Monday, June 13, 2011

Discussion thread: 6 Becomes 7! and Chicks & Eggs

The Gosselin kids get to spend two holidays on camera tonight, their birthday and Easter. Watching or not watching, discuss it here.

TLC, 10 p.m, EST.

6 Becomes 7!
The sextuplets are turning 7! With only 5 days to plan, Kate is determined to have a pool party to remember with a surprise addition to the pool. But as everyone knows, pulling off a birthday for six excited kids is no easy task.

Chicks & Eggs
The Gosselins are finally sharing their Easter celebration with viewers for the first time! Watch as the kids decorate their own special Easter treat and dye their own Easter eggs. Of course,Easter wouldn't be complete without a good old fashion egg hunt.

221 sediments (sic) from readers:

«Oldest   ‹Older   1 – 200 of 221   Newer›   Newest» ~ Administrator said...

I blurred out Aaden's friend. The Gosselin kids are exploited enough, I'm not going to participate in drawing any other kids into this mess.

The description of the party episode, Kate had only five days to plan? WTF is that about? Last I checked you know exactly when your child will turn 7 the moment they are born. You have notice. She had a whole year to plan. More drama and ratings, give her a short time frame to plan and watch the fallout. ~ Administrator said...

Kate just tweeted, I'm not a dog person really.

I'm sorry, but, NO SHIT SHERLOCK.

Bluenoser said...

With all due respect this is NOT a recap. ~ Administrator said...

LOL Bluenoser I'm sorry. It's not a recap! It's a discussion thread because apparently there are two more episodes tonight, yikes. Working on the recap today!

Barbara said...

I only see her tweets here on this page and they look freaking manic as hell. Also completey loony and delusional. Her phone number is more guarded than the White House? She really thinks she's hot snot on a silver platter, doesn't she?

I IMPLORE people to NOT WATCH TLC. At all. ~ Administrator said...

Kate LOOOOVES fame. She LOOOOVES having a nice confidential number. Newsflash Kate, lots of people are very careful with their number.

Lady Gaga should study her. She is a student of fame.

Bluenoser said...

Gaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaak TWO more episodes. Shit! Then I read - I'I'll be back at 10 EST! Shower and bedtime here... Tweet y'all later (I miss the south..& may turn up there soon, hint hint)
-------Does she do this deliberatey! The "most spoildest" dog or is she just plain fucking stupid?!?!? She truly does bring out the worst in me.
By missing the south - such a nice 'hint' to The Lecherous Channel that Kate is horney to travel again.

Meagler said...

Kate only had 5 days to plan because she had been off vacationing with the little girls, and off to the Derby... ohh boo hoo for her... and, btw 5 days is more then enough, esp when you have a whole crew helping her out..

I read her tweet party.. not much tweeting going on really about the show.. she did manage to tell everyone how old Ashley is almost, and then said that she is confidential about info regarding friends/ family...

I wanted to see what the reaction of the kids was when they saw her foot getting licked...( I have not watched, but everyone is talking about it) ... I missed a few minutes of the tweets, so did she make any comment about that on the tweets? ~ Administrator said...

Yeah I was also going to say five days is way more than what most moms probably get. Most moms probably squeeze in party planning in between work and carpool and cooking dinner and cleaning house.

She didn't have to work over those five days, she could just party plan all day!

I mean maybe it's dramatic to throw together a party in one day, but five?? Zzzzzz.

Sport said...

Five days is a lifetime to plan a party when:

a) someone is cleaning your house for you
b) someone is cooking for you and the event
c) you are having it at home
d) your kids aren't allowed to have any friends

My kids normally dont know what day they want their party and cant decide what they wanna do or who to invite until a couple days before. My daughter's bday is in 3 weeks and we will likely throw together a cool one 2-3 days beforehand.

Pat yourself on the back *Super Mom* for doing what over 70 million parents in this country do EACH YEAR without fanfare. It's no miracle, it's called parenting. You should try it sometime.

She is a Cow said...

Sport said... Five days is a lifetime to plan a party when:

a) someone is cleaning your house for you
b) someone is cooking for you and the event
c) you are having it at home
d) your kids aren't allowed to have any friends

Don't forget the fact that in the realist reality, she did not plan or pay for a thing. TLC did it all, but she will get paid $250,000.00 for exploiting her little money makers birthday again. She will screech, cackle and carry on. What a Great Mom!

Real Dog Mom said...

Love her tweet that "Mr Shoka is the most spoiled dog on the planet"....Yeah, that's why you sent him back to the breeder and why he must live outside no matter what the weather is like. Oh I get it, he's spoiled because you give him store bought food and don't make him fend for himself! I'm sitting her looking at the most spoiled dog on the planet who has the run of our house, goes on vacation with us, goes to day-camp a couple of times a month to play with his friends,is loved by all in the family and is not only trotted out for photo ops. ~ Administrator said...

Kate probably considers feeding a dog, giving it water every week or so, and occasionally making the gardener pick up the dog's poo, as "spoiling". ~ Administrator said...

Bringing the tax discussion over here but I agree with MaryAnne they probably cannot write off the house and I think Kate would probably be in jail by now if she tried since that would be such a huge write off and a huge red flag.

To write it off it has to be used regularly and EXCLUSIVELY for business. If you so much as write one personal check in your office it's OUT as a write off.

Since they do so much "living" in that home, I don't see how they could possibly claim any part of that home is used regularly and exclusively for business.

She's also an idiot for making her bedroom part of the office, because if she partitioned off a real office she could probably get away with at least writing that off as long as she used it strictly for the family exploitation business. I wonder if Kate just isn't being properly advised how to make the most of her money, or she is and isn't listening. I actually suspect the latter, since Kate knows best. The IRS forms ask you to give your business a name if it doesn't have one, I wonder if she calls it just that.

Unknown said...

Real dog mom, glad to know you, I am one, too. Mine go to many activities because they are herding dogs and need to be active. My heart plummeted when I saw them getting the dogs. Poor Shoka is tied to the doghouse for how many hours a day? How often does she get to come inside the holiest of holy people structures? In my state it is illegal to tie a dog for over 3 hours. That includes the ones tied to a run line. It means the removal of the dog if you, and this is a good thing.

Neither she nor any of those kids should have an animal of any kind. ~ Administrator said...

You know just an FYI, but I haven't seen any sheeple posts trying to defend Kate ever since this latest tweeting manic episode started.

Sure there are the usual, though few and far between, "you all are delusional!!" posts, and posts personally attacking another poster or claiming we got all the facts wrong I tell ya, it's all wrong! But I have yet to hear any kind of argument in defense of the crap Kate has tweeted. Notably, no argument as to why her tweet about Jon was appropriate.

The well has been dry for awhile on defending Kate. And as any good lawyer knows, when you got nothing, all you can do is just attack the other party.

A Pink Straight Jacket For Kate said...

I'm watching a movie that is a ba-zillion times more entertaining than that hunk of crap on TLC tonight. If you ever have the opportunity, watch "Scott Pilgrim vs. the World" . It's a riot!

LifeinOH said...

Have y'all seen this?

Jon: meet bus. AGAIN.

SAHM said...

Just an FYI - That G-Force pool slide she on a whim purchased for the party is $4,500 not including shipping.

batterednotbroken said...

Someone should let Khate know about Jon's 68k twitter followers. I would, but l have no clue how to twitter. I would love to see how "blessed and honored" she feels about that.
Maybe Kelly could do it-just to piss her off.
(sneaky laughing here) ~ Administrator said...

Yowser that's expensive! But at least she's finally spending some serious money on the KIDS. Let's be logical here. If you have 4500 to throw down on a slide, can't you spare a few bucks to help the tornado victims?

Oh speaking of which! On the news this morning was Trace Adkins. I guess his house burned down a short while back and he was talking about it. No one was hurt thank God. But he said on the news let me make this clear I am just sharing my story I am not in anyway implying you should give me donations or even think about sending me one red cent! I am very well off and we're FINE. In fact, please donate to the tornado victims.

After all of Kate's "poor us" comments, it was rather refreshing to have a celebrity say quite candidly, hey all don't you realize I'm rich??? Don't help me, help the people who really need it! ~ Administrator said...

Oh and another thing about the "five days to plan". I find it rather unlikely that TLC decided to just throw this together in five days. They too knew about these birthdays far in advance. And if they did spring this on her, they are being just flat out disrespectful to Kate to just spring whatever they feel like doing on her at the last minute. Most celebs know their production schedules very far in advance so they can make sure to schedule everything else around it. They are not usually just dumped on them and most real stars would not stand for such disrespect.

Normal production normally plans their schedules weeks and usually MONTHS in advance.

pamelajo said...

OH SHOOT....I missed Kate I was busy watchin Swamp People. At least they have culture, they wait until their child is eighteen before the exploitation begins. ROTRFLMAO

pamelajo said...

And another thing, they can throw a party at the drop of a does not take them 5 days.

KitKat said...

I'm sorry, but I have to admit that I really miss Jon after seeing some of the old birthday footage of him with the kids. He at least was down to earth and down to earth. ~ Administrator said...

I think someone posted this before but I didn't read it until now. Not only does she throw Jon under the bus, but she actually admits that they divorced over filming. I wanted to film and Jon didn't. Jon didn't have the same (exploitation) goals as myself. So there it is folks, a divorce over filming the crap out of your family for a REALITY SHOW. Mean awful Jon was tired of his family being exploited and felt it was time to let it die a natural death. Kate the great was the one who wanted the exploitation to continue and, folks? SHE filed for divorce. Look at the moving papers. She is the plaintiff. It's nice to see Kate finally being honest.

She has said before the show did NOT cause the divorce. Um, how does she figure?

boo said...

Does this tweet mean what I think it does?:

"Yes, no1 2 sharemy prides&joys with,I no..Is sad.Not supposed 2b this way.hope2 at least find some1 who lovesthem besideme1day"

Is she saying she needs to find someone to share her kids with because she is the only one who loves them? Can I be reading that right???? ~ Administrator said...

You know what, now that Kate admits they divorced over filming...don't all the puzzle pieces make sense?

As long as Jon was married to her he could stop the filming. He was about the derail the entire thing by refusing to sign and Kate would have to go along with it, since when you're married, you both have to agree. But if Kate got divorced, she could get custody of the kids in family law court and then be able to call the shots as to the decisions, including filming. If she wanted to continue filming, the best plan of action was to try to get control over the kids in court--i.e. divorce Jon.

I'm beginning to wonder if this divorce had anything to do with ANYTHING else besides just being able to film the crap out of the kids. Kate had to do what she had to do to film the kids and make more money. She couldn't respect Jon's feelings this was no longer right for the family. She was willing to do anything, even divorcing their own father.

This whole thing is so sick beyond words.

Legally Blonde said...

I thought the show was over - turned on the television to watch Cake Boss. What did she say to Aaden when he said he wasn't very good at puzzles? I only heard her say, "Then you won't be very good at _____?" What snippy remark did she make? ~ Administrator said...

Boo, you are right. Kate wants to find someone other than her who loves the kids. Oh, so now Jon doesn't even love the kids like she does? What a deranged bitch. Does she tell the kids that when she tucks them in, Daddy doesn't love you like I do? She is a CLASSIC parental alienator.

I'm really surprised someone from TLC hasn't taken her twatter from her. Either they don't care, or they think all this manic babble is good for the show. Neither one shows even an ounce of respect for Kate.

Yolanda said...

Administrator---Where did Kate say in the interview that she "..wanted to film, he didn't".

What she said was she wouldn't " another frame of TV with him simply because I don't want to, which is why we got divorced." She then went on to talk about different goals, etc.

I took it to read she didn't want to be with him, and that is why they got divorced. I honestly didn't take it to mean that is WHY they got divorced.

I suppose I'm too naive...what can I say?

FWIW...I despise Kate, can't believe I'm in any way defending her. But I read the article and I honestly didn't walk away with the same impression. ~ Administrator said...

Yolanda, well I can see how you could interpret it that way. If she were talking about not being able to be in the same room together, then that would make sense. I guess taking a second look at it, it makes it seem more like she wanted to cut HIM out of the filming, for whatever the reason. I didn't want to film with him, and because of that, we got divorced.

She is still talking about filming and saying some kind of dispute about filming caused the divorce. At least the way she worded it and the way I interpret it. It's Kate so expect everything she says to be confusing and convoluted. I always feel like I sort of THINK I know what this woman means 70% of the time but can never be sure. It's Kate!

Like I said, if she just meant she can't be around Jon period anymore, why wouldn't she just say I couldn't be around Jon period anymore?

Tweet-le De Tweet-le DUMB said...

Here's the exchange:

JanetBranco Janet Branco
@Kateplusmy8 Love it but it is sad... u were supposed to be doing this as a complete family. :( You're doing an amazing job!

