Monday, October 17, 2011

Kate's gross recipes vs. our yummy ones

Kate's Monday recipes she's been posting on her blog often seem not only unhealthy, but at times, well, gross. What are your favorite delicious, (relatively) healthy recipes?

Here's one of ours:

Not-my-original-idea Simple Fall Supper in One Pan (compiled over the years from a variety of recipes and chefs):

Main ingredients: Chicken, zucchini, yams, fresh uncooked spinach, dried cranberries.

1. Saute chicken with a little salt and pepper, olive oil, big squeeze of real lemon and chopped garlic. If using chicken on the bone, it'll have to be roasted to finish cooking thoroughly. If using skinless boneless, cook at slightly lower temperature to prevent drying out.
2. Chop into bite-sized green and yellow zucchini, throw in the pan next to the chicken with more garlic, a little salt and pepper, and if you have it fresh thyme or whatever herb you have on hand.
3. Peel yams and chop into bite-sized. Add a sprinkling of brown sugar if you want to really bring out the sweet flavor. Throw in some more thyme and saute with zucchini.
4. Combine uncooked spinach and dried cranberries with favorite salad dressing, or make a simple vinaigrette of extra virgin olive oil, apple cider vinegar, lemon and a bit of brown sugar.

All done, plate it up! Salad can be served on the side, or yummier still, place chicken and veggies directly on top of salad and dress all together. Slice of pumpkin pie for dessert. For variety, try subbing out the chicken for salmon or other favorite fish, poached egg, or whole wheat pasta. Or if you eat meat, steak strips.

359 sediments (sic) from readers:

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PJ's momma said...

Here's a Paula Deen recipe I love (good for potluck):
4 cups frozen hash browns
1 7.6 oz pkg butter/herb mashed potato mix
1 stick margarine
4 oz cream cheese, softened
1 cup shredded cheese
1/2 cup sour cream
1/2 tsp garlic salt, salt, and pepper
2 cups boiling water
Bring a pot of water to boil, add hash browns and boil for 5 minutes/drain. Mix together cooked hash browns, and all other ingredients except water. Stir in boiling water. Place in 2-quart casserole and bake for 35-45 minutes at 350. You can sprinkle french fried onion rings over it and bake another 5 minutes if you want, but I don't. It is YUMMY and oh so very easy. And all Paula Deen's.

Knows Quality said...

Hee, hee...I had to laugh at the "Top Kate". It's just too bad she can't be eliminated and told to "pack her knives and go" - just like on the real "Top Chef"!

PJ's momma said...

Here's a kid-friendly, and very easy and delicious pasta dish:
alla Vodka Pasta:

4 garlic cloves, minced
crushed red pepper flakes to taste
28 oz can crushed tomatoes in puree
1 lb tubular pasta, such as penne
2 tbsp vodka (alcohol will cook out or you can omit)
1 cup whipping cream (OK, so it's not healthy)

Heat oil and saute garlic, pepper flakes and salt, about 2-3 minutes. Add crushed tomatoes. Stir and simmer uncovered (splatter screen is good) until sauce thickens, about 15 minutes. During this time, cook pasta. Add drained pasta to the sauce and toss. Add the vodka and toss again. Add the cream and toss and cook on low for a couple minutes. You can then add some nice olives here, but it's not necessary.
That's it. I generally make only 1/2 recipe and it makes a LOT even then! Bon appetit!

Lake Up North said...

I like Paula Deen as much as the next person PJ's Momma...I hope nobody minds my asking, what exactly is margarine? I'm not the biggest fan on her massive amounts of butter...but she's cut back I think in recent years.

PJ's momma said...

Lake, she uses butter, but I won't. Margarine is just fake butter or some call it oleo. I meant to say that I don't even use half the amount of butter or margarine she uses and it's still great. I use about 3 tablespoons, low fat sour cream and low fat cream cheese. You have lots of kidlets, it would be great for them!

Lake Up North said...

It would yes. Margarine is just not something I cook with. I use butter, certainly but a Paula Deen recipe has more butter than I could handle! LOL. Yet I do respect the woman for her southern talent.

Warmth Of The Sun said...

Admin, how many pinches of chicken do I need? ~ Administrator said...

We've been TRYING to tell Kate to pack her knives and go, she is not listening clearly.

Warmth, at least a few pinches of chicken will do.

But seriously, it's the f-ing protein in the dish, pack it on! Eat until you're comfortably satisfied. A piece of chicken the size of your hand. LOL, oh Kate.

fade2black said...

Admin, your Simple Fall Supper is one of my favorites! I had never thought to put cranberries in, but you can bet they will be there next time. I also like to serve mine over brown rice. Yum! I give it a 10! No! At least a 12!!!

Another favorite from Spark recipes is Tropical Tilapia Filets:
1 lb. tilapia filets (or other firm white fish)
1/2 cup crushed pineapple (no sugar added)
2 tsp. fresh ginger
1 Tbsp. EVOO
1/4 cup orange juice
Heat oil in skillet; add garlic & ginger. Place fish in hot oil. Add pineapple over fish. Flip fish when browned. Let sit 1 minute before adding orange juice; cook additional 2-3 minutes. Serve over rice (What? I like rice.).

PS. Your chef's manicure made the words of my favorite detective...LOL out loud. ~ Administrator said...

Just a friendly reminder and FAVOR to ask? When someone is violating the blog rules, please don't post to either respond to them or point out that blog rules are being violated. Instead, email me (look for the email us thing at the sidebar at right) to alert me to delete something. And pretty soon I'm hoping to have a THIRD person on staff who will have a separate email address to alert them of things like this you can try as well.

When you post about rule violations it not only encourages others to do so too, but it becomes not just one comment to delete, but two and often more. More work for us.

Thank you!

Warmth Of The Sun said...

But seriously, it's the f-ing protein in the dish, pack it on! Eat until you're comfortably satisfied. A piece of chicken the size of your hand. LOL, oh Kate.


The size of Kate's hand, or a normal hand? Sorry, I couldn't resist.

That looks so good. I'm going to try it this week. Thanks.

silimom said...

I love Dutch Babies! One of my sister's friend's mom taught her to make this in High School. She brought it home and it's been a favorite ever since. They're like Yorkshire Puddings. I love 'em because you can make them into a dessert (see the following recipe I pulled off of All Recipes) or you can make them, melt some cheese and put in some grilled chicken or roasted veggies and you've got a great, filling, easy dinner.

The kids like the sweet version of course, but I'm working on them!

For the record, I use butter when I bake. I prefer the flavor to margarine (oleo) and in the end there seems to be a new study every other week that something we thought was good for you is now deadly until the following week when it's good again, so I'm going to go for what tastes good to me.

I say everything in moderation. Anyway, enjoy!

Dutch Baby
2 eggs
1/2 cup milk
1/2 cup sifted all-purpose flour
1 pinch ground nutmeg
1 pinch salt
2 tablespoons butter
2 tablespoons confectioners' sugar for dusting


Place a 10 inch cast iron skillet inside oven and preheat oven to 475 degrees F (245 degrees C).
In a medium bowl, beat eggs with a whisk until light. Add milk and stir. Gradually whisk in flour, nutmeg and salt.
Remove skillet from oven and reduce oven heat to 425 degrees F (220 degrees C). Melt butter in hot skillet so that inside of skillet is completely coated with butter. Pour all the batter in the skillet and return skillet to oven.
Bake until puffed and lightly browned, about 12 minutes. Remove promptly and sprinkle with powdered sugar.

Kirkland said...

This is one of my favorite "healthy" recipes. This is a Tex-Mex-style recipe.

Tequila Chicken
8 skinless boneless chicken thighs -- about 1 1/3 pounds
1 medium onion -- cut into 8 wedges and separated
1 15-oz can tomato sauce
1/4 cup tequila or chicken broth -- (a mini bottle of tequila is equal to 1/4 cup)
2 tablespoon molasses or honey
1 tablespoon lime juice
1 teaspoon crushed red pepper
1/2 teaspoon ground cumin
Hot cooked brown rice (if desired)
Lime wedges (if desired)

Remove fat from chicken. Spray 12-inch nonstick skillet with cooking spray; heat over medium heat. Cook chicken in skillet about 5 minutes, turning once, until brown. Remove chicken from skillet.

