It doesn't make one any less of a Christian. What Kate did when she fleeced parishioners for money was wrong. Very wrong. I'll give her a pass on the tarot card reading. It was all in fun. I don't believe she's addicted to visiting psychics or fortune-tellers, or basing her daily activities on horoscopes or consulting ouija boards. If she gambles in the casino on the ship, does this go against Christian beliefs, or is it all in fun? It's the same thing.

I figured this journalist was going to back down. If he wanted to print this shot to be heard around the world, he should have kept quiet and just done it. I think the whole thing was created for the buzz. All bark and no bite. Either he had nothing and did this for attention, or her people, including Steve and who-knows what others were busy making phone calls and put the heat on him. Is he free-lance or employed? Either way, I could just hear the conversation -- just think what it would do to the kids if this got out, the school, blah, blah, blah, plus it is going to make YOU look bad for printing it. You don't want that, do you, destroying the reputation of a single, unemployed mom struggling to support eight kids?

Either the whole thing was a farce, or somebody got to him. The thing is...Kate knows what he got, if he got something, or she wouldn't have freaked. Problem for her is, that it's still out there, and this should have her shaking in her hooker heels because she doesn't know who else saw it, or when it will surface.

Allison said...

Remember Teflon Bill as Clinton was called? Kate is the most protected "star" that was never a star in the history of entertainment TV. It is impossible to understand how she can always, every single time, walk away unscathed.

Tweeters like Kelly and a few others are responsible for this guy backing down. It almost makes you wonder if they are fans in disguise. What is the point of scaring people off if you really hate her and want her exposed? They do this every time. I'm all done with Kate, she's dead in the water anyway, she proved that this weekend. Her meltdown proved better than a photo that he had proof of something she did not want out there. She did a lot of harm to her cause, she herself. I've always believed she would be the one that would bring herself down.

I will watch Jon to see what happens there. You go Jon.

Sunshine, Lollipops and Rainbows said...

"It includes pictures of other attendees and although I noted that there were a few other women not wearing red, it seems that most of the dresses were red floor-length gowns."


Did you watch the youtube video? Most of the women were in black. Someone made the statement that Kate wore black to call attention to herself. Judging from those photos, there were many, many women who wanted to call attention to themselves. Most of the dresses, however, were classy and conservative. Kate stuck out like a sore thumb.

Westcoaster said...

Ah, thanks for the shoe shot, not impressed, but I do agree that they add unecessary chunk to her muscular leg. And in looking at the full length side shot of the couture prom dress, she looks even less approriate for a formal event - too short, too tight and in the side view those feathers in front look to illustrate her crotch, never a good thing. Pathetic.

anger issues kate said...

Yeah Jon, but Jon becareful.
Kate your such a good christian, doing Tarot. What's the matter Kate did not like what the reader told you? Knowing Kate she took it seriously, these are for fun. I've had readings, none have ever panned out. But kate being such a devoted Chistian and church goer NOT!
And Kate I guess you crammed that stick up your ass and now can't get it out! Your ranting, about a pic. Get over it!

As to why Kate has not tweeted: Kate mentioned last week to a tweeter, that monday: today they will be cleaning out the gargage. That's right Kate get those kids to work and clean, cause you have all day to do this when they are in school.
Remember people it costs too much to plan local stuff to take your kids to, but Kate finds money to spend on herself. Kate is about as poor as Bill Gates is rich.
A couple of things on why Kate is quiet: 1. Kate almost kicked her own ass, 2. Kate had a real dose of reality Saturday night. 3. they are cleaning out the garage, 4. the cruise is not going well, 5. TLC is no longer a safety net., 6. TLC is no longer a ATM.

Now, the real world reality begins!

We should call this The Real Twisted Kate Show, online: Starring: Kate Gosselin. The show is about a has-been reality personality, who still thinks she is a big celebrity. Her former company TLC has cut the funds and now Kate who has been living a lavish lifestyle, must come down to reality of the normal, mediocre, boring life that the rest of the world lives. Which brings the questions: how long can she keep the lifestyle going, when will she met with Susie orman, about downsizing, and when will she close down twitter, stop chaseing fame and get a real 9-5 job? So many questions, to be answered: stay tune.

Dallas Lady said...

Eh, I agree with westcoaster on the whole picture story: the real story is that she wasn't recognized, no one cares, she's DONE. And that's Philly, somewhat local to her! She's certainly more than done outside her home state.

AND she made a total ass of herself on twitter about it.

Who knows if he has a more salacious shot, now he's on twitter saying the tarot card reading was the scandalous shot, while earlier he said it was too invasive and decided not to put it out. This guy got a lot of attention for this from about 100 people (he says he got 40 new followers) and so maybe he's just milking the attention, who knows.