Kateplusmy8 Kate Gosselin
@JanetBranco Yes, no1 2 sharemy prides&joys with,I no..Is sad.Not supposed 2b this way.hope2 at least find some1 who lovesthem besideme1day ~ Administrator said...

Here's a wild and crazy thought. Why can't Kate and Jon be civil to each other for one day on the children's birthday? Then Kate won't have to worry about being the only one loving her kids.

Can't Kate put aside filming for ONE DAY if Jon doesn't like it so he can be there on these kids' birthday? They lie about so much else when they film, they could just film their birthday episode on a different day.

JoyinVirginia said...

These both sound so boring. Ho Hum another birthday. That's great. Whoopee.
Me, I watched the Tony Awards again, we recorded it last night. NPH and Hugh Jackman! they are SOO good together! Singing, dancing, looking hot - they got it all!

Anonymous said...

You know, that is one of the biggest things that bothers me, that Jon and Kate can't even be civil to each other for the sake of the kids.
I have been divorced for five years, my kids are now 17 and 20. My ex and I always celebrate holidays and birthdays together with our kids, probably always will. In fact just today my ex BIL called me to say they were having a cookout for my ex FIL's birthday and wanted me to come over. It just irks me so bad how Kate acts like Jon did some horrendous unforgivable injustice. We may never know the real reason for their divorce, but whatever it was it couldn't have been so bad that they can't at least pretend to get along for the sake of the kids-especially after two years.
Charlene - not anon. had problems posting

Tweet-le De Tweet-le DUMB said...

Well, I've never used the "H" word before, but with that exchange about no one loving the kids but her, I do hate Kate. She is a disgusting sub-human with no motherly instincts and is filled with bitterness that Jon chose the path he did. It was all about filming and the money he was going to put to a halt, and even though she got her way she hates him so much that she's not above broadcasting the hideous lie that she is the only one who loves her children. You KNOW she tells that to the kids.

summer said...

Here The part where I think is a liar

What would you be doing if you weren't a TV personality?

With eight kids, what would I be doing? Our lives would be a lot different. They'd be a lot more difficult because we'd be struggling to survive. I am a nurse, so I'd be working as a nurse. I look at this opportunity that came our way as a miraculous way to provide for my kids. Even in this situation,

I have to laugh at what they say we get paid. We don't make anything near what the reports are. We still struggle. It's still hard even in TV to try to hang on to what we have to further my career so we can keep going to provide for the kids. I nearly, solely provide for them.

Liar Liar light her pants of fire.WHY does she feel the need to lie for goodness shake even if she didn't make $250,000 an epi. I'm sure she still makes a nice amount and she probbly does nothing for free interviews apperance ect.

So why lie(not like ppl care)

Tamara said...

Can't Kate put aside filming for ONE DAY if Jon doesn't like it so he can be there on these kids' birthday? They lie about so much else when they film, they could just film their birthday episode on a different day.

Admin, you are making the classic, number one mistake when it comes to Kate: you're talking sense and assuming that sdhe cares for anyone besides herself.

Tweet-le De Tweet-le DUMB said...

You know, that is one of the biggest things that bothers me, that Jon and Kate can't even be civil to each other for the sake of the kids.

Jon is not civil to Kate? You have proof of that? He's moved on and doesn't have some public platform he uses daily to bash Kate. I have heard he's being uncivil.

Tamara said...

As I didn't watch I'm curious if Alexis and Collin specifically had any friends there? Or if the other kids seemed awkward around them, because one of the big reasons they were expelled was supposedly for bullying.

Legally Blonde said...

@JanetBranco Yes, no1 2 sharemy prides&joys with,I no..Is sad.Not supposed 2b this way.hope2 at least find some1 who lovesthem besideme1day


Oh, My. Gosh. I hope someone sends this to Jon. Can't he go to court armed with these outrageous tweets and get a gag order imposed? Free speech, in her case, shouldn't be allowed.

What about their "other" daddies - the crew members - they way she gushes about them, you'd think that they love them. What about their grandparents? If she hadn't alienated them, maybe they could have come and shared the birthday party with the kids. Same goes for Jodi and Kevin. She has nobody to blame but herself that this wasn't a family birthday celebration.

Anonymous said...

okay Tweedle let me amend that comment-Kate can't be civil to Jon. I have no proof that Jon can't be civil to Kate. Apologies.
I'm not a fan of Kate, can't stand to even hear her voice. I was only trying to make a point about two adults that need to learn to get along for the sake of their children.


Tweet-le De Tweet-le DUMB said...

I have heard he's being uncivil.

That should be I haven't heard he's being uncivil. ~ Administrator said...

If I had to guess which parent is being uncivil and creating an environment where the children cannot have both parents together on their birthday, it would be the parent who has devoted all their spare time to throwing the other under the bus. Two years later after breakup.

AMD said...

She put her foot in her mouth (again) with this tweet:
Kateplusmy8 Kate Gosselin
Fortunately I hatched six eggs successfully... Well eight in total lol.
Hopefully Mady and Cara won't be privy to this slight from their own "mom".

Anonymous said...

My point exactly! - sorry if I made it seem like I'm blaming Jon. It just blows my mind that Kate acts like he is a total stranger, that she can't be bothered to even have a conversation with him about the kids. I don't comment here much, but I guess I need to be careful about how I say things. Awhile back I posted defending Jon for his comment about hating Kate shortly after the divorce. ( I don't think he said "hate" but I can't remember what word he used) I said I knew exactly how he felt, that for awhile after my divorce I hated my husband for the pain and heartache he was putting us through. But my kids never had a clue, I never uttered one hateful or spiteful thing about their dad when they were around. I felt like Jon was just being brutally honest about his feelings at the time. But I do think if Kate would meet him halfway (at least), even she would be happier. It takes alot of effort to hold a grudge and she would probably be amazed at how much better she'd feel if she could forgive him for whatever she's blaming him for, real or perceived. I know that because I lived it.


Mimi to 3 said...

If anyone out there thinks there is one redeeming quality about TLC, you just had to see a program on last night, something about freaky eaters. I switched around and landed on this show and was stunned into watching for about 2 minutes. This seriously obese woman had an addiction to, get this, tartar sauce. She put it on everything and I mean everything. A Hostess cupcake, ice cream, everything in massive amounts. She sucked it from the bottle and she said it was equal to an orgasm. I switched that channel so fast when I heard that. What the hell is learning about that? And this is the channel that rules the lives of the Gosselin 8 along with their moron of a mother. Come on Jon, take her to court, she is getting brasher and crasser with her comments against you and if she is being this open with her thoughts you can bet she is saying the same or worse things to the kids.

Anonymous said...

Since some times links given don't work try to backspace like this link some one posted

this botom one works

Cammie said...

Does anyone think they put a birthday and easter episode on tonight because we have seen it before and the ratings will go down. That way Kate can say that she is the star since the show's ratings went up when the show was about her. With the latest tweets, she really wants some sort of trashy dating reality show.

Permanent Name said...

Hot snot on a silver platter?


Really just cold boogers on a dirty paper plate... LOL

My most favorite saying of all time!!!!!!!

Not a single swear word, yet it conveys such a vivid image of what I really think of her....

Chortle, guffaw, snort and giggles....

Can't wait to see the ratings tomorrow!

Toilet, anyone? :-)

Permanent Name said...

I would just love it if Shoka ran away and found a good rescue group who would put him into a loving home..........

Hearing that he is chained outside most of the time makes me physically ill.

Is that really true? Does she really keep him chained outside?????

Shame on those airhead, no-heart non-a-nannies for not passing the dog to a rescue friend when kart is out of town.

"oops, I guess he ran away, Miss kart"

This one I blame Jon for - he should be reporting her to the ASPCA....

And yes, I think the kids need to be removed from her also, but that poor dog....

HI 50 said...

PRE-apologies for my post. Sorry if I offend anyone. Disgusted with Katie Irene Kreider's pathological LIES-LIES-LIES!!

The MSN interview was full of bull sh*t crap! IF she has moved on with her life, WHY continue to bash & throw Jon, THE FATHER OF THEIR CHILDREN, under the bus?! A simple, respectable response, "No COMMENT." Does she seriously believe the Gosselin 8 will NEVER read the crap that comes out of her mouth in the media?!

Here are some positives:

* PR/marketing budget MUST be on a shoe string budget. NO front page mag cover. NO show on The View with her buddies. She's reduced Today Show (Meredith's crappy interview), Radar Online's mini posting, radio call-in interview - must've pissed her off b/c she prefers to TRAVEL for LIVE interviews, & a few piddly little interviews.

* NO summer vacation @ Bald Head. Her claim, no houses available. LIE. Someone investigated that claim & discovered there were vacancies - GREAT JOB! TLC probably wouldn't FUND the lover's, oops, family get-away.

* Twitter suicide w/ her dumb a** tweets. Mostly tweens & a few crazed idol worshippers. Hope Jon takes the tweets to his lawyer. Apparently she tweeted, the kids need a dad. WTF is wrong with her?!! HELLO! Where the hell did the GOSSELIN name come from? Jonathan Gosselin!

* Paps pics from Splash News? Splash pays ANYONE for photos. Maybe Steve, her manager/boob guard takes pics & cashes in while he still can?! Hum, possible.

Here's the bigger problem. NO ONE knows the truth of Jon & Kate's 'CIVILITY' toward each other. Wild guess, anything coming out of her mouth is highly, probable a LIE! She's showed us how civil she was down under, ask Brad the Sky Jump operator. Hahaha! OR ask SPalin's father from the Alaska episode about her b*t)hy attitude. She's INFAMOUS for her kind of civility.

She's probably so UNHAPPY b/c NO MAN is loving on her. All she has are her PAID employees, PAID BFF, PAID baby sitter, PAID handler/boob guard/basement dweller, PAID staff, PAID camera crew...when the JOB is gone, the staff is GONE! NO LOVING!

PLEASE, I pray the ratings take a DEEP DIVE!! Last week's ratings jumped b/c the viewers couldn't BELIEVE Ms. Kreider, the pathological liar, alledgedly obsessive-compulsive clean freak allowed a STRANGER to lick her feet. At least she gave him a full view of her cooch so he could take it back to his buds & laugh about the cob webs in her coochy abyss. Wonder if there was an echo...HAHAHAHA!! Thanx for allowing the rant!

Maggie said...

Perez Hilton interviewed Kate on the phone a few days ago. Her speaking style is horrible. And she wants her own talk show and speaking opportunties.

Kate Gosselin: I'm not, like I'm not a confronter-ish person. I'm not like a you know I don't know. And that whole dating thing having been out of it for how many years, it's just weird to be back in it. So it's probably the area that makes me like squirm the most probably other than dancing of course.

Perez Hilton: Yeah. Well a lot of people are probably curious you know there's been some time. What's your relationship like with Jon these days? Is there much of an interaction between you two? Are you friendly?

Kate Gosselin: There isn't much. I mean, he's working now so he has other focuses which is good. The kids go there two weekends a month and they enjoy spending time with him, and you know I wish he would spend more time with them. I think there's a miss conception out there that I keep the kids from him which is, couldn't be you know less true. But they do see him you know four days a month and they enjoy going there now. And I think he's made a better effort in the recent days to you know have more of a kid friendly living situation which is good. And I mean, we do communicate. It, again it goes with the day, the mood that he's in. But you know over the last weeks or a few months, you know we've had friendly kid focused conversations that don't end up in him screaming and yelling at me so that's good. But I think that if I had to judge over the last few months, I would say, yeah, it's been more peaceful than it had been.

Maggie said...

Fate of "Twist of Kate":

Perez Hilton: Dana wants to know what happened to the Kate does Mundane Jobs show? Is that not in the works anymore?

Kate Gosselin: It's constantly being reformulated and changed, and honestly I'm just along for the ride at this point and you know I'm really game for anything. So it still remains to be seen what the focus and whole outcome of that will be.

It has been about 18 months or so and TLC and Kate doesn't even know what the focus and outcome will be.

TLC stinks said...

BTW, on the fan site, BM has posted a couple of photos of Kate in NYC when she was doing her promos. Steve can add pap to his resume.

Didn't watch. I cannot believe that Kate Gosselin continues to make money because she is the worst. Just compare her abilities to someone like HGTV's Sarah Richardson who is talented, funny, friendly, and acts like a normal human being and deserves every penny she makes. I cannot believe what a frak show TLC has become.

Also, I think on another thread someone mentioned about the show airing in a few places overseas and that may account for the uptick in ratings.

I don't think there's any doubt that Kate's primary motivation in divorcing Jon was that he was a roadblock to filming. It's unfortunate that his behavior gave her an excuse and to garner sympathy as the aggrieved spouse. I don't think she cared what he did privately as long as the filming continued.