Add remaining ingredients except rice and lime wedges to skillet. Heat to boiling; reduce heat. Return chicken to skillet. Cover and simmer about 10 minutes or until juice of chicken is no longer pink when centers of thickest pieces are cut. Uncover and simmer 3 minutes longer.

Serve chicken on rice; pour sauce over chicken. Serve with lime wedge.

1 serving is 305 calories, 12g fat, 18g carbs and 33g protein.

Kirkland said...

Oops, forgot to mention. The Tequila Chicken recipe is from the Betty Crocker's "Healthy New Choices" cookbook. Pg. 259 to be exact.

Got to give credit where credit is due.

Westcoaster said...

I'm away from home, and my recipe collection, for a few days, but I do want to say that this post, and the illustration, is fabulous. Perhaps K8 will get some ideas about how real food is cooked, but I rather doubt it - I have no problem with soup can and box back recipes, but I ALWAYS credit the original source.

Dallas Lady said...

This is the kind of thing Kate only wishes she came up with:

(How do you make things clickable?)

I've done those breakfast sandwiches (in the link) in the muffin tin and it's wonderful! We've experimented with different cheeses on top and we use sausage patties (turkey) instead of Canadian bacon.

We've done them with English muffins (as shown) and those thin bagels. Either one works great. They freeze nicely and we re-heat in the toaster oven.

Here's a recipe my dad gave me that I make once in a blue moon. It's NOT very healthy, but it's a filling breakfast.

1 can Grands biscuits

6 eggs

3-4 slices of bacon

Grated cheddar

Take each biscuit and flatten it with your hands until it is a big flat disk. Tuck it into the cup of a muffin tin to cover the bottom and sides. Some will hang out on the top, that's ok.

Fry the bacon (could use turkey bacon), then scramble the eggs (you could use Egg Beaters to cut down on calories and cholesterol). Chop the fried bacon and toss with the scrambled eggs. Stuff into each biscuit tin and top with cheese. Bake at 350 for 15-17 minutes until biscuits are cooked even on the bottom.

He calls them Stuffed Biscuits. I make them at Christmas and maybe one other time. One will fill you up! They freeze well.

fidosmommy said...

RE: Butter vs. Margarine.

My father was a chemical engineer in the edible oils end of it. He lived in Canada, a very pro-dairy nation. At that time - the 1940's - any butter substitute was ILLEGAL so as to not run the dairy farmers out of business. But his company was trying to figure out how to use corn. So, they started researching corn oil use for cooking and spreading. Dad and a few others began the process of developing Margarine in Canada. It was already in use in the USA but companies were holding onto their secret formulas. Canadian researchers were on their own to make this illegal substance. He used to sneak home pound cakes made with different formulas of corn oil. Good stuff. Needless to say, I grew up on corn oil margarine.

I regularly teased my dad in his later years that he was singlehandedly responsible for the cardiac deaths of millions of Canadians. He'd shrug his shoulders and say "What did we know?"

Just wondering said...

Is everyone who posts here an older, married woman who likes to cook?

HollyMo said...

There was some talk, on the previous thread, about cooking like grandma, or auntie one more time. I know that I would love to have my Gram's bread pudding recipe or my Pop's pizza crust recipe. I do have 2 of my Pop's recipes (scones and bread), but that bread pudding!!
For years I have searched and experimented and finally I have something close. This is my custom version of Chocolate Banana Bread Pudding from Allrecipes. I omitted the chocolate and lessened the sugar. Still not healthy, but OH so easy and yummy. Gram never added banana, so next time I make it I will try it plain.


(for the bread cubes I save odd bits in the freezer until I have enough, could be leftover hamburger buns or a loaf that's going stale)

4 eggs
1 can evaporated milk
4 cups cubed bread
2/3 cup white sugar
1 tablespoon vanilla extract
2 bananas, sliced


Preheat oven to 350 degrees F (175 degrees C). Grease a 9x5 inch loaf pan.
In a large mixing bowl, mix eggs, milk, sugar, and vanilla until smooth. Stir in bread and bananas, and let rest 5 minutes for bread to soak. Pour into prepared pan.
Bake in preheated oven for 1 hour, or until a knife inserted in the center comes out clean.

This is very good and simple. I don't have much of a sweet tooth but DH does. Between this and my one pot brownies I can keep him happy! ~ Administrator said...

Sigh. If you don't like cooking or recipes, talk about whatever you want to talk about. This is not a thread where a recipe is required. I do sympathize. I hated cooking for the first 25 years of my life. Then one day I had someone to cook for and everything changed. :) Please bear with those that want to discuss this, scroll, or suggest something to talk about.

Lake Up North said...

I am surprised that Kate hasn't posted her Eggplant Parmesan recipe yet since she seems to have kids eat it a lot or so it appears.

And I thought she loved to cook organic as often as possible? Most of this appears to be canned or quick throw together store stuff. Nothing wrong with that however.

Anyway, I'd post a recipe but I'd have to adjust the recipe to feed smaller crowd.

Note: Do not read when hungry!

Dallas Boy said...

Just wondering, no. I'm a 12 year old boy, actually. The screen name is just to throw people off. But I do love to cook.

Tonight I read Kate's mention feed for the first time in a long time and wow, that Milo person really has a screw loose. She kept babbling on for Kate to send good luck to one of the teams playing Monday night football. Kate probably doesn't even know or care what NFL even stands for. Then she started demanding that Kate eat 10 almonds. ~ Administrator said...

I guess today is national harassment day? Sheesh. To the person trying to out someone as a fan of Kate's on twitter, first of all last I checked Jenna is what, the 15th most popular girls name in the U.S.? And if you look at that child's account, she is from Canada and has a pic of herself and looks about 14 years old. She looks sweet enough and is just another teen girl who will look back someday and laugh at her Kate obsession. The Jenna who posts here is a woman with a son, I think he's almost a teen if I recall correctly. Um, doesn't add up. Enough.

Moose Mania said...

"This is very good and simple. I don't have much of a sweet tooth but DH does. Between this and my one pot brownies I can keep him happy!"


You put pot in Bear's brownies? I guess he really IS happy, isn't he?

fidosmommy said...

Talk of bread pudding suddenly put me in the mind of spoon bread. A sorority sister of mine was from southern Kentucky and her Mom made that stuff all the time for her family. I never tasted it, but others sure did. They finally asked for the recipe. It's very tedious, what with all that stirring and all. But apparently the results are well worth it.

fidosmommy said...

I am nearly 60, single never married, no children.
I don't cook. But I have a friend who cooks all the time and brings meals over for me. She can cook about any cuisine you like, does it low salt for me, and it's as good as anything I've ever put in my mouth. An "easy" meal for her is anything Italian. She makes everything from scratch, often even the lasagna noodles. I buy the groceries, she cooks and we both enjoy. What a deal!

Westcoaster said...

An aside from recipes: yesterday I had the pleasure and honor of being at the finish line (with 1,000's) of the Nike Race for The Cure in San Francisco to cheer my DIL across as she finished her first half marathon post baby. These 22K+ women, and a few good men, were awesome and inspiring. And they have raised millions for charity. So K8, and her whole running thing? A bad joke. Try what I saw yesterday, K8, or just STFU already. Now back to good food/recipes.

fidosmommy said...

Blessings to all who ran/will run in the Race for the Cure events. I lost a sister to breast cancer
several years ago. Thank you for helping others fight for life, not to mention the emotional support offered.
Wonderful, unselfish deeds of caring.

fidosmommy said...

One of my favorite recipes is one I can't find anymore. It's tomato coulis, and it is fabulous on stuffed green peppers, on individual spinach quiches, and on stuffed zucchini. It's very simple, but I'd have to find it before I can share it. There are lots of tomato coulis recipes out there, but this was THE ONE for me. It was the red wine vinegar that set it apart.