What I DO know is TLC is done with Kate!!! I believe they were still providing her with a lot of perks through the end of the contract just to appease her. I think they included hair services in NY, management/representation, possibly paid babysitters, the services of her paid escort Steve, and maybe even buying twitter followers (most of those accounts are empty shells). And who knows what else??? TLC might have paid Chris the odd time or two to photograph her a couple of places (with her knowledge) just to keep her face out there so that when the contract was up, she could get a new show.

What Kate might not realize, though, is that to make it in reality TV, you have to either be a proven ratings-getter or fresh blood.

She is neither.

I'm glad Jon's new management company tweeted about when the TLC contract ended, because now I know hers is over, too. Now the little trip to Maryland a week or two ago makes sense. A little last paperwork to finish up.

She's got some speaking engagement in May in MO, a half-marathon in June, and the cruise in August. And maybe some horse therapy thing? Who knows. Her little "engagements" are going to become so minor and rare that even we don't notice them. Or care.

CharlieCat said...

OK, I didn't think Kate's dress too bad until I saw the full body shot. Ouch!! Between the tat on her ankle and the bare legs she was not dressed appropriately at all. I saw pictures of 2 other women that had on knee length dresses and both had tights/hose on. I think bare leg would be very inappropriate at an event like this and it probably made her stick out like a sore thumb.

Long time Blog Reader said...

Since Pam shut down EDOS, the G blogs are actually pretty pleasant. Thanks Pam!

It's over Kate said...

The Tarot card pic was published at Pressi's last night! If that was his scoop then he got outscooped by PRESSI!

Me thinks he was lying and playing us all along.

PatK said...

I read Kate's latest money-saving tip entry over at Preesi's. (I won't give CC the hit.) It's all about sorting through the kids clothes, using them as hand-me-downs, donating them and using consignment shops.

It's a shame mothers don't already know these tips. (snark)

Another lame article for CC. Way to go, Kate!

Mary said...

I believe there really was a photo of Kate doing something that would didn't portray her in a positive way. I believe that because of her response to his tweets. She was really worried about something. If there was nothing to see why wouldn't she just ignore him?

I think she panicked and went crying to Steve. He probably contacted the photographer and the Red Cross about it. They got the old "this is a poor single Mom of 8 trying to get by why would you want to hurt her and the kids" (mentioning the kids always helps).

I believe he backed down because he was bullied into it.

It's over Kate said...

There were 1400 people there. If she did something there is a good chance that many others saw it. I don't think so. Kate and Steve have managed to hide their relationship while being filmed and in public. I don't think they'd blow it at their last event together.

AuntieAnn said...

I like the "freedom" shot Admin. Shawshank Redemption is a great movie. Jon had to crawl through the sewer pipes too after he was flushed like toilet paper. Now that he's crawled out, I wish him well.

Too bad the mysterious photo didn't appear, I think the photographer not really knowing much about Kate assumed and probably rightly so that this silver-haired dude with her WAS her boyfriend. If it quacks like a duck why not? Steve never leaves Kate's side. When Hughe asked to take their pic together, Kate got that mean dark look in her eye she gets and "corrected" him pronto. Meanwhile Ratclaws resisited the temptation to dig his nails into Hughe's arm because after all this is a gala event, who wants to cause a scene, it will only prove further that they're a couple. When she realized she just blew an opportunity to flash her veneers, she said told him to take one of HER alone.

Stupid Kate still thinks she has everyone fooled. If anyone still doubts their relationship, her tweets yesterday proved otherwise. She flipped out when she thought the photog was going to show them for what they are.

JudyK- I hope you're feeling better soon. Missing you around here.

Anonymous said...

So does this mean without TLC covering her anymore, does this mean she will *gasp* really and truly have to look harder for a JOB?

Without being covered by a company will she have to give up the helpers and *oh-the-horror* STEVE?

Will Kate ever know what it feels like to be mediocre, again?

Mel said...

The photog got cocky. And then he caved. The Gosselinator strikes again.

Wonder how much she paid him not to publish.

AuntieAnn said...

Marie - I think Kate will just hang upside down from the rafters until the next victim surfaces.

Anonymous said...

So you think without a potential next victim, I me come on, her days of reality TV and a TV career all together seem pretty shot in the foot here, whose going to come along and let her down? Nah, I say just let her hang her own self.

Hey, it's the one thing she's good at! Why take that away her?

So there is no big thing that happened? Why will nobody tell her, "You're not special, get over your inflated ego, get off your butt and don't show up in the media again until you get one!"

Over Yonder said...