As usual, the sheeple are defending point by point Kate's twitter comments. The blog battles are exactly what TLC was hoping for. See, people, this injects more controversy which equals more publicity. TLC is all about money and they had to have known she would twitter insane things. She is being played by TLC, and she plays us. It's really all quite interesting and although I don't watch anymore, the marketing and psychology keeps me coming back just to see what happens next. I am so sorry that the kids are collateral damage.

Gimme Gimme said...

I don't think my other post stuck. Does anyone know what happened to Tori? I haven 't heard anything. I watched part of the repeat night out - three words - dumb, stupid excess. Human sundaes? I mean really. It was disgusting and even a bit disturbing. I could only watch about 10 minutes and can only imagine what kind of excess was in the birthday and Easter episode. You can be sure that none of that junk was bought on Khate's dime.

Jenna Does said...

I didn't watch. I watched The Bruins, but fell asleep. oops. I just cannot believe they keep filming the tups b-day, as if ANYONE cares that they keep aging. Um, all kids do. That is what happens. I sure as hell HATE going to kids birthday parties, unless its my own kid. Who effing cares about hers? And what about the twins? Why don't we EVER see their parties? Not spectacular enough for you Kate? You suck. Why not? Because you didn't make enough off of them? Awww....They are STILL YOUR KIDS!!

And the Easter thing? Well, we stopped doing that a year ago, & again, sounds so...excuse me, I yawned. I would rather organize my basement. Or clean a toilet with a toothbrush. Or stare at the sun. Why is this entertainment again? TLC is so desperate at this point. I don't mean to be rude, but the only people watching are teens & old age homes are putting it on to keep the seniors occupied w/ the cheesy music & kids screaming. Let's hope there are no jails putting it on. (women's jails) But I guess Kate doesn't think of those things, does she? How much her kids are out there...for ALL to see. All she thinks about is her, how SHE is doing, how HER career is doing (HA!) & what SHE can do to further her agenda, OH, & twitter.
~Hippie Chick~

Jenna Does said...

Mimi to 3...
My husband had that on for a second & I said Oh that is that Freaky Eaters thing! I said, what is she addicted too? Then the counselor guy said "Are you willing to throw your life away for tartar sauce" & I burst out laughing. I just could not believe that sentence. I was laughing so hard. This was Sunday I believe? I mean, there are true addictions I know, & those are not funny, but the way this guy said that about throwing her life away on tartar sauce just got me going. TLC is so stupid.
Sorry, I had to interject. Still giggling about that...
~Hippie Chick~

Anonymous said...

Actually, right now, it might be a good thing that Jon and Kate can't be at the same birthday party--wait, hear me out!

Consider: first, they go to the hyper-orchastrated behemoth that Kate "organizes", wherein they have the crap filmed out of them and have to do retakes to document all the fun they're having. Then, they go to Jon's, where the celebration is likely more modest, but it's sincere, spontaneous, not filmed, and their friend's parents don't need to sign paperwork so their kids can participate.

C (Can't log in with my ID)

summer said...

Okay I keep hearin career & job with Kate some can someone please tell what exactly thoes to things are and. How she has them just being on TV.???

I must be clueless or something

TLC stinks said...

There's a campaign to get Kate plus 8 on earlier. See...... I knew this would happen. If TLC keeps it at 10, she's done. If they move it earlier, they will spin it that she is so popular that her fans demanded an earlier time slot but I have to wonder if the 10 pm time slot was a temporary move anyway just to create some buzz and publicity. Don't be surprised if she's back on earlier (they did show a rerun at 7). Once again Twitter plays into their game with viewers.

BTW, the BM has changed the look of her site. I am convinced she does not run this site independently but gets support from TLC.

Bluenoser said...

TLC ran a show on gypsys the other night and are looking for American gypsys now so they can do their own show. TLC is TFC (The Freakshow Channel)

Unknown said...

As I recall, Jon was very upset by Kate being away 3 weeks out of 4 doing her book signings, speeches, etc. That left him with the kids and being abused as usual on tv, and worse yet, being humiliated because of the abuse. I remember workmen coming to the house and giving him a bad time, not taking his word for what was acceptable, and demanding to see the boss lady. Remember the solar panel installation? This was only one incident, among many.
No wonder he went nuts for a while. True, I was very disappointed with his behavior. He was outrageous for some time. He's also been quite good for just as long, as far as I can tell.
He has been banned from the grounds of the mansion. Remember when he was stuck at the gate? He can't even drive onto the hallowed grounds, let alone spend time with the kids for any occasions, special or not.

LisaNH said...

On the last episode of J&K+8 that aired, before she and Jon divorced, she and Jon both said that he wanted to stop filming and she wanted to continue and she again stated that their goals were different, so really that article from MSN doesn't really reveal anything we didn't already know.

NT said...

Why does Kate need Steve at this party in her own backyard??

LaLaLandNoMore said...

I didn't watch, and don't ever watch anything Kate. Can't stand her voice. Does anyone believe that she, and she alone, paid $4,500 for a fancy slide for the pool? I don't believe it for a minute. Sounds like the production bunch did some homework like in the past for freebies. Remember the crooked houses, new kitchen, piano, appliances, etc. That's why the filming must continue. She's still raking in the money and gifts. Voting with my remote!

Bluenoser said...

I cannot think of any adjectives to appropriately describe Kate. Any I think of are too good to apply to "It". By comparison "It" makes Satan look like a slow learner in the evilness department.

Vanessa said...

"cobwebs in her coochy abyss"!!!
OMG! now THAT was a funny!
Alcohol makes people do some strange things...she was so gross, all sweaty and glassy eyed...who the hell wants to see that??
I'm waiting for a real b!tch-slap fight like on the Real Housewives, THIS is what the show has become! Jamie will say/do something and there will be a confrontation and...SLAP, PULL OUT THE HAIR EXTENSIONS AND "DO NOT BREAK UP MY FAMILY!!!" Kate is a total farce of a mother, just like those bimbos on allll the Real Housewives.

She is a Cow said...

This article is Klassic Kate Krap! OHHH worries me, we are struggling, we don't make near as much money as people report. We are just a family trying to get by. She is so full of it. Those who are struggling, do not go for weekly tanning, mani/pedis, and thousand dollar hair cuts. Those who are struggling do not need 100's of pairs of shoes or designer clothing. Struggling....she is insulting! Who believes any of this crap.

This part of the article particularly stuck out to me:

Kate says:

Since I joined Twitter, I didn't know there were people that were such diehard fans. They keep on saying, "Don't go away. How will we see what you guys are doing?" It makes me feel a responsibility to them. They've watched my kids grow up since they were 1.

Kate, do you realize this is not normal. You should not feel a responsibility to a bunch of strangers who have been oogling your kids private, personal moments since they were 1!!! If YOU were NORMAL, you would realize this is NOT NORMAL!

I have noticed, she keeps inferring the show is coming to an end. I think she is on notice. TLC is appeasing her by filming at home until the contract runs out, then she is finished. (JMO) She even said in the article that most of the new show ideas have been hers. TLC is not even putting effort into show ideas. Very telling.

Still have to laugh that instead of jet setting around the globe with security this summer, she is sitting in her basement answering questions from lonely tweens. She is such a stupid fool.

Mimi to 3 said...

And now her Twitter is being used to revise history. First, there was the 'setting the record straight' that she did not demand matching cribs. Yawn, old news with proof she is lying. Now she is twitting that Carla and she are best friends and see each other daily. Uh, Kate, she is a PAID employee and has been since the beginning - per your own words stupid. Ashley, her good friend, is also a PAID employee. There is a BIG difference between paid employee and friend. Of course they are staying on Kate's good side, they have a gravy train and don't want to upset Kate so they will stroke her ego whenever necessary. Disgusting.

disgusted in pa said...

I've always thought that the divorce was more over Jon not wanting to film anymore. I didn't believe for one minute that if Jon had said, "fine, we'll continue"--and pretend to be one big "happy" family that Kate wouldn't have kept up the charade for the sake of the show/brand.
That, IMO, is why she wanted the counselor to "fix" Jon and they went to see Dr. Phil. When that didn't work, I surmise that Kate had her so-called revelation that a divorce was the answer. Then, Jon went a little crazy--I think he was hurt and was trying to "get back" at Kate and wound up shooting himself in the foot.

A tiny bit in defense of Jon said...

What Jon did with the "I despise Kate" speech was a typical reaction when first starting therapy. I very nearly got myself fired from a wonderful job with the hurt and anger I was allowing out. The therapist needs the patient to get to that point so the healing can start and unfortunately it doesn't usually happen in a vaccuum. As long as you stay deluded and don't appreciate how bad things were you cannot go forward. But right after seeing how very bad it was, you start to again see the positive part of the relationship and what good you got out of it. Jon's interview with Cuomo was just at the wrong time in Jon's therapy. He was in the aha stage and made another very common mistake patients in early therapy make: thinking anyone else in the world is interested in the huge revelations you are having. No one cares. Everyone else finds it boring that you are Only Just Now seeing what they saw a long time ago.

So Jon has taken a lot of heat for just being honest way back then. I am very sure he progressed from that stage almost immediately after having such an ill-timed interview. He can't take anything back and it is unfortunate he said what he did but I understand. I was there, too.

sharon said...

I think Kate knows the gig is up, and that is why she's crying poor and kicking Jon at every turn. Did she just realize that when TLC goes away she might have to actually WORK for a living? The house, pool, private school and world traveling may come to an abrupt end very soon. Didn't she sit down and figure out how much money it takes to keep up her lifestyle? That house should have been paid for by now!

She needed 23 acres of 'mine all mine' so now it's time to pay the piper. She has been living in the fast lane for much too long and there's a big pile-up straight ahead and she's has been too distracted to notice, until now.

Jon will be there for the kids, no doubt about it. The kids obviously adore him and no matter how much Kate bashes him, it will only backfire on her. I will NEVER forget the video of Jon at the gate with those crying, distraught kids. It was so apparent that they didn't want to go home! Some of those sorry-assed fans said it was a put up deal....What complete morons...There was no way in hell Jon could have set up a deal like that, unless the kids were trained actors, and they're not.

I think this last batch of episodes are TLC's contractual (sp) obligations to Kate. ''Twist of Kate'' probably had alot of clauses in it, like if K+8 doesn't bring in the ratings, the show won't happen. Otherwise, they could just come to a settlement with her and wash their hands. Nobody wants an albatross around their neck, and that is exactly what she is, to TLC, her family, and anybody who has the unfortunate reason to be in her life.

dee3 said...

I love that Kate twittered that she was going to "address" her 16,000 followers. Who is she? Napoleon addressing his troops? Caesar?

If Kate is saying that something related to filming was the cause for the divorce.....that means that Jon never cheated. Because if he had, she would be blaming the divorce on Jon cheating....and wouldn't be able to do it often enough...IF that had actually happened. I think it corroborates the "contract" she made Jon sign and that any dating Jon did was after Kate told them they were splitsville/separated.

As far as Kate's twitter goes....if I had to venture a guess it would be that TLC would love to duplicate the Real Housewives franchise on Bravo.....and the housewives do all sorts of blogging and twittering with their followers. So having Kate do it was their attempt to have her mimic this. They figured since she's the most controversial....twittering would ramp up her viewership.....just like the most controversial of the Real Housewives do....and TLC hoped they could nab a little of the success Bravo is having.

Holding onto a grudge/anger is classic behavior for a narcissist. In 10 years, she'll still be throwing Jon under the bus.

dee3 said...

Kate Gosselin: "It's constantly being reformulated and changed, and honestly I'm just along for the ride at this point and you know I'm really game for anything. So it still remains to be seen what the focus and whole outcome of that will be".

Good grief, that's a bunch of double-speak if I ever heard it. She's better than a politician when it comes to parsing her responses.

The questions, Kate, are:

Is Twist of Kate ever going to be shown? And we know it could be difficult to donate to ALL disasters, but have you EVER donated $ to even ONE of them?

Permanent Name said...

Two questions:

1. Did all the fake guests at the party have to sign confidentiality agreements?

2. Did you see the Radaronline blurb? HAHAHA - just ONE single comment.

I am convinced that TLC gave her notice that she is done. And, ha ha ha, I believe they did it when she went to NY via teleconference instead of flying the princess out to LA first class.......

Suck it kart - you and purseboy are soon to be history. I am laughing and laughing.

I am looking forward to the recap and looking forward to seeing what loser shows she gets on as she flames out: is Jerry Springer still on? What about Celebrity Rehab for fame whore addiction? What about that Flavor Flave show....

Yep, it ain't gonna be pretty.