Marie said...

Wait, if Kate's so health concious why do all her recipes involve a lot of cheese? I mean it's healthy but if you melt it I don't know if you loose some of that or what can be greasy.

And didn't Kate say earlier that she doesn't eat pizza? And here she is, eating pizza, sans cheese? It's either one or the other usually. ~ Administrator said...

Off topic but why did Kate never have the kids come watch her on DWTS? They were in L.A. at one point. At first I thought maybe they wouldn't let kids that little be on set.

But then we get to this season and Nancy Grace's John David and Little Lucy are sitting there like the little angels she always claims they are (who knew) and there's CoCo Puffs or whatever the hell her name is cheering on David Arquett every darn week and sitting contentedly in her Mommy's lap, sometimes with a friend with her, and she's just a little older than the tups I think.

Anyway what I'm getting at is I think Kate is petrified to let these kids on live TV. The last time she did it it went horribly wrong. Mady being cranky and the whole water-gate thing. They are so controlled and packaged and scripted, right down to "NO LIVE TV."

fidosmommy said...

Kate: "I don't eat pizza I didn't get to control in any way, shape or form. The pizza store would not allow me to go to the kitchen to ensure the cook first brushed his hair in the kitchen, then properly washed his hands with Purell before donning sterile gloves, that he put the ingredients on in the right order, that he measured out "a pinch" of meat and made certain to cut the pizza into 13 perfectly even pieces - one for each of the 10 kids, one for Jamie, one for Ashley and one for Steve. And where was the tin foil anyway? I only eat pizza that is untouched by human hands. As a final insult, that darned cook put CHEESE on the pizza."

How is Kate expected to eat THAT? She doesn't eat fat unless she's squeezing it out of the end of a pastry tube.

Lake Up North said...

Her extent of trying to control the kids is that on life TV is her kids were to every actually say something it cannot as easily or not at all be edited out. And then either some truth or half truth would get about and it would absolutely freak Kate out. As long as Kate can package her kids in identical clothing to sit on a couch quietly while she blabbered on she felt comfortable I think.

I don't have much knowledge to mind of a narcissist but they are about a level of control and she cannot give that up apparently.

On side note, yes her kids did seem to have difficulty, her denying Mady water, her pinching Alexis to sit still. Her, "Quiet we are interviewing," When in reality it was just Kate doing all the talking so there was no "we" involved.

Anonymous said...

My opinion is that the kids would look bored out of their minds if they were in the live audience. Yawning, squirming, looking, well, bored. It would not speak well for Kate that her kids were not impressed with her fame, so why bother dealing with them there? ~ Administrator said...

Really think about it. She's petrified to let these kids go on live T.V. Even sitting in the darn audience. What did she think was going to happen, Collin holds up a little "S.O.S" sign?

For someone like Kate who looks to exploit these kids at any opportunity she can, you would think she would leap at the opportunity to drag them along on all her live spots she's done over the past few years. But if I recall it only happened once recently with disastrous results--never again after that for Kate. And you can't say it's because of school because she made no bones out of pulling them out of school for various trips including Australia, and several of these interviews occurred over the summer months.

She is a control freak and only willing to let us access her kids in a controlled environment. And Live TV does not fit with that whatsoever.

fidosmommy said...

Oh No! More SAVE US signs! First Ms. Walmart Parking Lot Sign Waver and now Collin. Too funny!

steff said...

Another thing about cooking/food & Kate...I don't understand (well I do understand but still) why she doesn't allow the kids to help more in the kitchen. When my kiddo was 5 he was already helping out with dinner. Now that he's a teenager, he can not only cook for himself, but he can & does make dinner for the family. When I make enchilladas, he's my corn tortilla fryer. He learned so many things just thru helping in the kitchen. Simple things like learning to follow a recipe to how to work with someone else. He even helped me this summer with all my canning & freezing our garden stuff. When he has friends over (all the time) they can invade my kitchen & cook...I'm fine with it. I know he's able to handle it.

There's just so much that can be learned & shared thru cooking with your kids. And it also is a great way to spend time together. Dinner doesn't have to be this stressful-throw it together in 10 minutes rush/hectic time. It would do Kate & her kids wonders if she relaxed (hahahahahhaha) and let the kids do more with her & for themselves.

Lake Up North said...

Kate said she's nervous allowing her kids in the kitchen, yet also that Jon was nervous with the older girls in the kitchen. I mean just because you are nervous does not mean you should as a parent deprive your kids of a learning experience.

With Kate she wants to control the mess, evident from her trash bag counter top, "get down and pick up ever granulate." What she never heard of a broom? The seconds her kids make a mess or get dirty she really doesn't seem to want to deal with them. It's as if in her eyes her kids are no longer these identical ornaments of perfection.

If they have been in the kitchen they don't get to do much as I believe she said she is not willing to let them try much or something like that.

steff said...

At this age, the tups should already be in charge of making the salad. Simple to tear lettuce. Oops, forgot lettuce has to be chopped. At age 11, the twins should already be learning simple knife skills IMO. Not saying hand them a giant cleaver & a rack of ribs, but they should be able to peel & slice potatoes & carrots or shred all of that cheese she uses in everything. They could chop the tomatoes & avocados for the salad. Kate could lighten that heavy load she carries like a martyr by letting her kids contribute.

Yes, I do realize that she'd never do that because she needs and lives for that martyr role. She wouldn't know what to do if she wasn't responsible for every lettuce leaf & every single piece of grated cheese and she'd lose her reason for always being over stressed.

fidosmommy said...

Mady and Cara took a cooking class, didn't they?
Surely they learned something there besides how to bake boxed brownies. I don't think they were a whole lot older than their siblings are now.

They don't all have to help Mommy the same night, do they? Monday could be for Joel, Tuesday for Leah......and Mady and Cara could share a day for a special meal each week since they would obviously have more skills.

Not everyone is interested in cooking, but it is a life skill that helps to have.

Or, they could hang out in the kitchen while the cook prepares dinner and ask her questions.

gramof5 said...

Just wondering said... Is everyone who posts here an older, married woman who likes to cook?
No! I'm a 65 yr old married woman that, after over 50 years of cooking, can honestly say that I hate it now .
I do enjoy reading all the recipes though. They sound fabulous !

Gimme said...

Jezebel Sauce

1 small jar of pineapple preserves or ice cream topping.

1 small jar of horseradish.

1 tsp. dry mustard or yellow mustard.

Sprinkle of cracked peppercorns - optional.

1 8 oz package room temperature cream cheese.

Mix first 3 - 4 ingredients as preferred.

Pour over cream cheese.

Serve with Ritz, Triscuits or bagel.

Great for Thanksgiving, Christmas or just to have in fridge for snack (one of us would always bring it to work on food day).

Also can be used as a ham baking sauce or on a ham sandwich.

Also can substitute with Apricot preserves as well as other variants as you choose. The base is the preserves and horseradish.

Credit: Served at Cookware party, big hit, everyone left w/ the recipe.

Hippie Chick said...

Great post! I need to think about my really great recipes (it's only 7:15 a.m. & not enough coffee yet to get my brain going) but I'll get a couple up later!)

My sweet meatloaf is good! A really great home-style comfort kind of food. And in my opinion, if you add Montreal Seasoning to ANYTHING grilled, it'll be good! :) Jasmine rice is my new favorite, so I've been grilling some chicken w/ Montreal Seasoning, adding the chicken & a little margarine & fresh parmasan, SO TASTY! And I also add avocado to anything I can (not the chicken meal, but sandwiches, my turkey-burgers, salads, ANYTHING!) You can sustain off thone alone, with the vitamins, minerals, & water content if you just happened to get stick on a tropical island & that's all you had! :) And avocadoes are awesome for heart health as well.

I will eat white meat. I usually leave the red meats to the boys, but the meatloaf? It is soooo good, I have to have some.