Dallas, 119: Who knows if he has a more salacious shot, now he's on twitter saying the tarot card reading was the scandalous shot, while earlier he said it was too invasive and decided not to put it out


I wouldn't believe anything this guy tweets, says, or publishes again, and I'm local. He screwed up royally with this one. Too much hedging, too many inconsistencies. He had an agenda, and it worked for him on this one.

wryview said...

notafan - Jon left the marraige with cash that he had to turn around & use as child support. How do you know he's broke? Have you seen his bank statements? His investment statement? His tax returns?

They already had a vehicle that they were sharing that fit all the kids - why purchase a second gas guzzler?

Who in their right mind would have purchased a home at that time, not knowing if real estate prices were still declining? And why wouldn't he rent a place with more than one bedroom? "Luxury" would mean it had more space. How was that NOT putting his kids first?

He COULD be a public speaker (but I'm thinking he was probably prohibited from engagements by TLC). But maybe, just maybe, he signed onto an agency to protect himself, his name & his kids - to prevent anyone else from using his and their names & images.

You're as bad as Kate, calling Jon's job mundane.

Downeaster Alexa said...

Does this Milo person have a love crush on Kate? I don't mean just one of those celebrity worship things - I mean an honest-to-goodness let's get cozy together thing, dreaming about, know what.

Either that, or she's just plain nuts. Or both. Whatever it is, it's gotten much worse.

Sue Buddy said...

Anonymous said... 99
I'd like to read Sue Buddy's take on all this. Hope she graces us with her comments.


I don't have a lot to say actually. I think it's all been said. I didn't expect HughE to give up anything spectacularly embarrassing.

He recently tweeted: ‏
it worked didn't it. Thanks for my Klout Score rise. Now go back 2hating kate and leave me alone LOL @ashridash @JensReality @SchmeckyGirl

I'm not sure if HughE hyped the photo on Saturday night to raise his "Klout Score" or he's embarrassed that he touted an earth-shattering photo that the media wasn't interested in. He's all over Google now. I guess he's enjoying his 15 Minutes.

Although it wasn't HughE's intention, exposing Kate's raging paranoia is another story. Time will tell how she continues to handle her road to oblivion. I'll be watching. Her fans interest me more than anything right now not that I'm going to start writing articles about them. Their delusions would fill volumes.

readerlady said...

Pulling the Wool -- I agree with you that tarot card readings, fortune tellers, etc. are harmless fun if used as entertainment and not as a way of life. So, IMO, are Santa and Harry Potter. I guess my point is that Kate left no compromise on those points and was very self-righteous about it. Also, fundamentalists such as she professes to be, consider fortune telling to be anathema, regardless of the purpose. Therefore, participating in a tarot card reading is hypocritical of her.

Re Christians and "judgment". I've always been taught that the passage "Judge not, lest ye be judged." meant that Christians should hold themselves to the same standards that they expect from others. If you are going to call someone out as a "liar", then you best not be one yourself. And if adultery is forbidden, then you should avoid the appearance of it.

AuntieAnn said...

Marie said... 130

So you think without a potential next victim, I me come on, her days of reality TV and a TV career all together seem pretty shot in the foot here, whose going to come along and let her down?
Kate is a predator. I put nothing past her and wouldn't even be the least bit surprised if she put on her nice face for Jon if she thinks he can be of any value to her.

aggiemom09121416 said...

Her new cc blog today , is barf worthy..this woman is cheap, cheap,cheap (well, for anything not concerning her).
Gee, she makes the kids wear hand-me-downs among each other, and with 'friends'.
Time will tell how much money she has socked away, since TLC and all the goodies are gone.

She finally gets a dose of reality, finally. She is own her own, financially. No more people paying her bills, sending her love offerings or more gimme more nothing!

She managed to get a large portion of her kids' upbringing paid for, now the next 10-12 years are up to her.
I wonder how the cruise bookings are coming along. I bet not well.
This year is going to be interesting.

Not a fan. said...


How do you know what he did with his money? How do you know he's NOT broke?

My point is that neither of us know anything. We have our opinions. That's all. We could both be wrong, we might both be half right, we'll never know.

What I do know is that Jon bought several cars and now has none of them. The BBB has a lot of miles and won't last forever. The KIDS earned that money and if anyone deserves a nice ride, it's THEM. Mom and Dad driving their 2-3 seater sports cars doesn't seem fair. Mom and Dad have both been on vacations that were not filmed. Have the kids? (I actually think Kate has taken the kids places but hate to give her credit.)

Kate didn't take the kids on spring break. Neither did Jon. Why not call him out on it as well? He's legally entitled to take those kids on a vacation and he's never done it.

Jon did rent a 2-bedroom apartment for a year. Do you defend that? He could have rented a modest home if he didn't want to buy. Instead, he wanted a bachelor pad.