LifeinOH said...

So. I don't watch. Was it a bore?

mama mia said...

I read that pop culture interview with Kate. Poor thing says all their money (whose, hers, the kids?) has to go into funding Kate's career because the tv gig barely lets them keep their house. She also claimed responsibility for dreaming up these lousy episodes. Wasn't the first episode of the new "out of the box" series about Kate being surprised on her birthday? I can just hear her in a production meeting "like wouldn't it be cool to like film me and Jamie in New York? Wait, no, like make it all Jamie's idea, like surprise me, like let me do a bunch of takes being really surprised, you know with my eyes wide open and like huh, what is going on, I never expected this, and like have thus huge cake with like a male stripper jump out of it and like pretend Steve gets jealous... what, oh, his wife won't let him film that? Oh whatever, okay, so like lets just have me dress up and go dancing. Huh? the kids, oh right, well, I don't care, just make them do a craft and have a snack like always,anyway back to me....."

Donna said...

Well, I watched the show last night. Before you start beating me up, I was at my 95 years old grandmother's house, and it's HER TV so there you go. I haven't watched the show since the divorce, but I keep up with what's going on by reading this blog and others, so I was expecting the worst. Please understand that I absolutely despise Kate and the exploitation of her children. Having said that, here's my take on last night's shows:
Everything is still all about Kate. Me, me, me and I, I, I. I heard the words "frazzled, stressed and exhausted" dozens of times. If it was that difficult for her, she should have just hired a party planner. Kate's behavior on both shows was better than it's been for quite a while. Whether her behavior was genuine or just edited to look that way is anybody's guess, but she didn't have any major blow-ups or breakdowns. I worked at an elementary school for 10 years and I know how easy it is to get stressed out having that many kids around, so I'm hoping that she did behave herself. I was VERY glad that she allowed the kids to invite their friends to the party. I'm also glad that she spent some of the KID'S money on a slide for the pool. I'm glad the weather was nice enough for them to enjoy the pool party. I hope that Kate allows the twins to have a similar party on their birthday and invite their friends for a slumber party or something. I think it was sad that Kate and Jon's relationship is so broken that he couldn't also come to the party. That's just so sad for the kids. Overall, I think the birthday party episode was not too bad. At least the children were able to enjoy themselves by doing something that THEY wanted to do.
I thought the Easter episode was pretty boring. 700 eggs? Overkill.
TLC made a wise decision by having Kate narrate and showed very little couch time. The children seemed to be a little more mature during couch time but they're still sitting in those high chairs. Kate, they're 7 years old for God's sake. What an idiot. I didn't see Kate show any affection towards any of the kids. She's a 'hands off' mother for sure. Mady is still sharp as a tack and continues to put Kate in her place. I can't wait until Mady's a teenager. I hope she gives Kate hell. I don't remember seeing Cara at all.
Remember Kate tweeting about the huge Easter baskets that she supposedly made for each child? I think that was total BS, because I only saw one present per child which is okay because it's not Christmas but once again Kate had to lie. I'm anxious to see the ratings for those 2 episodes. I'm sorry to say that my granny is not going to stop watching the show but I will never watch it on MY TV.
Sorry for being so long winded. I hope you weren't too bored while reading this!

Jenna Does said...

Great POST!
~Hippie Chick~

Anonymous said...

This is still a TV show. Why can't those kids use the high chairs, some are smaller, no big problem, what is the big deal?Makes it easier for each kid to be even with the others while eating. Better than a booster chair.

TLC paid for the party, paid for the scripting, they all went with it. Lots of people attended, and no one can take away the fact that all of those kids had fun, they ran, laughed and none of them sat around watching TV.

This is starting to really stink that everyone has terrible things to say about the kids. Everyone of them was having fun. Don't tell me none of you Moms ever lost your temper with your kids and yelled. My Mom screamed as I had 8 brothers, but that doesn't mean she didn't love everyone and we didn't have computers then.

When reality TV goes off the air these blogs will pick someone else' bones apart, should start with the housewives shows and their kids. Now there are some real problems, especially that bimbo from NJ with those daughters and her always drunk husband.

Yep, giving up TV for the rest of my life and blogs.

Too brutal now, you are Moms and women, right?

Mean, really too mean.

And everyone lets Jon off the hook is what gets me, he got away from all the kids, he said he likes being single. He wanted to be single. He got in over his head and he got out. Now let him try to convince those 8 kids someday that he loves them cause kids never understand why Daddy leaves, no way. You can forgive Jon but those kids will always have questions more than why they were potted trained while he was at home and he allowed it too, he could have stopped it.

Jenna Does said...

summer said...
Okay I keep hearin career & job with Kate some can someone please tell what exactly thoes to things are and. How she has them just being on TV.???

I must be clueless or something

That is why when I put Kate & career in the same sentence I always put (HA!) or (Yeah right!) or (Who is she kidding?) or (HUH?) or (Is she serious?). You get my point. She has NO career without those kids. She MAY have if she didn't burn every single bridge that she crossed & ruined every single professional relationship that she ever had, but she did with her big fat mouth & her egotistical, ME ME ME attitude. She thought & still thinks the world revolves around her, even though she is on a reality show & did NOT earn the right to have a Hollywood career as so many do, such as the Kate Winslet's, the Cameron Diaz's, the Drew Barrymore's, the Hugh Jackman's & so on.

All Kate did was have babies & nothing more. Her time should have been up long ago. It IS ending, don't get me wrong. This, I am sure, will be her last season, & that will be that. People are sick & tired of the lies, & frankly the Gosselin's in general.
~Hippie Chick~ ~ Administrator said...

The video of Jon dropping the kids off at Kate's is all I need to know about the kids' love for him. Even Kate admits they adore him so not sure how you conclude he will have to "convince" the kids he loves them.

HollyMo said...

Please - don't feed the troll! Let anonymous go on her merry way...

Sport said...

I feel sorry for you Anonymous, as you have bought into the Brand and lies and believe that Jon 'got away' from his kids, when in reality The Shrew took them in order to keep her medically altered puss in front of the camera.

It's constantly bewildering to me how anyone can watch this crap and honestly buy into it, and to even suggest that kHate is some sort of great, loving mother. I guess it just shows how LOW some folks standards are and what a lousy childhood some of you must have had, because this isn't loving, natural or motherly in any way at all.

Tweet-le De Tweet-le DUMB said...

Anonymous, I don't believe for one second Jon could have stopped Kate from doing anything she wanted to do.

I struggle to understand how some people watch(ed) her show wearing blinders whenever Kate became demanding. Did you not see how Kate wet nuclear when Jon tried to play with the kids instead of cleaning the garage for example; bike riding, roller skating whatever it was, there was Kate screaming at him in the driveway. Why wouldn't Jon say he enjoys being single? He never experienced a loving relationship thanks to controlling Kate.

She is a Cow said...

Permanent Name said...

What about that Flavor Flave show....

LOL FLAVA FLAV......Can you imagine LOLOLOLOL

She said she is "up for anything, at this point"

Midnight Madness said...

Why can't those kids use the high chairs, some are smaller, no big problem, what is the big deal?


The big deal is that the kids are seven years old. Most children give up the high chair before they are three. They are already FOUR YEARS past that age. What are they going to do when they eat in the cafeteria next year in school? Take the high chairs with them so they can be "even?"

"Lots of people attended, and no one can take away the fact that all of those kids had fun, they ran, laughed and none of them sat around watching TV."


Why would they watch television? It was a birthday party! This makes no sense. Birthday parties = fun!

"Don't tell me none of you Moms ever lost your temper with your kids and yelled."


I will tell you exactly that. I have never screamed at my children. Children learn what they live. Kids who are yelled at grow up to be yelling parents.

"My Mom screamed as I had 8 brothers, but that doesn't mean she didn't love everyone and we didn't have computers then."


What does a screaming mom and eight brothers have to do with not having a computer? There's a disconnect there...

"You can forgive Jon but those kids will always have questions more than why they were potted trained while he was at home and he allowed it too, he could have stopped it."


Kate got potted in the bar in NYC - didn't realize the kids did, too. ~ Administrator said...

It's wonderful they had a lovely birthday. But explain why we had to be privy to it? Is it your position a 7th bday party should be filmed for millions?

Aeris said...

LaLaLandNoMore said... I didn't watch, and don't ever watch anything Kate. Can't stand her voice. Does anyone believe that she, and she alone, paid $4,500 for a fancy slide for the pool? I don't believe it for a minute. Sounds like the production bunch did some homework like in the past for freebies. Remember the crooked houses, new kitchen, piano, appliances, etc. That's why the filming must continue. She's still raking in the money and gifts. Voting with my remote!

I don't believe it, either, LaLa. Didn't watch, so I don't know if the company that makes the slides was mentioned. If not, I'd bet TLC paid for the slide, maybe it was their gift to the G8 for their years of hard work. Forty-five hundred dollars is a drop in the pan for TLC compared to the tens of thousands of dollars spent on the Aussie/NZ trip, and was probably half the cost for another BHI trip. I don't see Khate spending so much money on something she would deem silly, especially since she's struggling and all. Enjoy the slide kids, this may have been your summer gift from TLC.

Still no sympathies for Khate's struggles. She's a dim bulb and a few bricks shy. She had no business buying that house without a stable income or professional career to sustain it. Until she downgrades that frivolous lifestyle of hers, she has no right AT ALL to say she's struggling. What a slap in the face to the families that have lost jobs and homes. Love how she admitted all the family's current income goes right back to HER, so she can continue to work. She basically admitted she spends all that money on herself.

Also, good luck to her getting back into nursing with her diploma, or whatever it is. Not being sarcastic here. Five years have passed and many nurses I work with already have or are currently working on four-year BN degrees. Some of these women are in their 40's and 50's going back to school because they want to keep their jobs. Khate has a LOT to work on to keep that nursing gig up and running.

Vanessa said...

She IS as bad as that chick on RHWONJ...both think they are doing such a wonderful job as mothers and it couldn't be farther from the truth!!
Yelling? With Kate it's ALL THE TIME, and it's mostly the WORDS, TONE, and LOOKS she uses that are offensive, downright ABUSIVE!!
And Jon did not LEAVE!!! SHE kicked him to the curb, on his a$$! SHE won't allow him onto the conpound, SHE makes him wait at the gate for the help to come get the kids!! And I agree with whoever posted about Jon having an affair...THERE WAS NO AFFAIR because SHE'D BE BELLOWING IT FROM THE MOUNTAIN TOPS!! She has NEVER said he cheated on her, NOT ONCE..."he's changed, he's not the same Jon...blah blah" but NEVER HAS SHE SAID HE COMMITTED ADULTERY!!!

SG said...

I'm not one to defend Kate because I don't normally defend a child exploiter, especially when it is their own mother, but I think the tweet she wrote about someone else loving her children may have been misunderstood.

I think she meant she hopes to one day have someone that loves her children beside her... as in "next to" her. She didn't type "besides me," she typed "beside me."

I could be wrong, but I don't think so. I think she meant have someone beside her. Especially since she is always bragging about how everyone loves her children.

Read it now:
Kateplusmy8 Kate Gosselin
@JanetBranco Yes, no1 2 sharemy prides&joys with,I no..Is sad.Not supposed 2b this way.hope2 at least find some1 who lovesthem besideme1day

Vanessa said...

Did she "honestly" say that THEIR income goes directly BACK TO HER TO SUPPORT HER CAREER???
What she needs is some sound financial advice from a professional. WHAT CAREER??? BEING REALITY "STAH" IS NOT A CAREER!!! Get it through your thick skull!! She should have treated this "lucky break" like winning the lottery, in so many ways, she has. BUT she'll end up like those poor schmucks who pi$$ it all away because they have no real common sense.

SG said...

Also, I didn't finish reading all the comments here so I apologize if someone else already made the clarification of "beside me."

PJ's momma said...

SG, I don't see your clarification but I think my thoughts are the same. I think Kate, even in her twittering stupidity, meant to say that she hoped to have someone who loves her kids BESIDE her, not that nobody besides her loves them. God, I hate that I'm defending that witch.

Ellie said...

I really really want Kate to be on Big Brother this summer. Just think her kids wouldn't have to be on TV and she would'nt have to hang around fake loving them.

But the best part we could watch her self destruct and watch more clever narcissists eat her alive. I would seriously make popcorn for that.

Tamara said...

Wow is it sad to look back on the tups last two filmed birthdays and realize that nothing has changed as we so hoped it would. If anything, these kids are even worse off. Did anyone think when we were watching their 5th bday party, with all the drama and divorce, that 2 years later the kids would STILL be filmed? That two of them would have to be expelled from school?

Just Dwindle Away said...

Anonymous said... This is still a TV show.