Now, time to read all of your YUMMI recipes! Thank you all for sharing! I've been looking for some new good & healthy ones. :)

Thanks Admin! Great idea!


Hippie Chick said...

Admin said...
The Jenna who posts here is a woman with a son, I think he's almost a teen if I recall correctly. Um, doesn't add up. Enough.
HA!! Is someone trying to claim that I'm Kate's fan on Twitter?? That is so funny. I have one twitter account. Well, 2, one for business, but that is business ONLY. I haven't been keeping up w/ my blog lately, life & stuff, & my health has been failing lately. I haven't signed in under Jenna Does because, well... it doesn't matter.

The second I saw Kate's little twitter friend's name Jenna-whatever & the Live Free or something? I said Hmm? I'm from New England. But yes, I'm quite a bit older, have a pre-teen son & would NEVER, in a million years tweet Kate...anything nice. And I certainly would NOT ask Kate "What's ur fave color? & u r sch a gd mom! omg I hart u!!!!!"


Don't people have other things to do? Thanks for coming to my defense Admin. People need to get a life.

~HC~ aka/Jenna

Hippie Chick said...

and there's CoCo Puffs or whatever the hell her name is.....

This made me laugh so hard I choked on my coffee! Thank you for that!! I think it's just Coco. You are so funny. So so funny Admin! But good point about Kate not having her kids there at DWTS. Maybe she was afraid her kids would say something detrimental about her, like; "My mom hates you & talks bad about you all the time," to Brooke Burke or Pam Anderson or any of the prettier women there, even the woman holding the cue cards, who knows?

~HC~ aka Jenna

Hippie Chick said...

This is from the other blog...

You need to try & catch "The Walking Dead" from last season, then you'll be all caught up with back stories & really be drawn in. It's a really great scripted show, lots of drama, action & gore (if you like that). I'm a huge horror fan, so this show is right up my ally!

~HC~ aka Jenna

Puddymoors said...

Loving the recipes ... will have to go and type up my Meatball recipe (meatballs cooked in the oven makes it super quick and easy!).
I loved the comments about Kate not being able to cope with too many kids in the kitchen. This year I have the joy of teaching 15 11 year old boys (and girls) how to cook in my Home Ec class. We've separated boys and girls, and boy has it been fun! Since Junior Masterchef (here in Australia) my kids come out with the most amazing stuff. We've done simple things like Pizza and Truffles, as well as complex things like Cheese Cake with gelatine. All it takes is a patient teacher who is willing to have fun with things ... which is probably why Kate's kids won't have as much fun as my classes have!

Unknown said...

Her kids have not appeared on live tv in years because they don't behave. The Duggars manage it. Nancy Grace's kids are fine. But not the Gosselins. She could have just put the twins in the audience once or twice, but even so one may have been seen scowling. They were in LA with her a couple of times. The twins may still scowl and hit, but the small ones are all over the place on the couch in their own home. They can't sit still and act like they have manners for even a few minutes. Now I wonder why that is. The Palin children as well went everywhere and were well behaved. Not Kate's brood.

Hippie Chick said...

Oh, guys I did it. I went to Kate's blog. She has a new recipe up. It actually sounds pretty good. It's a must if you have kids. I'll post it so nobody else has to. Here goes:

Kate's PB&J & Organic FLUFF w/ Organic Fig Newman's On the Side!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Take 2 slices or pieces of bread. I prefer the whole grain. Orgainic of course. It better be.

Take a butter knife out of your brand new cabinet that you had refurbished.

Dip the knife into your ORGAINIC Peanut Butter, I like Jiffy. Do they make Orgainic?!!!!!!

Spread it on the bed. I mean bread.

Dip the knife in the jelly. I make my kids yell out which kind of jelly they want; grape, apple, strawberry or pineapple. They yell it all at once, then usually all end up getting grape to make MY life easier., after telling them to SHUT THE HELL UP!

Then I spread the ORGANIC Fluffernutter on the bread side that has the peanut butter (Jiffy!!!!) because it's easier to spread. OK?

Put the 2 slices together. Slap!!!!

Cut them in triangles. I thought of that. I DID, Got it?!!

Cut off crusts to make the sandwich small. Kids have tiny little small tummies & can't eat a whole snadwich. Put in 8 plastic sandwich baggies because by the time I'm dead, who cares about the damn environment, right????!!!!!!!

In another 8 snack baggies, put 1 Fig Newman cut in 2 for each kid.

Gosselin Rating: 100,000!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


~HC~ aka Jenna

The twat's tweets said...

Hippie Chick, you really had me believing it for a few sentences. Great job! lol

Tamara said...

It had nothing to do with the behaviour of the kids, it was because if they came the attention wouldn't be 100% on Khate. She can't stand that. Hates it more than eating a large supreme pizza

SoCalER-RN said...

Great topic, thank you! I LOVE food.. looking at it, reading about it. I'm all about trying new things. My husband is Korean and he is all about spicy food, which makes it hard to find the right balance between the both of us. I do make some of the more simple less spicy Korean dishes, but recently started branching out with more difficult dishes. Besides, in my neck of the woods, it is hard to find some of the ingredients.

For those of you who adore food like I do, check out a couple of food websites.... and They are sites that are composed of various dishes and baked goodies (my favorite) from food blogs... from all over. Some of the food photos are amazing and these bloggers take such pride in their work. A lot of theses blog owners are normal people that love to cook and bake and enjoy sharing it with the entire world.

If you happen to come across a particular style of food or what have you, you can bookmark that particular site and read through the recipes. Some of these blogs have been around a long time and have LOTS to offer. I have been reading Pioneer Woman's website for a few years now. I really enjoy it. On her website there is a link... Tasty Kitchen. Many, many great recipes.

To this day, Kate's comment "real cooks don't need to follow a recipe", still rubs me the wrong way. Really, Kate? Throwing a bunch of crap in a dish doesn't make you one either!

I have had great success following a recipe. Have many that I use all the time. One in particular is a chicken and shrimp jambalya from the website The Tasty Kitchen. So delicious and it makes alot.

A Pink Straight Jacket For Kate said...

Oooooh, loving all this good food!!!

I have to run errands, but I'll be back later with some of my recipes :o)

Mostly lurking said...

Hi all, I lurk a lot and have only posted once or twice. I really enjoy everyone's opinions and stories.
I love this thread. I am a pretty decent cook and love to try new recipes. (And a really really big THANK YOU to whomever reccomended Pioneer Woman. I'm totally in love with her recipes)
Here's the recipe that made my husband marry me. I stole it from Betty. (Crocker)
Salmon Bake
1 lb Salmon, cut into bite size pieces
3 or 4 carrots, cut into one inch pieces
3 or 4 potatoes, cut into ine inch pieces
8 ounces mushrooms (usually one package, lol)quartered or sliced
one bunch scallions, diced
3 or 4 cloves garlic minced (or more if you like garlic or less if you don't)
2 TBS olive oil

Preheat oven to 425 (fahrenheit for you ladies up North)
take half olive oil and about half the garlic whisk together. Put chopped veggies in a bowl and toss with oil/garlic mixture.
put into ovensafe cassarole dish, covered, and roast veggies in oven.
About 45 minutes (or just before veggies are done) Take salmon and toss with the remaining olive oil and garlic
Place the salmon on top of veggies, leave off lid, turn down heat to 375 and continue roasting until salmon is done (about 15 minutes)

I get about six servings out of this. I love this recipe because it's simple, you can do easy substitions for the veggies and you can really stretch the salmon.

Laurie said...

When I was TDY in Denver I went to the Corner Bakery and had finally tried their Swiss Oatmeal after walking by and looking at the sign for a week. Oh, how I wish I'd tried it sooner! I was hesitant at first becasue it's a chilled oatmeal. It was to die for. I went home and searched the internet for the recipe and tweaked it until I got it right. Try it and you'll be a believer.

