Wednesday, September 14, 2022

Kate Gosselin cast in survival skills reality show 'Special Forces: The Ultimate Test' on FOX

Kate Gosselin Blasts 'Celebrity Apprentice' Firing: 'It Should Have Been  Kenya'

With a slated air date January 2023, Kate will be reunited with one of our favorite Kate haters from Celebrity Apprentice, Kenya.

13 sediments (sic) from readers:

Anonymous said...

I think it’s possible Kate wanted to film something with the kids . But because they are 18 ,I think it’s a possibility now that they want nothing to do with filming. I think she’s desperate for money . I doubt there will be tours to nyc where she will be fawned over, like in the past.

Anonymous said...

Looks like she at least got a French manicure and hair color out of the deal. She was tagged on Instagram in a pic with Ronnie (hairstylist)

FlimsyFlamsy said...

I wonder if TFW will dust off her social media and
start chit-chatting with her old fans in anticipation of
this show. I'll never forget how she sweet-talked them
into signing up for that cruise like a botoxed P.T. Barnum.
Especially this subtle line to a fan who was on
the fence about booking a ticket: "Do it do it do it!"

Laine said...

If they are really doing special forces training, this will be very interesting. Remembering Kate in canoes, on the tower afraid to jump. I wonder if she has any idea of what will be involved.

Layla said...

I read up on this show and there's no voting, no eliminations, everyone is stuck in the Jordanian desert in 120 degree heat doing some really hard exercises. No bathrooms, just holes in the ground. No beds, just sheets over an iron bar. Kate's worst nightmare (hard work). She must be desperate for money to do this. Remember her meltdowns in the Alaska episode? Let's hope she ends up paying C&H back with some of her earnings, but that's probably a long shot. The other "celebs" in the show are Dr Drew, Mel B from the Spice Girls, Jamie Lynn Spears, plus some actual athletes from the NBA, NFL, and an Olympian. I guess we know why she had some lone pap taking pictures of her going to the gym. What a sh$t show this is going to be.

JoyinVirginia said...

Oh my. This sounds like a very physically challenging premise. We will see what happens. I wonder if filming has completed already, or if it is just started. Kinda thinking it's already completed filming so the producers and network know they have a complete product to broadcast.
Hannah Brown, a former bachelorette, will be on the show. She is very positive and energetic and likable. I'll be checking out Reality Steve to see if he has any info about her experience on this show. ~ Administrator said...

Jordan?? As in the country?! They’re not playing!

FlimsyFlamsy said...

JoyInVirginia (#6), how nice to see your name!

This promises to be a tour de force for TFW. Whining,
crying, hand-flapping, temper tantrums. And this time
she can't get away with her "poor tired mother of 8"
nonsense to excuse her bad behavior.

Wonder if she was allowed to bring any of her friends
(read: employees) with her to Jordan. Is Steve even
still on her payroll? If so, who in the world has he been
guarding her body from?

Blue Jay said...

I think since she ran her children like they were in boot camp, and then sent her son off to a, I suppose one could call it a treatment facility where he begged to be released (which didn't seem comfortable)...she should have NO problem, "I'm in charge and that's NEVER going to change!" attitude, she should be able to survive in a little ole desert folks, come on! Being tested physically and mentally after having EIGHT, count them, EIGHT children who demanded so much of her time, and running errands, and refilling juice, and being tired all the TIME, this should be a piece of cake!

The only thing I have doubts of ladies is, who on earth is going to watch such ridiculous show? Is this what young people watch fore entertainment? I asked my own three kids and their comment was, "Mom, don't you think we have better things to do?" Not in unison, but that was about the go of it.

Jamezvader1194 said...

@FlimsyFlamsy (3) It's been a while but i check here once in a blue moon.If Kate does that then i would be interested to see how many old fans are still around these days.Milo basically fell off the face of the earth after Jon got custody of Hannah, and i think Barb was starting to realize that she only goes on social media when she needs the fans for something.As for the haters,honestly i'd imagine 99% of them are gone because there's nothing to say anymore.

Anonymous said...

Having trouble publishing my comment, so let’s try this way!

This is TurtleLogic (haven’t commented for a really long time, but I read every update!)

My question, as always, is who is with her 4 remaining kids. Yes they are of an age when many parents might leave them home for a week or so, but they are still in high school. She was gone for a lot longer than that AND out of the country. Some schools let 18-year-olds sign for themselves, some don’t. (Mine didn't….I couldn’t call myself in sick, for example) Plus 4 teens together make far worse decisions than just one alone. It’s all pretty sus to me.

Anonymous said...

I might have to check it out because our former wide receiver Danny Amendola who was key and winning us a couple of Super Bowls up here in Boston will be on didn’t think he was a reality show type of guy but I will love to see him ignore Kate Gosselin probably check it out certainly not for her

Anonymous said...

OMG, I can't stop laughing! Kate roughing it...and with physical challenges?? Talk about desperation for money now!

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