Sigh. No, it's not. It is electronic surveillance of 8 real children, without their informed consent.

They just dont get it, do they? They really think this is all just for their entertainment.

The mental disconnect with reality continues to confound me, and *I'm* a social worker. I should be tougher.

And no 7 year old belongs in a high chair.

Hippie Chick said...

Donna said...
I was VERY glad that she allowed the kids to invite their friends to the party.

Don't you mean "paid extras"?

LancNative said...

Regarding the "beside me" lingo. In this area, we often say, for example, "I wish someone beside me would like to go hiking." It's incorrect English, I know, but we, who were raised in the PA Dutch Country don't always follow the rules of proper grammar. Omitting the "s" on "beside" is not all that uncommon. In fact, I sometimes catch myself doing it.

I can hear Kate saying that she wishes there were someone beside her who loves them, meaning, "in addition to."

Just my two cents, for what it's worth.

TLC ship is sinking said...

Permanent Name said...

1. Did all the fake guests at the party have to sign confidentiality agreements?

Imagine receiving an invitation to your friend's birthday pool party, with a disclaimer: "If attending, please have parent sign a confidentiality agreement and the video release form. All paperwork must be signed and handed to production crew prior to entering party."

Donna said...I thought the Easter episode was pretty boring. 700 eggs? Overkill.


One Easter, my mom threw a party at the local park. I remember helping her stuff at least a hundred or so Easter eggs because most of my cousins would be there. However, I'll never forget this moment: Instead of having the Easter egg hunt be JUST for our family and friends, my mom invited other kids who happened to be at the park to come join the Easter egg hunt. That was my mom. Always reaching out to others.

Yeah, I had less eggs in my Easter basket. But I made new friends that day and enjoyed hanging out with them in the park. Candy or new friendships? Tough call!

With all those eggs, Kate could have thrown a egg hunt party for unfortunate or struggling families with children in her community. That would be giving back! Oh yeah, I forgot. Kate only thinks about herself, not others. That thought wouldn't have crossed her mind. Not one second.

She is a Cow said...

If Kate is in need of some quick cash to get her through these "tough times" she is experiencing, maybe she should go on WIPEOUT!

Now that is something I would watch. Kate getting punched, thrown, battered and bounced, all over that obstacle course, while those two guys make all their sarcastic comments. It would be great, because we all know, Kate never gives up and never lets anything beat her, so it may be quite entertaining! Can't you just see CAN DO KATE, standing there at the start like superman. Hands on hips, chest out with a cheesy grin, in a leotard with cape flying in the background. Hey, thats $50,000 for a days work. They are coming out with a summer edition. Maybe it is not too late Kate.

boo said...

SG, thanks for catching that. I think (and hope) you are right. As much as I can't stand this self-absorbed twit, I am willing to give her the benefit of the doubt on this one.

Kartie Poorest (formely Dearest, Tweetest) said...

Does anyone know when the ratings for last night show will be out? I think this will be the most telling. She had 1.2 million viewers last week and if it takes another nose dive then start working on your resume, Kartie.

Also, why did they call this last week's show a season premiere AGAIN, when she had shows last month?

Just Dwindle Away said...

Posted by Paul Petersen about 3:35 Pm EDST:

Okay, I need your help, FB Friends. Letters of support are needed in Pennsylvania, where Rep Tom Murt overcame the first hurdle in putting common-sense child labor laws into place in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.

Paul Petersen

Tucker's Mom said...

PJ's momma and SG, I agree that Kate meant that she wants someone who will love the kids beside her, not besides her. As in, to share that love together since she and Jon no longer do that side by side.
Here's the rub. Jon, Kate and the 8 are still a family. Kate apparently refuses to embrace this, to the detriment of the kids. And that's a shame. They will always be a family. Always.
The sooner this message gets through, the sooner J&K put aside their animus and hurt, the sooner they will give their children a great gift- that of seeing their parents as a unit, even thought they are no longer married.
It's sad, very sad, that after 2 years they can not be social for the sake of the kids.
I truly believe that for Kate, it's a matter of pride. The kind of pride that is a sin. It's part of being human, and we all struggle with it. I know I have. But at some point, you have got to act in the interest of the greater good, and put your own self-interests second, third or fourth for the betterment of others.

Anonymous said...

Did I read this right? Kate had SEVEN HUNDRED Easter eggs for the kids? That's more than 7 dozen eggs per kid! That's 350 (figuring 2 eggs per person) hungry and homeless people fed. What a waste. Giving back, my Aunt Fannie!

Oh - Gimme Gimme - you asked about Tori. I guess you mean Tori Spelling? Paps were chasing her yesterday while she was taking her kids to school and she crashed her car into the school. She and kids weren't hurt, thankfully. After the accident, the paps were STILL trying to take pix of her and kids. Other mothers from the school chased them off.

readerlady - who STILL can't post using my ID

Laurie said...

If Shoka were really the most spoiled dog on the planet he would not be chained outside he'd be running around with the kids and living inside. I didn't watch but was he anywhere to be seen with the B'Day party and Easter egg hunt? My dog is always in the center of every activity. Yes, even when we've got peole over he's always there.

Maybe her new show can be "Real Moms of Multiples" and TLC can find others willing to sell out their kids for their 15 minutes of fame. Maybe we should trademark the name so TLC doesn't steal it!

sharon said...

To SG said...

Don't think for a moment Kate did not calculate what she said. She is underminding and cruel and has proven it hundreds of times....She does not deserve the benefit of the doubt anymore!!

I too, took up for Kate when someone said that she complained about waiting in line at the carwash. It didn't appear that way to me and I said so.

Whether she meant beside or besides, she is STILL bashing Jon for not being there, even though it was SHE who ended the marriage. She got exactly what she wanted....The kids, the house, the money, the show and STEVE, and She's still not happy.... Enough is never enough for Kate.

Don't be confused with Kate-speak. She knows exactly what she is saying, and I bet she laughs when people say she is speaking out of both sides of her mouth. Somebody must have had her in mind with the old forked tongue reference in the Bible...She loves double meanings.

OK, I'm

Thanks S.G. said...

Schmecky, Thank you for that clarification. I didn't even for a nanosecond read it as along side me. I never want to blame her for things she didn't do--not really any need as what she does intentionally do is bad enough. I appreciate you keeping things fair.

She is a Cow said...

Kate tweets:
Hi all! Busy busy here as I just confirmed that I am able to attend the Second Harvest of NE Tenn screening of K+8 and food drive@.... Cont

The Appalachian Fairgrounds Main Stage in NE Tenn!! Yay! I can't wait! I was hell bent to attend&its happening! Anything I can do to help!
Yes, Kate. We believe you. Anything you can do to help, as long as they fly you there and you get put up in a nice hotel with police escorted limos back and forth.

Why not "help" in Pennsylvania, if you really mean it.

SG said...

I just wanted to clarify my comments. I don’t consider it to be giving Kate the benefit of the doubt. I just see it as trying to decipher her tweeting and that's how I read it. I could be wrong. I don't think I am.

If I am wrong and Kate was implying that no one aside from her loves those children (and she is hoping to find someone else besides her that loves them) then yes that is disgusting and I would not be surprised. I just did not read it that way.

Kate has been bashing Jon, both outright and passively in the past. I think she has bashed him in every interview she has done the past few weeks as well as in her tweets.

I credit Jon for showing restraint and not lashing out.

She can't NOT talk about him. I personally think Kate was right when she said that one spouse in the divorce doesn't get over the other spouse. She was implying that it was Jon but I think it's obvious that it is Kate. She is upset he has moved on and is happy with someone else. I also think the children really like Ellen and she hates that. She hates that she has no control over the fact that they interact with Ellen when they are with Jon.

Kate can't stop talking about wanting to be with someone else and I personally don't think Kate would care at all if the person she falls for does not really love her children or that her children love him. If Kate wants him that is all that will matter. I also don't believe any man will fall for Kate, at least not once he gets to really know her. He would have to be someone that Kate cannot push around, however, I think Kate can't be with someone that she can't control.

LancasterCountyMom said...

No matter which way she meant it, besides her or beside her - it is still a cut to Jon - the children ALREADY have a loving father who would love to spend more time with them.

SG said...

I think that Kate has tweeted and made some horrible comments about Jon. My interpreting one of her tweets in a way that doesn't make her look like she is bashing Jon does not negate the fact that she is hateful towards him. (And like I said, I could be wrong.)

I think that the comment Kate made about the kids wanting "a (nother) dad" was DISGUSTING and VILE and WRONG. The parenthesis made it ten times worse. I have no qualms calling out Kate for tweeting that and I did on twitter.

Her fans ignore such comments and I think they see them and think they are wrong but they are so invested in defending her that they let her horrible and rude comments go by without comment.

Canadian Girl said...

Just because Kate is telling the twitter folks it didn,t happen about her wanting to have the same crib/linens,color style etc that she is telling the truth,I love how they say she is clearing up rumors,how do they know that? because Kate says its so? how ridiculous is that!

We Talk Funny Here said...

I had to laugh when I read the comments by Lanc native. She's right, and I never really thought about the difference between beside and besides. I grew up in a little town in Lancaster County, not far from Kate's childhood home. I don't even think the town is on the map! We do indeed use beside and besides interchangeably. We say, "Doesn't anyone here beside me like baked pig stomach?" Of course it's not right, but there are many things we say here that would make someone not from the area just shake their heads!

So, not knowing this, I would give Katie Kreider a pass on this one, but knowing the way we use "beside," I think she meant it exactly the way it was originally interpreted.

Tamara said...

Does it seem obvious to anyone else that the producers chose to have the birthday party at home and with other kids to respond to the comments that the kids are isolated and that Kate never let's anyone inside the gates in case they report back on what is really happening there, or take photos to sell.

I guess this means the tups won't have a pointless third birthday party just to film. At least this year Mady and Cara are spared that injustice.

JM said...

Re Kate tweets:
Hi all! Busy busy here as I just confirmed that I am able to attend the Second Harvest of NE Tenn screening of K+8 and food drive@.... Cont

The Appalachian Fairgrounds Main Stage in NE Tenn!! Yay! I can't wait! I was hell bent to attend&its happening! Anything I can do to help!

Geez, not again ! Hasn't our area suffered enough without her returning! Just glad I won't be in the area this time. And I'm sure she is just gonna LOVE the fairgrounds!

Kat said...

are the rating numbers in yet

Beth said...

The Appalachian Fairgrounds Main Stage in NE Tenn!! Yay! I can't wait! I was hell bent to attend&its happening! Anything I can do to help! about an hour ago

Hi all! Busy busy here as I just confirmed that I am able to attend the Second Harvest of NE Tenn screening of K+8 and food drive@.... Cont about an hour ago

According to the article and Kate's tweets above, it appears that Kate is coming back to my area. Keep in mind that the Appalachian Fairgrounds is a tiny, tiny little place which is smack dab in the middle of nowhere. I haven't heard any advertising whatsoever about the event. I discovered it from Kate's tweets. The audience seating is right on top of the stage so I'm sure old Stevie will be there.

Methinks I will have to go and I will purchase some eggs along the way. :D

MaryAnne said...

You see we just don't understand. All those freebies, well she has to pay those nasty taxes on those things dontcha know - they send her icky 1099's and everything! And that awful IRS won't let her deduct her boob job or clothes, tanning, mani/pedis, really good bra, expensive face cream, NONE of it even though she MUST do all of it as part of her's all soooo expensive but she MUST do it, she MUST! You all just don't understand! And now, on top of it all she might have to pay for therapy she never even received, I mean REALLY??? SERIOUSLY??? It is so unbelievably unfair!

OK. Snark off. I have no clue how her contract is written. Her gross might be $250K per epi but her net may be different. I could care less. If she is "struggling to survive" then she needs a new financial manager (or stop doing it herself. period. She is living way beyond her means. I actually agree with her, her kids DO deserve everything on a silver (well golden in her words) platter - ALL children in the entire world deserve such - but it ain't the way of this world, never has been, never will be. I truly hope she is not squandering the opportunity given her now ($$$) which probably will NOT last forever (fame in the entertainment industry is fleeting at best) and is managing for the future. Not that she cares what I think, but I have my doubts. She LOADS of training and education before she can even come close to hosting a talk show or voice an animated film.

For goodness sake, she cannot grasp the concept that she contracted a professional for services and is responsible for payment even if she ultimately refused said services. Professional made herself available at the exclusion of other clients to her. Why should she be stiffed? Wonder if she thinks she shouldn't have to pay her attorney because they lost that case...snark

Beth said...

JM, where do you reside? I am in Bristol.

Won't she be surprised at little old Gray? Lol

Donna said...