1 Granny Smith apple cored and chopped (or use apple of your choice)
1/2 cup apple cider or apple juice (I used cider)
1 cup Bob's Red Mill Muesli (you can find this in the health food section at the grocery)
1 tablespoons honey (or to taste)
1 cup vanilla low-fat yogurt
2 tablespoons dried cranberries

Combine apples and apple cider and toss to moisten Stir in the Muesli and honey. Add yogurt and cranberries - mix well. Refrigerate overnight - Will keep for at least 2 days in the refrigerator. Serve with fresh fruit of your choice on top.

I like to use the Muesli because it's already got everything mixed in, however if you
can't find the Muesli you can use quick-cooking oats and add 2 tablespoons each of
sliced almonds and raisins.

Laurie said...

I found this recipe after a bumper crop of peaches a few years ago. Very light and refreshing and everyone that tried it asked for the recipe. I think I got it from Taste of Home.

1 3 oz package peach Jell-O (I use regular not sugar free)
1 cup boiling water
3 ripe peaches (sliced)
2 tablespoons honey
1/4 teaspoon almond extract
1/2 cup Cool Whip

In large mixing bowl dissolve Jell-O in boiling water. In blender, combine peaches, honey and almond extract. Process until smooth. Stir peach mixture into Jell-O. Cover and refrigerate until syrupy (about 1-1/2 hours). Beat on high speed until mixture doubles in volume (about 5 minutes). Fold in the Cool Whip. Leave in bowl or spoon into dessert dishes. Refrigerate until firm (about 1 hour).

Dallas Lady said...

Last night, Kate's twitter fools were clamoring for her to show up and throw them a bone.

Finally most of them gave up and went to bed around midnight Eastern time. That's when she showed up and tweeted a handful of times, then left without her usual sickeningly sweet GN tweet.

Then I realized something---it was a Monday night, when her show used to be on, almost exactly two months after the last episode. Probably drowning her sorrows in wine. Two months after the show and no other job lined up, the reality of it must be at least tapping her on the shoulder by now.

SG said...

I'm pretty sure Kate was on DWTS when the kids were in school.

Her kids don't live in LA like some of the "stars" kids do. They would have had to miss school and travel to a different time zone and back to be on DWTS in the audience.

If they did live in LA I would have wondered why they weren't in the audience, but since they all live in PA I would not expect to, or even want to, see them there.

chefsummer #Leh said...

I love my mom's cooking but she doesn't really mesure things lol-(but here goes)

Homemade candy sweets

4 larger sweet potatoes
5 tablespoons of unsalted butter
1/2 cup of white sugar or to taste depens of sweet tooth
Medium sized sauté pan

1. Heated sauté pan with sugar and, buttter and peeled sliced into larger chuncks.
2. And water to cover sweet potato bring to a boil.
3.After bringing to a boil cover pan and, let simmer till sweet potato's are fork tender.

Best served with creemy creamy mac and cheese-) ~ Administrator said...

SG, actually I agree the kids should be in school not on DWTS, but the fact is that Kate did pull them out of school to come visit her in L.A. There were pics of them at Disneyland and she basically blamed being voted off on eight visitors who caused her to get in less practice time.

So if they were in L.A. anyway regardless if we think they should be, why didn't she bring them on set? They came all the way out to LA and didn't even get to see their mom dance. Seems almost cruel.

I took a bullet said...

From Kate's blog today:

Attacking the Laundry So it Doesn’t Attack You October 18, 2011
Many of you have asked how I keep up with my laundry. In this blog, I will attempt to break it down and explain my routine. I have put my system into four categories:
The Dirtying Process, The Collecting/Sorting Process, The Washing Process, and The Putting Away Process.

1. The Dirtying Process – Getting the dirtying process under control was the most difficult but most necessary and quite honestly the last piece of the laundry puzzle I got under control. It is, however, the most important to control!

My kids used to wear their “play clothes” and toss daily or twice daily – either on the floor or in the hamper. This led to nearly two full hampers almost every day! That is WAY too much laundry to keep up with! SO, I made a rule a few years ago, that all kids needed to wear and re-wear their play clothes until visibly dirtied. Sundays are new pajamas and new play clothes days and if I see a dirty shirt or pair of jeans throughout the day, I’ll tell that child to “pitch that shirt into the hamper at bath time tonight and get a clean one tomorrow.”
With my younger kids this works best but I will say, that process alone has cut 5 or more loads out of my weekly laundry routine!

2. The Collecting/Sorting Process – Every mom suffers with the dirty combined with clean clothing strewn generously all over the room syndrome, and I am not an exception, but I have placed a large hamper in the hallway between the boys and the little girls rooms and a large hamper in my big girls room to hopefully accrue most of their dirty “play” clothing. On wash days, I collect the contents of these hampers and wash. Clothing that is worn for leaving the house, is hung in my kids’ closets. These outfits are collected in a specially marked basket in the laundry room (placed there by the kids once they come home and change into their “play clothes”) and are washed on delicate, hung, and returned to their closets.

To control towel laundry, once weekly all bath towels, robes (little kids use these instead of towels), hand towels, kitchen towels, and during the summer pool towels, and sort via color and wash.
Hand towels are collected in their own marked bin in the laundry room and changed more often but bath towels, if hung to dry and air, can be used for numerous days – even I do it! It’s also environmentally friendly!

I wash bedsheets every other week, but blankets are only washed at the end of each season… That is unless sickness hits them first and typically that happens at least once or maybe twice a year! :)

School uniforms also have an assigned bin in the laundry room (two rolling bins with six total compartments, each marked for specified items) and the kids put their uniforms in the bin after school each day as part of their after school “routine’. These are washed twice weekly, which is about three loads total!

Additional loads collected are my once weekly “bleach load” (which is all white only towels – mostly kitchen cloths, and house cleaning towels), and my personal laundry which total one to two loads weekly.

Of course there is always the random rug or towel from drying Shoka off from the rain….


chefsummer #Leh said...

Now Kate I give my mom a 10-12 as well only becuse. Her food is made with love plus she only makes her

Mac & Chees
Sweet potato pie
Candy Sweets

Every once in a blue moon however it's made with tons of mothely love therefore it's worth the wait Try some real motherly love Kate and you kids will love whateve, you cook.

I took a bullet said...

3. The Washing Process – I typically do all laundry on Mondays but will run the additional loads I mentioned above all through the week whenever necessary. I’ve trained myself to look into the laundry room every time I pass it (500 times per day) to remind myself to switch over the current load(s) that are running.
I can honestly say that other than the week we returned from the infamous RV trip this summer, my laundry has never overwhelmed me…. I refuse to let it be “boss!” :)

4. The Putting Away Process – My kids will often help put laundry away, as well as collect it for me, which helps so much! We attack the laundry like an army!

I wash in cold water so I am able to combine all colors of clothing which helps me to be able to wash ALL types of clothing together. This helps all items to get back to their proper places. In other words, I don’t combine the little kids “darks” with Mady and Cara’s “darks” to wash. This process would cause an instant “put away” nightmare, especially since sizes are getting closer and closer which only increases confusion!
I simply wash loads based on “who” and not on “what”, if that makes sense!

A final tip: I use drying racks to dry delicate items but also to dry used kitchen towels, pool towels or any dirty wet clothing. I have “clean” drying racks, and “dirty” drying racks that are color coded so the two don’t get mixed.
By allowing “dirty” kitchen cloths etc. to dry, they can then be safely placed into their designated dirty laundry bin to wait for a full load to accrue by wash day. Drying them “dirty” keeps them from mildewing in the bin (yuck!) and allows me to avoid washing a few items at a time, thus cutting down on my overall laundry loads and expense!

Hope this helps! Here’s to keeping you from making a laundry mountain out of a molehill!

Happy laundering!


(courtesy Kateplusmy8. com)

2 pictures included in post. One is a small pic of her laundry room with clothes on the floor (she tweeted the picture once before) and the other is a picture of an inexpensive single wood and plastic drying rack (also pictured under Lovable Products tab).

fidosmommy said...