Neither parent has demonstrated good long-term choices for those kids.

Kokomo, Cocktails and Dreams said...

what didn't I deliver. You gals are confusing me. What is it were you looking for?


Now he's acting like he doesn't know what they were talking about. He announced he had shot to be seen round the world, then backed down, saying it was too invasive, now is saying, what are you talking about?

Was she in on this for publicity? Was this the ultimate punk on us?

He played a game and we were the pawns.

Aeduko said...

Not a fan. said...

Wryview- My comments on Jon's job were not an insult. I was speculating that it might be hard for him to work ALL YEAR for the same money he used to earn in a few weeks. That's a valid point, IMHO.

When I was a teen I used to work all week and barely clear $100. Now, many years later I made several times that amount in a week. I can't imagine going back to the $100. It's logical that it would be difficult for Jon (and Kate too!) to go backward on the wage scale. I actually give him credit for working this past year.

whyohwhy said...

So now he is saying that Steve had his arm around Kate Saturday night and he didn't get that shot but he got the shot of Kate and the tarot cards and that is the shot that shook the world?!

AuntieAnn said...

Maybe this photographer is trying to distance himself from this whole fiasco after being bombarded by all those tweets by people from both sides of the fence. I wouldn't blame him if got out before he gets too entangled in twitter bs about Kate. She's not worth it.

Kate will be happy she's on ROL again anyway.

It's over Kate said...

AuntieAnn- I saw him on the show this morning. He's giddy about his twitter feed being lit up with fans and haters talking to him. He loves this attention.

Layla said...

Maybe the Tarot card reader was supposed to tell her where her next big show business offer is, because she's getting really sick and tired of waiting. And when it does come, whoever the messenger is is going to get an earful for making her sit around for all this time and wait for it! Just for that, she's going to make them pay even more for her to grace the public with her magical presence, and they better add in lots of posh vacations and unlimited clothing/shoes/tanning/nails/hair expense accounts. That'll teach them to mess with her! Oh, and Steve needs a raise, cause they made him wait, too. Jerks!

Pity Party said...

Or maybe she had a few too many and took her shoes off if you know what I mean. That would be comparable to a real person letting her hair down.

hmmmm said...

It's over Kate said... 77

I don't believe he has any picture. He was creating a buzz, which is what he does for a living, and Kate played right into it. I think he's still messing with her by pretending he has some shot.
I think BOTH of them set this up and everyone here is STILL feeding into it...

hmmmm said...

And the Tarot card thing, do you mean to tell me that NO one who is Christian has had one done, or a hand reading or anything like that? cmon

Audible Click said...

Amongst the drivel that is Kate's CC blog there was this: "I try to be as efficient as possible when I do buy my kids’ clothing. I always buy the biggest size possible so they can wear it longer."

Yes Kate, we've noticed the tups wearing clothes that are several sizes too large. In one photo one of your children was wearing pants that were so big, the rolled up cuffs were to his knees. Poor kids.

Pity Party said...

I looked at his pics and he had some very nice of the people who are there with their checkbooks for all the right reasons and didn't want to sully the affair with the likes of KT's childish twitter war. Seems like she is the one who thought he might have the "shot heard round the world" and he played up on it a bit because she was such a bitch.

Punked? said...

What the heck is this?

Reality Bites said...

Have you seen this?

Kate Gosselin Spotted Getting Cozy with her married bodyguard.

Pity Party said...

And who could forget the boys at program with their shirts hanging off them looking so forlorn. That was sad. She is disgusting. Anyway, I am tired of being Pity Party, I am going back to my old name. I think that would be more appropriate as she is no longer playing the pity card, she is just full out now.

mommyinca said...

Dude's back peddling. In the new ROL article he's now saying that he saw Steve with his arm around Kate and he didn't "think" to get that shot.

He's digging himself deeper and deeper here and losing credibility faster than Milli Vanilli blaming it on the rain.

Curiouser and curiouser....

Punked? said...

So now he is saying that Steve had his arm around Kate Saturday night and he didn't get that shot but he got the shot of Kate and the tarot cards and that is the shot that shook the world?!


None of it makes any sense. This guy likes the attention and listening to himself. He has no credibility whatsoever.

Best stuff in life is cheep said...


You can no longer download last weeks episode of Dance Moms. Its been pulled completely from Itunes and Amazon says that you cant purchase it due to their license agreement. It is also not available on lifetimes website. I guess the pedo bear approved episode has been pulled.

AuntieAnn said...

It's over Kate said... 144
He's giddy about his twitter feed being lit up with fans and haters talking to him. He loves this attention.