I do think that Kate actually bought the slide (with the kid's money, I know), because I don't remember seeing anything that showed where the slide was bought or any advertisement at all. I was up and down during the show and could have missed it, so I'm not 100% sure. But no matter who bought it, the kids will enjoy it so that's a plus.
I don't think the kids at the party were paid extras at all. I'm pretty sure that it was Alexis that said that they got to invite their school friends to their party.
The 700 eggs were not real eggs. They were the plastic kind stuffed with candy, trinkets and such. It was still way too many eggs for that number of kids. If she's so 'giving' she should have taken about 500 of those eggs to the underprivileged children in the community so that THEY could have had a fun Easter too.
Let me just add one other thing here, something that has always baffled me and that I totally don't understand. Back when the kids were babies and toddlers Kate did show them some affection. She hugged, held and kissed them on a fairly regular basis. She also stopped at nothing to show them a good time. Remember the birthday party when they were 3 (I think) in their yard with the circus theme, the pony and whatnot? They were so young that they probably don't even remember that party but she really worked getting that party together. Okay, here's the part that gets that the kids are older and WILL remember things, she is no longer affectionate AT ALL, she couldn't give a rat's ass whether they are enjoying things or not (Sarah Palin camping trip, for example) and she spends only a few days on a couple of parties. I don't understand. Does she only love kids under the age of 3 or 4? Has she just become so egotistical that she only loves herself now and to hell with the kids or what? Can someone explain this to me please, because it just really gripes my ass.

Beth said...

Our area has recently been damaged by tornadoes, with many deaths. I am sure that there are more important things for the community to help with than to go and see an egotistical narcissist. Go to Glade Springs and help them rebuild their community. If you want to help the food bank, donate some food but please don't give this woman more credit than she deserves. She deserves nothing.

mama mia said...

What Kate means is she was hell bent on getting TLC to pay her to go to TN,and they finally agreed, so she is going. That is the extent of Kate's charitable contributions. And I hope the good people of TN ignore her and have her and Steve stare back at an empty parking lot.

Kit said...

"Hi all! Busy busy here as I just confirmed that I am able to attend the Second Harvest of NE Tenn screening of K+8 and food drive@
I think the most quintessentially-Kate part of her tweet is that she mentions first the 'SCREENING OF K+8'..... How much do you wanna bet that that is a BIG reason that she is going at all? Come on, think about it: she will be the center of attention watching her own show with a bunch of other people there watching it, too. A narcissist's dream trip, for sure.

Actual issues said...

Anonymous (@1251) said... Did I read this right? Kate had SEVEN HUNDRED Easter eggs for the kids? That's more than 7 dozen eggs per kid! That's 350 (figuring 2 eggs per person) hungry and homeless people fed. What a waste. Giving back, my Aunt Fannie!


Good grief! They are NOT actual eggs! They are the plastic eggs that you can fill with candy or small toys of some sort! Unless you want to feed 350 hungry and homeless people 2 plastic eggs each, your arguement is ridiculous! Please get a grip! Kate does enough deplorable things on her own! There is a valid arguement to be made about all the plastic eggs that will now be sitting in landfills. That thought makes me very sad for our planet :( There is no reason why one family should be celebrating one holiday with 700 eggs, but please do not focus your outrage on the "feeding the hungry" aspect!

(I am NOT a sheeple... I literally can't believe how much I hate this woman that I have never even met!)

HollyMo said...

Actual issues,
I can understand being confused as to whether they were real or plastic eggs, esp. since the promos talked about decorating I don't think it is ridiculous to think about waste and hungry children.
And any excess is deplorable and inexcusable, considering that Khate is currently tweeting about food banks! That woman is a waste of air.

maddy said...

Ratings K+8 1.434

Anonymous said...

I didn't watch the show, so I had no way of knowing that the 700 eggs were plastic, not real, edible eggs, Actual Issues. The reports I saw just mentioned 700 eggs, not that they were of the non-edible variety (it was mentioned here, but that was after I made my original post). Kate's wasted food before (egg throwing in Wyoming with the boys, allowing the kids to paint themselves with pudding, etc.), so it was a reasonable assumption. 700 plastic eggs is still pretty outrageous for 8 kids.


Quit Watching! said...

TLC Kate Plus 8 10:00 PM 1.434 0.6

A Pink Straight Jacket For Kate said...

Beth said... Our area has recently been damaged by tornadoes, with many deaths. I am sure that there are more important things for the community to help with than to go and see an egotistical narcissist. Go to Glade Springs and help them rebuild their community. If you want to help the food bank, donate some food but please don't give this woman more credit than she deserves. She deserves nothing.


Beth, I'm so sorry that people in your area lost their lives & property due to tornadoes.

May God watch and protect you and your entire community.


May God watch over all of you.

Cammie said...

I just saw the ratings at Zap2it
It just said Kate Plus 8 10pm it did not break up the episodes

1.434 million
.6 million 18-49

Pawn Stars got over 7 million in comparison but still sad to see the ratings so high.

Quit Watching! said...

2nd episode dropped

Bill Gorman
Posted June 14, 2011 at 4:17 PM

“Regarding Kate Plus 8-there were 2 1/2 hour episodes. Shouldn’t they have separate ratings?

Assumed the second was a repeat and left it off the list. It had a 0.5 rating and 1.297 million viewers.

Mimi to 3 said...

Ratings are in. Numbers up to 1.4 million. Disgusting.

fidosmommy said...

Kate Plus 8 10:00 PM

1.434 million viewers

Do we have all the information? said...

Ratings up? Yes, the horn dogs tuned in for another upskirt moment. They brought along their college buds. The ratings are up for the 10:00 showing. But what about the 10:30 one? If the horn dogs got disgusted the numbers should have tanked. What are the numbers for 10:30?? (Unless they didn't leave and can just use their imaginations now. Hell what do I know. I am flabbergasted)

Laurie said...

Not even close to being on topic but I read and post here regularly. We're about 15 miles (straight line) from the current AZ Monument fire. Please send up some prayers for all those who are being evacuated. I'm OK but there are many who are not. We are looking at the mountains burning from our backyard. I wonder if Kate is still praying for rain for AZ..... Thanks.

Laurie said...

The Appalachian Fairgrounds Main Stage in NE Tenn!! Yay! I can't wait! I was hell bent to attend&its happening! Anything I can do to help! about 3 hours ago
Hi all! Busy busy here as I just confirmed that I am able to attend the Second Harvest of NE Tenn screening of K+8 and food drive@....
I'm wondering if TLC told her she's going and that they're going to film it for an episode. Some have posted about how small the fair grounds are. I wonder if Kate knows that or if she thinks that it's some huge, huge event. And who is watching her show? I can't believe that she's got over a million viewers!

******************************************** ~ Administrator said...

I have to say I really don't get the ratings this time. A spike on ratings for just another birthday party??

Quit Watching! said...

Administrator said...

I have to say I really don't get the ratings this time. A spike on ratings for just another birthday party??

Seems suspect, doesn't it? Actually Easter show was on 1st, wasn't it? Why would 1.434 people want to watch a month and a half past holiday? Least the ratings dropped for 2nd episode (birthday). ~ Administrator said...

I thought I was seeing a pattern to the ratings. Boring drag the kids hither and yon was getting lower ratings. This just debunked all that. Not sure what to think.

MaryAnne said...

The ratings are up because it is summer and the tweens/teens who couldn't stay up until 10 during school hours can now do so. Big deal. This debacle will play out eventually, just as LPBW, Table for 12 and all the overweight/obese shows TLC had in the beginning. Khate's venturing out will be quite different now. SHE prefers being on TV and not engaging her "fans". With this whole twitter business she's now pushed into engaging them even more so than the book signings. Want to bet that some of the teens will "follow" her like the old Deadheads and Phishheads (OK,OK so I did a few Phish mini tours, but I was the straightest/soberest one in the bunch!! What can I say, I like the music) as she tweets her travel plans? Khate'll freak, demand the police escorts (sorry Khate security is YOUR responsibility at your venues). Sadly, the showbiz career she says she wants? Actors and singers usually prefer the stage or touring BECAUSE they are closer to fans. Yet she would rather be insulated. Oh the contradictions. She cannot survive, let alone thrive in the biz long term. ~ Administrator said...

Actually the uptick does make sense considering there was no prime time to compete with. When you look at it that way, with no prime time competition, a few million more than usual isn't much to write home about.

Kartie Poorest (Formerly Tweetest, Dearest) said...

Admin, it wasn't a few million more, only around 200,000 or so more. I agree with you, with primetime in the off season, more people are switching to cable.

She's doing a lot of radio and media interviews. The show used to bring in 3-4 mill easy when Jon was on and now it's struggling week by week.

It's just a matter of time. ~ Administrator said...

Sorry not a few million, a few hundred thousand! Thank goodness.

So like I meant, a few hundred thousand more because there is absolutely no primetime to compete with isn't much to write home about.

She is a Cow said...

Kate Tweets:
@TrippenIn this trip I'm going on my own dime tho... :)

Oh Kate, and you say you don't read the blogs....Sure you are paying your own way, that is why you said you were Hell Bent to attend. Why would you say that if you are paying your own would just make your arrangements and go. DUH!

Also, I have to say, I find the ratings depressing. What Gives? Who watches this crap! ~ Administrator said...

Stop Watching, absolutely no one here claimed that, and I will NOT tolerate lectures to not watch that are that disrespectful. This goes to anyone who feels the need to rant here.

I understand there is some frustration about this given the recent uptick in ratings the past few weeks, but if you want to discuss whether people should watch, please be respectful.

I do not want to be a place with a million rules, but the brow-beating "do not watch" lectures here are starting to get a little old. Judging by the comments, very few are watching actually, and for those who choose to watch, no amount of lecturing is going to change their minds. ~ Administrator said...

LOL she's going on her own dime???? Correction, Kate's going on the kids' dime.

Haha, defensive much? Tacky much? Blog-reading much?

Gee Kate are you saying anything you've ever done before was on TLC's dime? Thought so.

Permanent Name said...

Oh, LOL! How the mighty have fallen!!! Someone here said the fairground is tiny?

From kart and purseboy's perspective, I bet she will be pretty disappointed and hopefully humilitated that the 'venue' won't be 'red carpet'.......

If it's any thing like our local fairground, it will be dusty and there will be porta-potties. Hey, we like it, it's OURS and we're proud of the fair events, we have great fun there.

But her hineyness, I bet not so much..... LOL

All I can think of is that time at a book signing when she hid in a closet crying because there were no people in her line. Purseboy had to talk tough to her to get her to come out and sit at the desk, alllll alone.....

She's not going to like this trip at all!

Soon she'll be cutting ribbons at the openings of oil change places and openings of new stores.

How much do gigs like that pay???? ROFLMAO

OH, and it bears repeating:

the two shows on Monday night has separate ratings. the second half hour show dropped - I guess folks got sick and went to bed after seeing the first one...... ~ Administrator said...

I was at the infamous book singing where Kate hid in a closet. So that's where she was when she wouldn't come out.

You know what I love the best about that book signing? I blogged live from the vent and told everyone no one was there. And the sheeple called me a LIAR.

Well, months later, the episode aired, and sure enough, not only did Kate admit no one was there, but she hid in a closet crying to Steve about it. (Inside Kate's World)

Yeah, I don't lie.

Permanent Name said...

Just saw the tweet about going on her own dime...

I will be VERY SURPRISED if she actually goes. When she finds out it isn't going to be red carpet and the 'venue' is small-ish, she's going to back out.

Sounds good on twitter, then 'oops, something came up'......

kart isn't good on follow-through. She's not a contract-honorer......

Kelly said...

I believe this trip will be on Kates dime. .10, 10 cents, 10 pennies, 1 clear dime. That's about all Kate will poney up for this trip and I'll bet you the only dime she will pay will be for the restroom stall at the fairgrounds ladies room.

Last night, Kate tweeted, I may be coming south, hint hint. Today, nearly after 15 hours of nothingness from her nothingness, she tweets she is going to Tennessee. Sounds to me like she was pleading with TLC to front the trip and she had to wait for the powers that be at TLC to find out if they were going to pay for it.

If you or I were going to plan a trip to any state in the country, we can get on Expedia or any other travel site, book a plane, a hotel and an itenerary at a moments notice. This again is another ploy by Kate to stay relevant and proof that she reads all the tweets and all the blogs to find out all the negative comments and try to change her image once again. Not buying it.

kidsRablessing said...

Oh my PLEASE tell me it's not true!! Kate is coming to NE Tenn again......I live 5 minutes from the Appalachian Fairgrouds in Gray! I was just there around Easter for an Easter Egg hunt! Let me tell you, it is not a place for a diva like her! My neighbor today had mentioned something about that Kate plus 8 lady coming to town for a fundraiser for a food pantry,and I told her she was here already.....she said she saw the ad in a family type newspaper magazine thing today. My goodness she must have been talking about this visit. I wish she would stay away, she is not liked much around here!