There may have been a live feed into a waiting room at DWTS. Who knows, the staff may have brought some FOOD and WATER in for the kids while they watched Kate Klomp on the TV screen.

Another thought. The family seats are probably reserved. Each "star" may have a limited number of seats for family and friends. They may not have wanted to give her 8 plus Steve plus a babysitter.

Just curious said...

It's possible Kate had the kids flown to LA so she could take them to Disney (to get out of practicing and for the extra publicity) then flew them back home before the filming of that week's show took place.

dee3 said...

I love to cook and have since I was a child. Food talks to me (sometimes it talks to me too much, unfortunately...but that's another story). :D

I usually use recipes for baked goods....but rarely for regular cooking. I create as I go. I especially love to try recipes where there is an ingredient that would not usually be found in that particular dish (like mayonnaise in a cake recipe)....I'm currently interested in making matzoh lasagna (from the side of the matzoh box)....just because it's different. I pick up tons of tips and ideas from the cooking channel (love Ina Garten) I learned things like how to de-glaze a pan, etc.

I saw this dish made by someone on the food channel....I think they made it in either a paper bag or in parchment paper....but I use foil for it. I take s piece of fish, usually salmon or tilapia, add all sorts of interesting veggies...fresh or frozen, depending what I have on hand, some butter and some fresh lemon juice....seal it up in foil....cook it....and each person gets their own foil packet....dinner all in one packet. And the clean up is a breeze for this pots or pans.

Something my kids loved when they were little (well, and they still do) was "eggy bread"....a dish someone told me about. You just melt butter in a pan, rip a hole out of the middle of a slice of bread, put it in the pan with the butter and then break an egg into the opening in the middle of the have to taste it....the butter makes the bread crispy and's just fabulous....sinfully so. (you cook it on each side for a minute or so...not too want the yolk to be able to ooze out when you cut into it)

I am currently trying to figure out how to create the cabbage rolls my grandmother used to make. She made it without tomato sauce...which is what made it different. It was the sauce that I'm trying to was sort of a thickened, light brown, sweet and sour sauce....made with sour salt (citric acid) and crumbled honey cake (a cake popular for Passover)...and I'm having one heck of a time trying to get it right. I asked her years ago how she made it and she basically told me...some of this and some of that...but at least I learned it was made with sour salt and honey cake. If anyone has ever heard of stuffed cabbage with a non-tomato based sauce, let me know. For all I know, my grandmother just made the recipe up.

I've made stuffed cabbage with tomato sauce plenty of times. It's a very time-consuming dish to make....but I'm determined to figure-out how to make it with my grandmother's sauce. It was really delicious. ~ Administrator said...

That laundry post actually had a few remotely useful tips, remarkably. But washing bedsheets only every two weeks is pushing it IMO with eight active kids. Gross. And they only are allowed to change play clothes if they are visibly dirty? Yikes. What about sweat? That's not usually visible. Gross again.

She's going to have a wake up call in the teen years when sweat picks up and active teens really only can wear things once or twice before it's simply not hygienic to keep wearing it. ~ Administrator said...

Even if there is a good reason to not bring the kids on DWTS, still doesn't explain why they never ever do any live TV spots with Kate anymore when Kate has done tons. All the other big families do live TV together, the Duggars, the Dilleys, and on and on. ~ Administrator said...

busy like crazy! Or am I crazy? Either way, so busy! GN! about 10 hours ago


Can I answer this? You're crazy.

Tucker's Mom said...

Kate's recipes have surprised me. Not in just how amateur they are but that she uses a lot of pre made and processed foods. In that way, she is comparable to Sandra Lee.
Skipping cheese on pizza is just plain stupid. You get protein and calcium and a bit of fat. I'm telling y'all, watch for this woman to run into health problems because of her overly controlling her food intake. She's on a treacherous path.
I bet that Kate and her twidiots would think that Kwanza cake is absolutely brilliant. If you don't know what I'm talking about, Google it. That monstrosity qualifies for crimes against food. It's almost too bizarre to be real. Seriously, you won't believe your eyes.

Tucker's Mom said...

dee3, I'm of Polish parents and stuffed cabbage is something I've always loved and now make myself. I've (IMO) improved on Mom's recipe and now make a sweet and sour tomato sauce using vinegar and brown sugar. A good reference for tasty stuffed cabbage is Martha Stewart's late mother, Mrs. Koystyra. It helped me tweak the recipe to make it even more tasty.

fidosmommy said...

Thanks for the Laundry Day tips. I'll sit down at my computer and whip up my own impossibly complex system to do a rather simple job.

She can't put a laundry mark on the tags inside of shirts and pants to tell whose is whose and then just wash all their stuff together?

I thought she said she has a "laundry girl". If Kate does all this, does the "laundry girl" sit and tweet for Kate? Maybe she's the one who takes care of Kate's blog. Who knows what she does while Kate is obsessing over sorting clothes.

windycitygal said...

She only washes bedding every two weeks? That IS gross. I do mine every week without fail, blankets every other month and I am not a clean freak. I like clean bedding. I cannot imagine getting into a bed that hasn't been laundered in 2 weeks especially during the summer. I love how she mentions her laundry routine is environmentally "friendly". I have news for you Ms. Kreider - ditch the pazillion paper plates and paper towels first!

Gimme said...

Chefsummer, I have been wanting candied sweet potatoes forever. My mother used to make make them and I have tried but never could get mine to candy like she did and I always forgot to get her recipe. Glad to see the sweet potato making a come back. We were raised on them. Candied sweet potatoes always with turnip greens/collards, pork chops, cornbread and a green onion with a bit tall glass of ice tea. Thanks.

Vanessa said...

OMG Admin! Your comment about the laundry...sheets every two weeks...when they're teens! Did you all see Bridesmaids?? The part about snapping the sheets in half?! LOL!

How can she say she's bombarded with laundry EVERYDAY then say the sheets are washed every two weeks and that the kids wear play clothes until they are "visibly" dirty??? Sounds like her usual contradictions.

And if you're miss healthy/organic, why all the PRE-packaged, PRE-MADE, OVER-processed ingredients in your recipes?? Ever hear of eating CLEAN???

JudyK said...

Just wondering said... Is everyone who posts here an older, married woman who likes to cook?

Gosh, I don't fit your generalization 'cuz I'm an older, unmarried (divorced) woman who loves to cook and loved to cook even in my 20's. I used to be known for my dinner parties and once fixed brunch for my entire Sunday School class, so I'll post a recipe later when I have time. LOVE this thread! Maybe Kate can learn something from us.

SG said...


I too wonder why Kate never had her children in the recent interviews. It's obviously not because it's just exploiting them even more.

I really think she realizes she can't control her children in live/unedited interviews. She has to be very worried about what the children say in interviews.

Mady has already said she likes her Dad better than her Mom in one interview. Then of course there was "WaterGate." There was also the time Kate squeezed one of the tups shoulder so hard to get her to behave during the interview. I'm sure Kate does not want any more surprises that make her look bad.

I, for one, am very glad the children aren't being interviewed. As much as I'd love to hear them being candidly interviewed by someone other than TLC or Kate, I think it would only get them in trouble with Kate. They also need to stay off tv, in my opinion, to go back to just being regular kids.

Tucker's Mom said...

Wait, I thought Kate had a "girl" who does the laundry? Washing bed sheets twice monthly is pretty gross if you ask me and I'm betting dollars to donuts that Kate's sheets get washed more often and clothes do not get worn until soiled.
Truly, if she does have help, which she herself has said, there is just no reason to let sheets and clothing go so damn long between washings. ~ Administrator said...

She said she has a laundry helper before, all I could think during this post was of course laundry is easy for you someone does it FOR you. I could talk about how easy to is to keep my car clean--I pay the car wash people.

I'm getting really squeaked out by those dirty two week old sheets. These are active kids. Ick no wonder they always get sick.

Always Skeptical said...