Thanks. I'm totally off base on that one. Gloating over instigating a stupid twitter war over Kate is kind of a dumb move.


Layla - lol!

Fleecing The Sheeple said...

@Kateplusmy8 K8 should have done soft curls for the Redcross ball. She has her hair up 24/7 during the week.

So now BF knows how Kate wears her hair 24/7? Is she stalking her round the clock? Climbs into her bed under penalty of severeness?

A pap runs loose at the mouth, backpedals, changes his story, then goes to ROL making erroneous statements about getting shots.

Cindy's still feverishly hawking a doomed cruise, has private vetting sessions with an unstable sheeple, promising quality time with the twins, and still has her job.

It's better than a soap opera, and it's non-fiction!

TLC stinks said...

Perhaps Kate got all prissy with the photographer because she thought he had a photo of her and Steve getting cozy? Once again she is Teflon Kate. ~ Administrator said...

Hmm you're missing the point. Kate sells herself as a Christian and took money from churches. She has proven herself to be anything but. I don't find her faith all that sincere, I think she used it to scam money.

Westcoaster said...

One word sums up Kate's appearance and behavior on Saturday, and her TwatWar yesterday: mediocre. You are one mediocre biotch.

Wonder what fun and games she has planned for the last day of staycation.

readerlady said...

hmmmm 148 -- I never said that NO Christian ever had their palm read or participated in a tarot reading. I said that Christians who teach what Kate professes to believe consider it wrong. Some even teach that it's instruments of the devil and is intrinsically evil. Not all Christians believe that. I consider myself to be a Christian, or at least I try to live a Christian life, and I don't believe that they are wrong, when used as fun entertainment. I believe they are just that -- fun and entertainment just as I believe that Santa and Harry Potter are fun and entertainment.

not a fan -- I was always under the impression that TLC was behind the NYC apartment, not Jon. I may be wrong on that, though. I seem o recall reading an article somewhere about TLC picking out the apartment and planning to use it as a base to show Jon the single father showing his 8 kids the Big Apple.

readerlady said...

Seem to, not seem o. Also fun AND entertainment. Sticky keyboard today. It doesn't like the damp weather any more than I do. Sorry.

Layla said...

She said she was still confused about her future after talking to the tarot card reader, huh? I imagine it went somehting like this--

Kate: Will I get another TV show in the future? Maybe a book deal? Talk show? Fitness show? Anything?

Tarot Card Reader : No.

Kate: What are you saying?

TCR: I'm saying no. You won't get any of those things.

Kate: I'm confused. No never means no to me.

TCR: Well, in this case, no means no.

Kate: But if no never means no to me, then what are you telling me?

TCR: I'm telling you NO! Now, go away!

Kate: I don't get it. If no never means no to me, and you're telling me no--which never means no to me--then what exactly are you telling me?


Kate: I just don't get it.

TCR: Time for my break! Bye, psycho!

Kate to Steve: I'm still confused about my future....

Zoe said...

I think the main reason Kate does not want her photo taken with Steve is because that would put some of the attention on him/them rather than just on Kate, Kate, Kate. There have been lots of photos of them together. Even TLC included video of them together on the last Kate Plus 8 episodes. She just doesn't want to share the spotlight.

To me the funniest thing is the way the photog got the buzz started, and then Kate jumped in calling him a liar before he even published anything specific. And despite all that, the most buzz they could generate between the two of them, whether contrived or not, was nada.

terri said...

Just Jared photos are up. There is a close up of Kate's shoes. I guess her kids clothes aren't the only things she buys a few sizes larger. Those shoes are too big for her feet. Maybe that's the photo she's so upset about. LOL.

Tweet-le De Tweet-le DUMB said...

Layla, that was so, so, so Kate. LOL!!

Ex Nurse said...

Canadianmom said..
(which I was totally convinced was a shot of Kate riding Steve like a rented mule in the alley of this event)
Wow, bet thing I have read here since descriptions of Kate as "rode hard and put away wet"!

Since the photog overheard the conversation between Steve and Kate, there was probably some type of body language that, frozen in a frame, could seem intimate. Kate was probably upset that she received so little attention, especially with so many beautiful, YOUNG reality show women in attendance. Steve may have been trying to calm her down so as to create a scene--wow--epic fail, huh?

She has never attempted to become involved with relationships with the locals. I imagine that people were embarrassed for her and by her--micro-minidress and bare legs in Philly in March??? Taylor Swift could have gotten away with that--she wouldn't have been so clueless.  Who are Kate's fashion role models--Carrie Bradshaw circa 2003? Kate is rapidly crossing the line between MILF and cougar.