Tweet-le De Tweet-le DUMB said...

Admin, it wasn't a few million more, only around 200,000 or so more.

Kate's lowest ratings were May 2 at 0.681. Last night's were 1.434. That is an increase of over 700,000.

If the uptick is due to summer and no good prime time shows on, I'll check back with y'all in the fall and see whazzz up.

Nobody Likes a Narcissist said...

Uugh, I'm disappointed about the ratings staying over a million. I was hoping that that bottom of .681 million with the last Australia/NZ episode would stick around.

Looking at the ratings for K+8 from the beginning (June 2010), it seems like this show is now settling at a level somewhere between 1 and 1.4 million. Hey, let's not forget that it debuted last June at 3.376! Hopefully, TLC is just finishing up a contract that they entered into with Khate based on the expectation of at least 2 million if not 3 million. Now that it's a third of that, I'm just hoping this is the LAST year.

For perspective, here’s the FULL RECAP of K+8:

2010 Ratings:
June 6, 2010: 3.376 million Episode One / 2.996 million Ep. Two
July 11th: 2.229 million
August 31: 1.613 million
Sept. 6: 1.389 million
Sept.13: 1.415 million
Sept. 20: 1.605 million
Nov. 7: 1.331 million
Nov. 28: 1.302 million

2011 Ratings:
April 4, 2011: 1.306 million
April 11th: 1.214 million
April 18: 0.874 million
May 2: 0.681 million
June 6: 1.214 million
June 14: 1.434 million Episode One / 1.297 million Ep. Two

kidsRablessing said...

I am with you on the Kate coming here for a screening after all the tornado damage around here. Is she coming to help rebuild or to promote herself?? Here in Gray we had some damage, but not as much as other areas. I was in Florida when the storms came through, but my friends said it was horrible. The worst storm they had seen in years. We weren't sure what to expect when we got back from Florida, but thank God everything was ok in our home. Some were not so lucky. Many churches around here have been doing drives and many around here are helping others get back on their feet. She is disgusting to come promote herself here, when she has done nothing special!!

No Mystery said...

Donna said

Does she only love kids under the age of 3 or 4?


Narcissists only "love" those they can manipulate and control. They often do fine with babies and very young children until the children begin to express individual personalities and begin to challenge the narcissist. This is just another example of the very typical, narcissistic, behavior K8 exhibits.

Batterednotbroken said...

Laurie said... Not even close to being on topic but I read and post here regularly. We're about 15 miles (straight line) from the current AZ Monument fire. Please send up some prayers for all those who are being evacuated. I'm OK but there are many who are not. We are looking at the mountains burning from our backyard. I wonder if Kate is still praying for rain for AZ..... Thanks.
It's Awful Laurie. Stay safe. Its frightening to watch even on TV. Prayers abound coming to AZ. oxoxox ~ Administrator said...

That's just like my narcissist. People raved about her as a mother when she had babies. From what I'm told, for every child she's ever had (she's had far more than the average....probably keeps wanting babies?), when they were a baby they went everywhere with her, she saw to it they had their own trailer on set and A-list treatment, she always had a baby on her hip and talked about them constantly. As the child reached three or four, people stopped talking about what a good mother she was, the child spend the majority of time with the nanny or in school and she stopped clinging to them and lost interest, and the emotionally damaging behavior toward them began.

These people are nothing if not predictable.

fidosmommy said...

Let's not forget that some newsworthy events happened around the time that Kate's show had bad ratings. There was the death of Mr. Turban Man and the marriage of Mr. and Mrs. Royal People. Those events commandeered much interest from people of all ages, I would think.

There was little on the news or on other channels to lure people away from Kate for a week or two.

So, I'm thinking that without bin Laden's death and the Windsor wedding, Kate's numbers would have been in the 1.2 million range those weeks as well. ~ Administrator said...

I don't know if I agree with that. Bin Laden was captured on a Sunday night. That's when people were glued to their TV. Kate's episode aired a whole 24 hours later.

The Windsor wedding? That was on a Thursday, a full three days after Kate's episode aired.

If they were on the same night, I'd buy it.

Kelly said...

Everyone likes to put Kate on a pedestal for being a mom of 8. What about family's that have their own kids and also foster and adopt. This isn't a political statement but something I found out last night.

Michelle Bachman, a congresswoman from MN, running for President has 5 kids of her own and was a foster mom, raising 23 foster children in her own home. She was a product of divorce, raised by a single mother but she speaks for so many of the American people with her values for family and childrens rights. Both she and her husband took all of those 23 foster kids into their home along with her 5 children. That's a mother with a heart.

Total Liar said...

I am not a twitterer, but I am wondering why Kate even offered the information that she is going to TN on her own dime. Did one of her sheeple ask her?? Why would anyone ask her: who is paying for your trip? It's none of their business. Kate is just throwing that out there to get us talking. We are not as gullible as your sheeple Kate, we know there isn't a crow bar big enough to pry open that wallet of yours. There is no way you would go to a Food Drive in another state on your OWN DIME! NOT buying it! ~ Administrator said...

Not only that but it's just plain TACKY. Who talks like that, I'm going to a place on my own dime? I mean, you might say, it's not a business trip, it's personal. But I'm on my own dime??

Kate is soooo tacky and "new money" when it comes to talking about wealth. Didn't anyone ever tell her real rich people don't talk about money?

Mary Beth said...

It's a damn TV show. None of those kids are being hurt as the kids in single family homes, not knowing if their parent is going to have a job, if the child support is coming in.

This is something everyone should remember, Kate is no star, no celebrity, no anything but someone who "got lucky" and got a TV show. Her hubby should have jumped ship before she threw him out. He didn't want to be with those kids. He didn't want to rack up the money, put it away, he got jealous of Kate's attention.

This has all been too much bull.

I am not a fan of any child on TV, I have supported the Congressman in PA, but I will say that last night's show, which I watched by accident, since nothing is on and I have pneumonia, well, it was about the kids.

Get off the high chair complaints, the kids are close to the table, they eat high because some of them are really tiny. Remember tups are 6 from the same birth, not all the same size. All different. Their speech is fine, again, today I work as a speech therapist and I could always understand each one of them except when excited and running, which is normal.

They, again, were 6 from the same birth, their maturiity, their height, weight, appetites, likes, dislikes will all be different. All of it.

I don't appreciate Kate and what she did last Summer with dragging the kids around all the freebie places, but I will say she is listening to some idiots who produce her shows. Last nights' shows were acceptable.

Do something to get the JimBob and his fanatical wife off the air. Those kids are like religious manequins during the Behar interview. Something really wrong with that family, would not be surprised if JimBob beat the heck out of that to behave. Something not right and they want a 20th baby. Real nice, bet those kids get a lot of attention from Mom and Dad.

Reality TV has created some sick parents out there.

God forgive all of you.

Just Dwindle Away said...

Administrator said... I have to say I really don't get the ratings this time. A spike on ratings for just another birthday party??


Kids are out of school. Massive amounts of 12 year old boys hoping for another boobie show with foot licking in a bar?

Still, kids ARE out of school, staying up late and looking for any reality show to tune in to. After the adult content of the last episode, they might have thought they were getting a "Housewives" show.

just the fyi said...

Patty Cakes
TrippenIn Patty Cakes
Thank You @TLC for sending @Kateplusmy8 to Tenn. With Ur help many are helped. ;)
6 hours ago

in reply to ↑
Kate Gosselin
@Kateplusmy8 Kate Gosselin
@TrippenIn this trip I'm going on my own dime tho... :)
2 hours ago via Twitterrific

Both sides of the conversation

Anonymous said...

Thanks for last night's ratings. I was hoping they would be much lower of course. I've only read about each episode - not interested in viewing. I can understand some fans continuing to watch but, with better (summer) weather here, I would think they would find other things to occupy their time.

Beth said...


I am glad that you weren't here at the time. I have never been more terrified in my life. It was the first time in 51 years that I have heard tornado sirens, other than on Saturday afternoons when they test them. My house received roof and siding damage and I have yet to get my car fixed from the hail damage. The shop said they could work me in sometime in August. Bristol only received minor damage and downed trees but as you know, parts of Greene County and Glade Springs, VA were totally destroyed.

Did you read the story about the man and woman who were sucked out of their home and deposited in a field? She survived but her husband died. These are the people that the community should be focusing on and not Kate Gosselin.

Beth said...

Beth, I'm so sorry that people in your area lost their lives & property due to tornadoes.

May God watch and protect you and your entire community.


Thank you, dear. :)

fidosmommy said...

Admin, the Royal Wedding was more than one day.
There were movies about William and Katherine,
pre-wedding programs, interviews, refectives, etc. I know I watched little but Royal wedding
programming most of that week. Then after the wedding there was still focus on London.

It's just a thought. I have no idea what people were actually watching or not watching those 2 weeks.

A for effort said...

Mary Beth, thank you for your post. I don't know what your point is, I almost never do. I can usually only barely understand what you are saying. But you do provide entertainment so thank you for that. Effort appreciated. Sorry your pneumonia left you stuck on TLC. Those pesky side effects, huh.n Hope you get better soon so you can change the channel. Did you think of calling the EMTs?

Molly12 said...

I am disappointed in the ratings as well but it needs to be put in perspective. Last week there were multiple shows under 1m viewers. This week, there are very few under the 1m viewer mark. As an example, last week, one of my favorites, Diners Drive Ins and Dives was around .8m. I was so disappointed to see the low rating. This week, they are at 1.3m. I think most shows went up in viewing. This week, Kate's show came in 17 out of 27 and was blown out of the water by the network shows. Those still aren't great numbers.

Susantoyota said...

Evidently you have to pay to attend this special screening of Katie Irene in her hooker heels and driving a race car while pretending to be concerned about the plight of the hungry. Either $8 or 8 cans of food is the admission price. But you can win a 26" flat screen TV AND/OR Kate+8 collectible items (what would those be?) and if you're one of the first 100 people attending, you also get a free t-shirt. No mention of a meet and greet with Katie Irene and Purseboy, though.

Laurie said...

Mary Beth - You forgot your tag line "Oh yes (fill in the blank)".....when I read your first sentence about single family homes my first thought was as opposed to what a duplex home? I'm gled to see that you've got yet another occupation this time as a speech therapist. I hope that your pneumonia gets better so that you can change the channel. By the way, God doesn't need to forgive us, we're not the ones exploiting our children.

Midnight Madness said...

Last nights' shows were acceptable.


Last night's shows were NOT acceptable. They were FILMED. No child should have to work to support his/her parent so that the parent can continue with the lifestyle of the rich and famous.

IF you support Representative Murt, then you must know that he is dead set against children working to support their parents. A parent's job is to provide for the child, not the other way around. A child should not be working from birth to age seven in order to provide financial stability for the parent (s). Period.

I don't care how tiny these kids are. Seven year olds DO NOT belong in high chairs. I am willing to bet that not one kid going into second grade (which is where these kids SHOULD be going) is still in a high chair. Why is it that they can travel around the world, eat in restaurants and never sit in high chairs? I guess they put on their Inspector Gadget Go-Go long legs, long arms, long torsos, and presto - they are tall enough to sit on regular chairs just for the meal in the restaurant. Or do they ask for six high chairs?

How would getting Jim Bob and his wife off the air solve anything? Do you think that they are going to change their religious beliefs and parenting style just because they aren't being filmed? They maintained those beliefs and lifestyle BEFORE they were filmed, and they will live the same way AFTER the show ends.

"He didn't want to rack up the money, put it away, he got jealous of Kate's attention."



Sheeple are Delusional said...

A couple of recent tweets from Jon:

"Twitter = Freedom of speech. Oh well. Myself and my kids know the truth and that's all that matters to me."

"I have no comment on that, no need for me to discuss her. I could, but I choose not to. :-)"

By the way, Taylor Swift recently gave $25,000 to St Jude's. I bet Kate hates that Taylor is more famous and well-liked in PA than she is!

Susantoyota said...

I can't find a good picture of the main stage at the Applachian Fairgrounds, but was able to find a link to a picture of Joe Nichols singing on that stage. Check out the following line from the review of his stage show:

A smaller venue, like the main stage area at our local fair grounds, was the perfect place for Joe to get close to his fans. It’s easier to sing to them, and interact with people when there are only two or three thousand, and I’m not sure there were that many last night. The size of the crowd didn’t seem to make a difference to Joe. He put everything he had into his performance, and his audience loved it.