I have placed a large hamper in the hallway between the boys and the little girls rooms and a large hamper in my big girls room to hopefully accrue most of their dirty “play” clothing. On wash days, I collect the contents of these hampers and wash.

I simply wash loads based on “who” and not on “what”, if that makes sense!

Well that explains why the tups all have to dress alike. A laundry hamper for the boys and one for the girls, she washes all boys clothes then all girls clothes so when clothes are put away it doesn't matter who gets whose, they're all the same.

But she just tweeted recently she has a laundry girl, so why is she saying she does it all?

Tucker's Mom said...

Environmentally friendly laundry? Hey Kate, with 23 acres you could run a hell of a lot of clothes line!
My mom dried outdoors whenever possible. I actually like the feel of an air-dried stiff towel! ~ Administrator said...

She's tweeted a lot about laundry but I can't find a good way to search twitter for it, but I swear she was complaining before about sorting out darks. Because I remember saying an easy way to do it is to have one basket for darks one for lights and then as you discard clothes put them in the right basic--wa-la! I'm sure she's contradicted herself more than once here lol.

dee3 said...

Tucker's mom~

Thank you SO much! My grandmother was also from Poland (both of my mother's parents were). I was having a major problem trying to find sour salt in any store....until I learned how to google and learned that sour salt is citric acid...which I then found in an Indian grocery store (where I get most of my spices...much less expensive than at the grocery store).

I'm really excited to develop something using that recipe you use and some of the ingredients my grandmother used. Thanks so much again....I'll let you know how it turns out.

Kwanzaa cake....hahaha....oh boy, I remember when Sandra Lee made that....was that funny! The only cake that day that was half decent was the light blue frosted one. The autumn one...she screwed up by filling the entire hole in the middle of the angel food cake with frosting and then scattering corn nuts around the's making me laugh just remembering.

Her show was hysterical, wasn't it? I loved the table-scapes and how she included so much booze in every meal.....and was even drinking it while she cooked (if you can call that cooking).

I remember at work once (years ago) this woman said something like, "my husband will be so thrilled I made dessert for him for dinner tonight"......turned out this "dessert" was cherry jello. To her...that was making a huge effort to make a dessert. She was the type of person who would have loved Sandra Lee....and taken her dead seriously.....and I'm sure there are plenty like her out there. :D

SG said...

I've always washed socks, underwear and pajamas in at least warm water. Sheets too. I wash towels in hot.

Someone questioned Kate's sorting her kids' clothes. I think Kate washes each child's clothes separately so she doesn't have to separate them after they are washed. Each load gets removed from the dryer and thrown in basket and each child gets their own basket to put away. I'd imagine that makes it a lot easier when you have 8 kids.

I would think all the tups are the same size. Why not put their clothes all in the same closet and have them share (based on gender of course)? If they have their own special dress, shirt, etc then only they would wear it. They are old enough to know which is their shirt, etc. It's also less expensive if they share because she wouldn't have to buy 3 of the same shirt, dress, etc. They can take turns wearing them.

Tucker's Mom said...

I wash my sheets once a week and also keep a sheet on top of my bed at all times because my dogs are allowed on the bed. I feel bad for the G kids having a dog and not being able to have him in the bed with them. I don't think that dog is allowed on the main floors and has to be in the basement, which I simply do not get.
Also, German Shepards shed A LOT and I can't imagine getting fur on my clothes and not washing them. When my next door neighbor walks her Golden I always say hi and pet her and dear lawd, that dog leaves her fur all over my pants!

Tucker's Mom said...

dee3, what cracked me up most about Sandra Lee was her constantly wearing "angel" sleeved shirts/tops. That's just an accident waiting to happen!

Gift of grab said...

Laundry? Parsed to this extent? What a sad, sad psycho she is. Once again, she has taken what should be a relatively simple household chore and elevated it to theoretical physics. When, moreover, she actually has a "laundry girl" (her words, and very recently).

Is this the sort of "masterminding" she wastes her time on? What a pathetically meaningless existence.

Tucker's Mom said...

Wow, air-drying towel allows you to use them for a few day? Who knew? Oh dear Kate, you and yours have filled a landfill the size of a football field with paper plates over the course of the past 11 years.
The jig's up.

SG said...

I don't ever recall Kate saying she had a laundry girl in the recent years. I recall her tweeting she has a nanny/babysitter four days a week and a housekeeper.

Lorrie said...

silimom, my MIL gave me a similar recipe as your Dutch Baby, and I make it for guests all the time. It wows them, and I never tell them how easy it is to do! It's important that you NOT stir the batter once it's in the pan. Just pour it in the pan's center, and throw it in the oven.

Does anyone out there like Giada from the FN? I've always thought she made pretty good food, but I've been addicted to her show lately. Is that weird? She is a slight bit too perky and I've heard rumors floating around that she's a bit of a mean girl, but I still love her show. The laid-back California lifestyle she portrays makes me so jealous! :)

Always Skeptical said...

SG, I've been looking for the tweet but haven't found it and I have to go out.

I remember seeing it because I thought the term laundry "girl" was so condescending and also it was the first time she'd mentioned someone helping with the laundry.

Tucker's Mom said...

Kate mentioned that she has a laundry girl and sitter several days a week in an interview. Can't recall which one, but she said it.

Mimi to 3 said...

Can you even imagine the melt downs Kate is going to have when all those kids start not just sweating but well, you know, stinking from the sweat. It happens fairly early and once it starts there is no stopping it. And when it first happens to kids they are so not used to that and forget they need to soap and use deodorant every day that it catches them off guard when someone says 'you stink'. It's just nature and it happens to everyone but I cannot imagine being the uber control freak Kate is and having kids forgetting soap and deodorant. That adds a whole new element to laundry. Good luck with that Kate. She'll probably have a nervous breakdown -- oh what am I thinking, she will always have someone doing her laundry.

dee3 said...

I think that Giada's cooking skills are fairly good....but I can't stand the way she smiles and shows too much teeth...almost frozen in a rictus grin (would be good on a Halloween pumpkin....but not a cook).

I've never heard she's a mean girl (that doesn't mean she isn't, it's just that I never heard that particular info) but there were huge rumors some time ago about her having a rather kinky affair with Jon Mayer.
I do have difficulty relating to her "bougie", laid-back life-style.

I have difficulty relating to Ina's lifestyle in the Hamptons also....but I think she's a great cook and she cooks REAL food....and I've learned tons of tips from her and her show.

As far as Rachel Ray goes....I just think that if you can't bake, you shouldn't have your own cooking show. A decent cook should be able to bake too.

Sandra Lee....worth having a show just for the comedic entertainment. There used to be some websites on the net spoofing her....they were hysterical. I think one of them was TV without pity. I used to laugh out loud when reading there.

PJ's momma said...

Oh, sweet potatoes! I love making this for Thanksgiving and other holidays. It is always a hit, there's no official rating (granny declared it out of this world) but it would probably be pretty high. I got it online - wish I could give credit!
6 large sweet potatoes, baked, peeled, mashed
3 eggs
1-1/4 cup milk
1/4 cup bourbon
1-1/2 cups sugar
1/2 tsp salt
1/2 tsp cinnamon
1 tsp allspice
2 tsps vanilla
Mix all ingredients well, beat until light and fluffy. Spoon into a greased casserole dish and bake at 350 until set, about an hour. If desired, garnish with marshmallows and bake until they melt and just begin to brown. You can also garnish with finely grated orange rind instead of marshmallows and omit the final baking time.
This is sort of like sweet potato pie without the crust. I eat the leftovers for DAYS for breakfast, lunch or dinner!

Audible Click said...

I was thinking about those months old, defrosted crumpets that Kate served to her poor indentured kids so I decided to post this yummy and easy muffin recipe.

Orange Blossom Muffins


1 large egg slightly beaten
1/4 Cup sugar
1/2 Cup orange juice (fresh or frozen)
2 Tablespoons cooking oil
2 Cups packaged biscuit mix. (Bisquick etc.)
1/2 Cup orange marmalade
1/2 Cup ground pecans (other nuts may be used)

Combine first four ingredients. Add biscuit mix and
beat vigorously for 30 seconds. Stir in marmalade and
pecans. Pour into greased or lined muffin pan about 2/3 full.