Kate, stop embarrassing your children!  When all publicity is bad, it means it is over. When you are compared to Baby Jane,  Phyllis Diller and Norma Desmond, you are done!  Please build a real life for your children who are depending on you.  Seek help for the anger and resentment towards Jon.  that is etched your face as a permanent scowl and forcing your children to choose between the two people that they love. 

People love your children, but hate your continual exploitation of them. Your dreams of fame and fortune are dead,  but your children's dreams are still in the future...  Whatever your financial picture is,  stop seeking fame and set an example of the importance of meaningful work and contributing to those that are truly in need. 

not a fan said...

Readerlady I am talking about the apartment in PA that Jon rented.

Westcoaster said...

Oh dear, she's just twatted that we can expect to see her in "more gorgeous macdouggal dresses" soon. Tho she used the word displayed. Guess mommy has some more party time on the calendar, tho it's Kate, her "gorgeous macdouggals" could be worn any number of inappropriate places.

Tamara said...

Maybe she is trying to do the opposite of buying extra large clothes for her kids. She buys extra short dresses and skirts so that she can hand them down sometime in the near future.

it's over kate said...

She buys her shoes big so she doesn't outgrow them?
How did she walk in them?!!

Anonymous said...

I can understand any woman would like an "escort" (which usually means a man) at such an event; but she could have been "accompanied" by a woman friend (if she had one). What doesn't make sense is that she needed a "bodyguard" at a charity Red Cross ball. Did she really believe the other guests posed a threat to her safety? Was there panic in the streets? From what I've read, other guests didn't bother her at all. Why would she think they might? I think he was there because they are a 'couple'. (Not saying, a couple of 'what' though.)


Tamara said...

I think the Philly-Twit guy was unable to sell the photos he had. I don't see "the London office" giving a flying f**k about Kate Gosselin. She's not even recognised in her own state. Without 8 asian children surrounding her she's not physically memorable. Her, or should I say Jon and her children's, surname is recognizable along with the number 8, but that's it.

Did we figure out if she did hop to Vegas while the kids were with their dad?

I hope the twins won't be hearing too many taunts about their mum's slutwear. I wonder how many of the schoolmates had parents also at the gala?

AuntieAnn said...

Oy those shoes. Kate clip clops around like a horse in the first place. People must have heard her coming before they saw her. Wrong choice with that get-up she's wearing anyway.

I'm beginning to think this was a spur of the moment date with Steve. It was their last chance to be together 'legitimately' in public. From here on in they'll have to go (cough) undercover.

NJGal51 said...

I'm sure that his saying the no one knew who she was cut her much deeper than any negative things that he could have said about her. As many here have said, I think her twitter meltdown was the real story. Where there's smoke, there's fire.

I think that he's more of a freelance photographer than a true journalist and does quite a few charity events in PA. I'm thinking that the Red Cross may have asked him to back off because they don't need the bad publicity. He probably backed off because he wants to continue to work these events.

Now, totally OT...ADMIN - Didn't you think that Trump acted like a spoiled little kid last night when he fired Michael Andretti? Yeah, he basically told him that he should be the project manager but Adam Corolla was adamant that he wanted this task. I think Buick wanted Andretti because even if the men had done poorly they (Buick)would have used him in their promo's. Didn't Michael Andretti step in for his son at the last minute? He hasn't really seemed too comfortable since the beginning.

JoyinVirginia said...

Newsflash: Ms Kreider is boring. No one wants boring pictures of boring person. Also other peoples grade school kids look pretty much like all kids that age, and unless they are related to me or my friends, they are boring too.
I hope Jon can continue to be boring and take care of his kids. There is a lot to be said for a boring average life, a lot of fun to be had in private or in public, because when you are boring and average you can go wherever you like without causing any sort of commotion

Tucker's Mom said...

I'll give HughE credit for his hints that Kate and Steve were a couple and acted as such at the Ball. His innuendo says it all and he outright said Steve had his arm around Kate.
I feel so sorry for Mrs. Neild.
I mean, it's as plain as the nose on your face that they've been schtupping for years now.

readerlady said...

not a fan 169 -- Sorry. My bad. My thought went directly to the NYC apartment, because that's the one Jon is usually slammed for.

silimom said...

Sheesh! I am SO sick of this whole "Are they or aren't they" bs! You know what, Kate? Grow a pair of REAL ta-tas and be a woman! If you're dating Steve, just admit it. No one cares! Schtup him to your hearts content! Your fans will support you no matter what you do and the majority of your detractors are convinced you already are and would probably give you props for admitting it.

Dallas Lady said...

I think it's probably fair to say no one wanted to pay for the pics he had.

Jon's twitters are interesting and happy today.