Two to three thousand? Katie Irene is going to be very disappointed as it does sound small-ish and she'll be way to close to all her devoted fan(s). Wonder if she'll hide in a port-a-potty? Link to the article and pictures below.

Kate is a busy bee said...

Susantoyota: Did it say when the event is happening? Kate is rushing around on only 3 hours of sleep trying to get ready to leave and Walt called her on it. He says it doesn't happen until Monday. The TLC plants (Iwana and Milo) have been trying to nudge Kate into mentioning the day and if the kids are involved and other particulars but Kate seems too rushed to take the time to notice. Is it tomorrow at the crack of dawn??

fidosmommy said...

Has anybody on this blog seen any pictures of the Gosselin sextuplets standing next to their classmates? That would give us some idea if they are the same size or smaller or larger than their peers. Since they are a year older than most kindergarteners, one would assume they
are bigger. Since they were HOM's, one might be tempted to assume they are smaller (although
HOM's normally catch up with their peers at some point)

If all this balances out to the Gosselin sextuplets being the same size as their peers, then there is absolutely no excuse for those booster seats.

I'd like to locate 2 video clips - one of them eating at the picnic table at the very end of
the divorce announcement episode, and one of them eating breakfast around the table on their first day of school (where Mommy had them chanting the order for lunch eating). There is also the one where they went to Farmer Henry's place and Kate served Chicken cacciatore - they were around the table that night. If they look
small in those videos and it looks like the chairs and tables are the right height for them, I will lay off the highchair thing. Until then, no.

Unless Kate is trying to teach them how to climb up and perch on bar stools, it may be time to get some regular chairs for those kids.
Wonder what their friends had to say about those chairs when they went inside during the pool party. Cool!!! or High Chairs??? ~ Administrator said...

So the twatter wasn't even asking Kate how she was paying for it? The twatter, as I can tell, said it's great you can give back!

And Kate's response is But I'm paying for this myself? Huh?

I think she is so defensive about this she is not even comprehending what the other person is saying.

Midnight Madness said...

Laurie said...

Mary Beth - You forgot your tag line "Oh yes (fill in the blank)"...


LOL, Laurie! Good one! I forgot to ask how one watches the show "by accident." Let me guess. You sit on the remote and it flips to TLC all by itself, at precisely the right time. Or, you were watching the previous show, lost the remote and couldn't get out of bed to change the channel because the dog was lying on your legs. Give me a break.

I would think that speech therapists could write grammatically correct sentences, and ones that make sense. After all, grammar is a common characteristic of both the spoken and written language. ~ Administrator said...

Little people don't sit in high chairs because it's embarrassing and undignified. They just sort of make it work. By discreetly getting a chair with longer legs, or just dealing with it.

Similarly it is embarrassing for a 7 year old to be seen in a high chair. If they're still too little, any 7 year old would be happy to just deal with it, or discreetly use a phone book, rather than be teased for such a thing.

Midnight Madness said...

Kate is rushing around on only 3 hours of sleep trying to get ready to leave and Walt called her on it. He says it doesn't happen until Monday.


Maybe she doesn't want to say when the event will take place because Steve will have to do double duty, keeping all of those drooling sheeple at bay when they make the drive from all parts of the state just to descend on her for a once in a lifetime inspirational experience.

Susantoyota said...

June 20th from 8-10 p.m. Also, there is a backstage party which a person can attend from 6-8 p.m. for only $25.00. Kate is way too excited about this 'trip' so I would assume she's going to Tennessee via New York and leaving the kids with babysitters for several days:)

Permanent Name said...

Total Liar said...

... I am wondering why Kate even offered the information that she is going to TN on her own dime. Did one of her sheeple ask her??


If you read the comment that led to hers, someone mentioned thanking TLC for sending her to the event.

kart, in her addled NPD and arrogant mind wanted to BE SURE that the twit knew SHE WAS THE ONE HANDING OVER THE DOUGH for the trip. She wasn't going to let anyone else get credit for her going since she had to pay out of pocket. (We'll see if she actually goes - my bet is she backs out)

I assume that TLC wouldn't agree to fund the trip but that purseboy and kart felt she needed the face time with her 'fans'.

They could have said something like "sure, we "might" film it if you are there, but we are NOT paying for one more trip for you".

I am really sure she has been told the contract won't be renewed and she is desperate to manipulate some more time in front of camera.

She's going to be soooo humiliated there. Not sure why she doesn't see it...... but hey, she's about as smart as a box of rocks.

So I guess I'm not surprised....

Permanent Name said...

Did one of her twats mention that she had to hurry and get ready so she could get out of town for Tenn????

Um, today is the 15th. The event is the 20th?

Is she walking to Tenn?

Someone above had it right, she's probably heading to Tenn via NY with purseboy for hair/makeup/mani-pedi and some Nobu sushi before winging her way first class (scratch that) coach class if she is paying herself...

See, there you go. Mystery solved - no TLC $ for first class seats, she sure as hell isn't going to ride in coach with the rest of the cattle. kart pay = coach = no show....

Nah....... I am still betting she will be a no-show. For some really good reason, of course...

Betting hairdresser runs out of correct hair dye color....... or maybe purseboy somehow manages to get them detained in the 5 star hotel in NY, thus missing their plane........

Oh wait, I have it! Being the mother of the year that she is, she will be unable to attend due to caring for a sick child on the floor in the laundry room.

Shucks....... can't leave her sick little child, can she????

Totally Disgusted said...

Long time reader sometime poster, but I just have to say John has earned my respect, and I think alot of other people's too, with the way he has handled the twit's recent tweets and interview comments about him.

She stepped over the line when she said the kids wanted a(nother) dad. She has sunk to an all time low and Jon is the better person not to stoop to her level and respond to her vile comments. He and the kids do know the truth and the truth will eventually come out.

She's playing the poor me, I'm a victim card. It's not working, more people are seeing her for what she is. She is not a star and never will be star. Interest in her is fading and she's desperate for attention.

Lastly, you know what they say "money doesn't buy class" or in this case, her kids' money.

Batterednotbroken said...

Oh wait, I have it! Being the mother of the year that she is, she will be unable to attend due to caring for a sick child on the floor in the laundry room.

Shucks....... can't leave her sick little child, can she????
You the dark. She flipped the light off and closed the door when she left him there.

Ingrid said...

Total Liar said...

... I am wondering why Kate even offered the information that she is going to TN on her own dime. Did one of her sheeple ask her??
I still believe she or someone who likes her reads blogs and saw the comments on her going no where ever with her own money. So what if she spent a few hundred to go. She is only going to promote her show NOT because she really cares about charity. She is always doing what she can to stay in spotlight and promote herself. yuck.

Permanent Name said...

I apologize ahead of time for this one....

The reason for the apparent last minute confirmation of her attending was the difficulty in the planners finding a new, pink porta-potty.

I had a vision of kart's contract for this appearance specifically requiring a 'brand new, never used porta-potty, painted pink, with a gold star and her name on it, for her EXCLUSIVE use.

I visioned the pink box throne surrounded by velvet ropes, turned so the door can't be seen by the public, thus allowing her to enter/leave unseen.

I am sure she would freak if she knew the fans could see her going in to pee. Lordy bee, we must not ever hear her tinkle stream or her feminine little orange colored fart...

Further, the velvet ropes would be set up to allow just a single file entry, and purseboy would be standing in front of the opening with his legs spread and his arms folded across his chest.

No one would dare approach because of his steely eyed stare. Nope, no one with a full bladder will be getting by that guard... he's highly trained in potty guarding.

Nearby, in the green porta-potties, the lines will be very long and the johns will be oh so familiarly scented.... fans in line will be shocked to see kart sneer as she walks by them.

yah, IF she goes, this is one event I want to hear about. It's sure to provide giggles and guffaws.

Imagine her navigating the dusty dirt pathways in her hooker heels.........

And the idea that 'fans' may surround the potty for autographs as she exits the exclusive pink throne.... geez, I be so embarrassed...... LOL

I know, I know....... Ms Manners is going to strike me with lightening tonight. I'm really bad.

Really bad.


Someone, please, if you go, let us know the dirty details.... this promises to be a target rich opportunity - no way she will endear herself.......

OK, Admin, I'm off to bed. I've been snarky enough tonight. I need to lay off the comments for a while. My blood pressure is rising...... ;-) and I'm turning into a snot. Well, a nice snot, but still.....

Ingrid said...

Kate Tweets:
this trip I'm going on my own dime tho... :)
How many dimes is it going to cost her to pay Steve's wages to go. Doesn't he get something like 1500 or more per day? Is she paying his and her airfare and room etc? Not likely.

Ingrid said...

I was glad to see Mr Murt got some new laws passed for children on tv but wonder, isn't 48 hrs a week kind of alot?

Donna said...

Mary Beth, tell me what it is that I have done that requires God's forgiveness. I'm just curious. ~ Administrator said...

This trip sounds like it could easily qualify for a business trip and a definite tax write-off.

So before Kate wants a medal for paying for her own trips (you know, what the rest of America does), she needs to realize we're on to her and realize this is a write off. Nothing gained but nothing lost either.

amyf said...

The following is from, someone named Andy Dehnart, who sounds like he knows what he's talking about (although of course I can't know for sure). See paragraph I marked ***** in particular...
TV ratings include DVR users, despite what Chris Harrison told a Bachelorette fan
related news »
June 14, 2011, 8:41 AM

comment »

On Twitter last night, The Bachelor host Chris Harrison responded to a fan’s question about TV ratings with an incorrect answer. The fan asked if DVRed shows count in the ratings, and Chris replied that they do not, and joked that he’d “let it slide this once.” Several people replied to Chris and apologized for DVRing the show, even though Chris is absolutely wrong. Although ratings can be confusing and are far from perfect, they include DVRed shows.

*****First, the only people included in the ratings are Nielsen families (or “panel,” as Nielsen calls them): people who record their viewing habits in diaries or have boxes attached to their TVs and DVRs that record that information automatically. So, if you aren’t a Nielsen family, it doesn’t really matter what you watch, at least as far as ratings are concerned.*****

Four years ago, Nielsen said it wanted 37,000 homes and 100,000 people to be the sample group by 2011, so there are a small number of people and homes who are used to extrapolate what everyone watches. (Because I am not a math person, this is a difficult concept for me; after being randomly selected to record radio ratings by Arbitron about 10 years ago, I even wrote a story about radio ratings to try to understand how a few randomly selected people could really represent everyone. Nielsen has been criticized over the randomness and representation of its panel.)

When you see TV ratings reported in the media, those are typically overnight ratings are referred to as “live + same day,” and that means they include those panelists who watched the show live or watched it on their DVR until 3 a.m. the next day. So, yes, playback on a DVR counts in the ratings for those who are counted.

On a weekly basis, we learn about “live + 7 day” ratings: those that include people who watched on their DVR within a week. Since that adds more people, network publicists like to use that number to illustrate a show’s popularity. Publicists, marketers, and journalists also break down a show by demographics and report different types of numbers, often depending upon which is higher or which speaks more to a network’s target audience; here’s a good primer on what those numbers mean.

However, TV By the Numbers explains that another, more obscure, rarely public number, C3 or “C + 3 day,” is what “determine[s] how much the networks get paid for their advertising” because it “measure[s] Live and DVR viewing of the average commercial minute during a show within 3 days of airdate.” Because that number is typically very similar to live + same day, Bill Gorman argues that “additional DVR viewing after the ‘Same Day’ period doesn’t make the network any more money or ‘help’ any shows.”

So, while Chris Harrison is wrong when he insisted that DVRed shows don’t count, if you’re a Nielsen family and you wait five days to watch The Bachelorette because Ashley is so boring, you aren’t helping to inflate Chris’ paycheck, but your viewership will be noted and potentially included in a press release. ~ Administrator said...

Recap is up

Unknown said...

Does anyone know what Kate uses for bed bug eradication? So nasty, and they are all over, NYC being a prime place to pick them up. Lord, I hope she doesn't haul them to TN. With all the suitcases all over her room, she must have bites all over her. I wonder how she gets them off her body.

Re: the 19 kids and Counting, they are a lovely family. They give back, and learned how to support themselves before TV. Yes they have more money now, but they are still good people. Their children are wonderful, and their interaction with them is wonderful. I do not share their religious beliefs, and do not have the personality to even begin to want to have all those kids. But I admire their love and the way they are taught to be good people, by example. Their children can go their own way if they so choose, for example by the girls wearing pants. They make the choice not to as not only a religious choice but as respect for the way their family operates. I like them. I gravitate toward goodness that shows by example, not by beating. If the other poster honestly thinks they beat the kids into submission, I think she is way out in left field. I also doubt they have bedbugs. They also don't have dogs they don't take care of and tie up by the doghouse. They know their limitations.

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