Glad to see Kate is finally crediting for the things she puts up. I don't see how her menus are special. Anyone could pull a recipe from a website, copy and paste it onto their blog and say "MY KIDS LOVE IT, I'M AMAZING!"


As for the Philly guy, he's bitching about all the haters and fans involving him in their tweets still, but he keeps on talking about it and engaging them, some loves it on some level. Everyone should just ignore him.

silimom said...

On a completely different note, I have to comment about her makeup and hair. She did it herself, apparently, and it showed. Which tells me that money must be tight if she couldn't squeeze on a hair appointment.

She is a Cow said...

LOL Layla.

Pity Party said...

She forgot all about her promise to the kids for chinese takeout and ice cream. Her #1 asked her about it and she said no I don't eat that. She totally forgot.

Dallas Lady said...

Yeah her newest on CC is another pile o' crap. Hand clothes down, shop in your closets, make stuff last. GROUNDBREAKING.

I really hope she's still on Twitter in about 5 years when the younger kids are 13 and the girls are 16-17 and she's dealing with buying clothes for them THEN when they won't tolerate cheapie used two sizes too big clothing and even when purchased at an inexpensive place, they're still more expensive than they are now.

She'll be crying poor then FOR REAL.

Gift of grab said...

Layla: FUNNY! And NJGal, I agree with your viewpoint.

For what it's worth, I thought it was interesting that (1) the Radar article did NOT quote the photog to the effect of how "stunning" he thought Kate was, something he mentioned several times on Twitter and also on TV this morning; and (2) Radar didn't run ANY of the photos taken by HughE.

Given Kate's outlandish reaction yesterday, I still believe at a minimum that he caught her out yesterday on something she didn't want others to see/know about it. Whether or not he got a photo. And I also think that he was pressured into pulling back, either by Kate/PurseBoy and/or the local RC. Maybe someone did buy his photos, and that's why Radar didn't have any.

Whatevah. I think HughE quite cleverly made hay whilst the sun shone, and now will fade quickly out of our collective consciousness.

Cruise, anyone?

AuntieAnn said...

"I try not to let the expense of clothing 8 kids overwhelm me. I take it one season at a time and one year at a time. That is the way we’ve learned to live in our family so it is my job to make the most of what we have at any given time!"

...But I buy dozens of pairs of expensive shoes for myself. And I never shop consignment for my own clothes, either. That would be icky. Only the best for me I say. My eight little bags of gold are sucking the money dry pretty fast and are getting to be quite a burden you know.

Hope all my hints helped.

Oh and please send gift cards Xs 6 and Xs 2 so I can get them back into matcing outfits. Thank you.

Oh yeah just about forgot... there's coupon stuff below. Check em out. Kate.

PatK said...

Pity Party said... 184
She forgot all about her promise to the kids for chinese takeout and ice cream. Her #1 asked her about it and she said no I don't eat that. She totally forgot.


Pity Party, she did have the chinese food and ice cream for the kids yesterday. In fact, she tweeted that she stopped and picked up the take-out before the kids even got home from Jon's.

She didn't eat any of it, though! Salads, salads, salads!

NJGal51 said...

silimom said... 182
On a completely different note, I have to comment about her makeup and hair. She did it herself, apparently, and it showed. Which tells me that money must be tight if she couldn't squeeze on a hair appointment.
Agree 100%. I'm the first to admit that I don't have a knack for doing my own hair which is one of the reasons I've always worn it short. It will be interesting to see if she changes her style. If she's still got a weave she'll either need to continue the upkeep or have it removed.

Pity Party said...

Another picture of the kids on this CC blog. She is so afraid no one will know who she is otherwise. And always bitching about how much it costs to raise them. Should have about a long time ago. Does using the kids as the topic of her blog along with pictures not entitle them to 15% to go in their trust fund? Seems to me like it would. She has nothing to write about without them.

AuntieAnn said...

I also noticed she's still talking about 'seasons'. I wonder if she means seasons of the year or seasons of the show. It's hard to tell with her.

Pity Party said...

Thanks PatK, guess I didn't go far enough back. I love Chinese takeout!

Permanent Name said...

Oh my...

Isn't she just waaaay more special than any of us mediocre folks....

She has to run between t-e-r-m-i-n-a-l-s at the a-i-r-p-o-r-t as she flies off to her important jobs because she's a celebrity.

Me, I highly doubt she runs in airports. She has purseboy run ahead to hold the plane doors open. Or she requests a "VIP" golf cart, not knowing that they are for handicapped travellers.

It continues to amaze me how she drops little bits of superiority into her everyday tweets. If she didn't keep reminding us how very important she is we'd all forget - ha ha ha

MabelD said...

RadarOnline has the story, Plus this:

EM said...

What a letdown the Philly photog ended up being. kate wins again. What was the point of that guy saying he would post an incriminating pic if he wasn't going to? Sadly, kate won this stupid twitter war because even tho she acted like an ass, most people who catch wind of the story will see a poor harassed mom of 8 who supported a charity and was lied about for the news.

Maybe I am a jealous h8r. It does bother me to see someone who behaves so horribly be given such a cush easy life. Why is it that I want the truth to be out about kate? Someone I don't even know? Why do I care?

As I put thought into it I realize that even though she doesn't effect my a way she does. She reminds me that people really do sell their kids out. To me she symbolizes my disgust with people who so easily lie for monetary gain and are so willing to expose innocent others to get it. She symbolizes to me that hard work and a good life doesn't always pay off - that selling your kids does. It's gross. She shows me that the worse you behave the more you are held in high regard. To me she is proof that good things happen to rotten people (if you can consider her pathetic life "good.")

It's disheartening to see someone given so much and appreciate none of it. Instead of counting her blessings she is grabbing for MORE MORE MORE while lying about her needs. Where is karma to tell her if she is going to keep feining poor mouth she will get what she asks for?

Maybe I'm just tired but I wish the world honored hard workers and kind people, and not entitled assholes. To me, that's what she represents. Another entitled asshole making it thru life while stepping on others to get thru it.

kate and people like her and her fans make me see how warped some people's thinking is and it's weird to see it typed out on twitter. It reminds me what kind of people are out there. People who can't tell black from white. People who live in a fantasy world. Seeing delusion is disturbing. This is what swirls around 8 young kids. A whole fanatical world of haters and Gosslinators revolves around a woman and her 8 kids? How will the kids come thru this unscathed? Why is kate given a platform to keep exposing her kids to these fans and non fans alike? Both are scary in their own way. Why doesn't she go away for the sake of her kids knowing what a shit storm she has surrounding them. My every instinct would be to shelter my kids from these people. NOT dangle them in from of them. It bugs me that not only does she NOT protect them..but she held in high esteem for NOT doing so.

Does this woman really want kudos from a bunch of wackadoodles to the point that she has to keep her kids and what she does for them in their faces? It it worth a darn thing that such nuts praise you for the normal task of caring for your kids? How do you get "high" off that knowing how low the sheeple bar is set?

Polarizing doesn't even begin to describe kate. She has such rabid fans and non fans alike. Non fans hate that kate gets away with daily fraud and fans love to be able to defend someone blindly.

EM said...

The saga of kate gosselin makes me nauseous. I'm truly exhausted from 22 hours of non stop work and I wake up from my 5 hour sleep, ready to jump right back into work, only to read about how hard kate works to support her family. It makes me crazy to think people think she is working. What is doing for work? Getting her picture taken? IS it really that hard to live on the money that kate "earned" by selling out her children's private moments?

I really wish all news/tabloid would stop reporting on her. I am starting to feel that Jon reemerging is going to put kate right back where she wants to the spotlight.

One wrong word from Jon's mouth and the country will leap back to her defense. "Oh, she's such a bitch because her ex cheated and left her with 8 kids to support alone, she needs tv again to support her" shit that has just finally died down. Why does Jon want to go back out there to be critized again? Is money really worth your life being public fodder again. I hope he has a really good image consultant and finds away to keep his kids away from this turmoil that surrounds both of their parents. THIS is what people should be discussing. What these people are doing to their family in the name of fame and money. THAT is where the real story is folks.

Unless Jon is speaking on the dangers of entering the reality tv world, then i don't think I want to hear it..

Tamara said...

Has anyone read the books Jennifer Hanselman wrote about her sextuplets and son? I recently won them at a baby shower and they're charming. It makes a fascinating comparison to Kate and the kids. Also interesting that she stopped once the kids were four years old and one has autism.

njay said...

Elton John ‏ @RealEItonJohn
Twitter makes me want to have drinks with people I've never met, and Facebook makes me want to throw drinks at people I already know.
Little off subject, just thought it was funny. Saw it on that Philly chat guy's tweet. Man, everyone here is right, the haters and sheeple are of this planet. Now I understand why it I say something a little off, you go off on me. Well maybe I don't. Little off doesn't come close to what they do. That should be a clue. Ok...all said in fun. For real.

MabelD said...

The National Enquirer has the story, too.

AuntieAnn said...

Gift of grab said... 186

Whatevah. I think HughE quite cleverly made hay whilst the sun shone, and now will fade quickly out of our collective consciousness.

Cruise, anyone?

I think you're right. Media people, sheesh.

No thanks to the cruise...I think they're cursed what with all the mishaps. And now Marie Osmond peed... on stage, no less.

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