1/4 Cup sugar
1 1/2 Tablespoons all purpose flour
1/2 Teaspoon cinnamon
1/4 Teaspoon nutmeg
1 Tablespoon butter or margerine

Combine the first four ingredients. Cut in butter until mixture is crumbly. Sprinkle over the batter in the muffin tin. Bake at 400 degrees for 20 to 25 minutes.

Kate's Cart said...

I've been making this side dish all summer with fresh tomato and basil. The family loves this.


4 lg. ripe tomatoes
1/2 lb. Brie cheese
1 c. basil leaves
3 cloves garlic
1 c. olive oil
2 1/2 tsp. salt
1/2 tsp. pepper, freshly grated
1 lb box pasta (I like Ronzoni Gemelli)
Freshly grated Parmesan cheese
Cut tomatoes into 1/2 inch cubes. Remove rind from cheese and cut into small pieces. Cut basil into strips. Peel and mince garlic. Combine all these ingredients in large bowl. Add hot cooked pasta and stir then cover. Lift the wrap frequently just to inhale the aroma (and stir!). Serves 6. This can be served warm/room temp. Gets better as the cheese melts.

I’ve been buying the round of brie at Costco (bargain) and since we love this dish, I have divided the brie into 3rds to make is go farther.

Gimme said...

As usual had to make it much harder than it has to be. What does the laundry "girl" do while Khate and the kids are doing all this work - watch?

dee3 said...

A good tip I figured out by accident...regarding glazing a spiral-cut ham (and Costco has fabulous spiral-cut hams, btw). It aggravated me when it came with the packet that you mix with water to make the glaze...because most of it dripped down into the pan and I'd have to keep basting it. But one time I added some preserves (to the packet/water mix)....peach, apricot or pineapple are good...and the glaze adhered to the ham and I didn't have to keep basting it.

That sweet potato recipe sounds delicious, PJ's mom. One time I made sweet potatoes with stewed dried fruit (the potatoes were in chunks, not mashed) and everyone loved it (Thanksgiving...adults).

Tucker's about the color coordinated Kitchen-Aid mixers (that cost a fortune)? I loved the tablescapes where she piled so much stuff in the middle of the table that you couldn't see the person sitting across from you. :D

I became weary of Rachel Ray quickly because her cooking was limited to stove-top....and this also applied to Bobby to mostly grilling...and to Giada...mostly Italian.

I can't remember her name (this is my early Altzheimer's kicking in...j/k)...but she had a European accent and her measurements were in kilograms, grams, etc....and she was very earthy. Later, her name will suddenly pop into my head...I just can't remember it at the moment. At any rate, I LOVED watching her show. I also love watching Martha Stewart cook, loved Julia Childs....really good cooks. I love Lidia can cook...but yet again, limited to Italian food so I'm kinda getting tired of it.

I don't think that Kate's laundry info/tips is all that bad (except for the sheet washing issue) tips for doing laundry when you have many children could be helpful for many moms. It's not nearly as bad as posting well-known recipes that you claim to be your own. I think that if she instead, blogged about how to make well-known recipes kid-friendly, that it would be much more helpful. I don't know about her kids, but mine were VERY picky when they were around the age of the tups.

what an idiot said...

Man, what a moronically complicated laundry procedure. Forcing the kids to wear play clothes until they are "visably" dirty? Washing kids clothes on delicate?

And the two week interval for bed sheets? You *know* she's not allowing those kids to shower every night because it would be just too much bother. (Looks like Sunday is "bath night".) Those sheets must me one hot mess at the end of a half month.

Yep, she's got a few surprises coming down the pike.

Oh, and she did say she had a "laundry girl" in an interview.

There was a real brouhaha about it all over the internet, since more than a few people felt it was an out-dated and disrespectful way to refer to the woman (she wasn't employing a minor, we assume) who was doing her dirty laundry.

what an idiot said...

Got many kids? Teach them to put their dirty clothes into three hampers: whites, lights, and darks.

Every morning, and every evening, chose one full hamper and run a load and dry it. That's two loads a day, taken care of while you do other things. Sixteen loads a week, or, in the case of this idiot, the equivalent of two loads for each kid.

It's a lot harder to get backed-up laundry if you do as a part of an every day routine.

Kids over 6 can fold and put away their own clothing, especially if you've got room for a laundry room table.

Or you can just get the "laundry girl" to do it.

Tucker's Mom said...

I don't know about her kids, but mine were VERY picky when they were around the age of the tups.
I can't believe the tups still can not pick out what they want to wear. Except when they're with Jon, of course.

Tucker's Mom said...

what an idiot said...
Man, what a moronically complicated laundry procedure. Forcing the kids to wear play clothes until they are "visably" dirty? Washing kids clothes on delicate?

And the two week interval for bed sheets?
The bed sheets are a real sticking point for me. We slough off dead skin cells every night and dust mites feed on them. You must wash IN HOT WATER to get rid of them. This from the woman who maniacally cleaned out invisible mold from her refrigerator for hours.

prairielivin said...

OMG Thanks Kate!! I never knew how to sort and wash laundry until today! I have been throwing everything into the wash at the same time and then tossing it all in a pile in the middle of the living room for us to grab and use when we needed. I never knew what to do - my dog would chew on the towels, my cats would scratch holes in the nylons, it would take forever to find a matching pair of socks. But today!! I know there's a better way!!!! All because of Kate!! Hallelujah!

P.S. Is this woman for real?

Laura D. said...

Gimme, question about the Jezebel sauce. I am definitely going to make this (sounds delish!) Do I understand correctly that you just pour the sauce over the cream cheese as opposed to mixing the sauce and cheese together? Thanks.

As for Kate’s laundry post…I got exhausted just reading it. What an over-production. And I agree with the commenter who said she could run a hell of a clothesline on her property. I hang my laundry outside practically until it snows. I then let it tumble in the dryer for 10 minutes just to get the stiffness out. Why is anyone remotely interested in any of Kate’s so-called tips?

CS said...

Is she kidding? She has two washers and 2 dryers, how hard can it be to do four loads of laundry a day? She makes me sick!

Laura D. said...

One more thing. Do you think she only changes the sheets every 2 weeks because the kids are at Jon’s sometimes and not thus not using them? I’m big on clean sheets every week. There’s no better feeling than climbing into a nice fresh bed. Not to mention sweaty sheets can stink up the whole room!

Gimme said...

Laura D. said...Yes, just pour it over the cream cheese and scoop up cheese and sauce and spread.

HollyMo said...

Moose, you made me laugh! This morning I reread what I had written last night and realized how it might sound. No, he only gets regular brownies - although last nights batch had coconut in it, which ranked it a 12 on the Bear-o-meter.

In other OT news, I scored a sweet full time job today. I am over the moon happy about it, but I might be around less to bore you all ;)

anger issues kate said...

Well, for laundry doing, if I had that many children or less, I would assign days to which the kids would do laundry. Like: the twins on say tuesday, the tup girls wednesday, the tup boys thursday, then friday or monday for Kate, that leaves 3 days to do the sheets, pillow cases, towels etc. The kids would do it after school, after homework, or in Kates case, since she has 12 hours a day, during the day early. then have the kids fold their clothes and put them away. I also read that underwear, sheets, towels should be washed in hot water, to kill bacteria, germs etc. the rest of the wash can be done in hot/cold or cold.
I myself do my underwear separate from the rest of my wash, then tops, pants, towels, sheets, curtains, anything else. as for wearing play clothes twice, or untill dirty is fine, but one must train children to becareful and stay clean. That is how I do my laundry.

Laura D. said...

Gimme: Thanks!
Bearswife: Congrats!

Gimme said...

Oh the Jezebel - very pretty with the sauce poured over top. I suppose you could mix or have it on the side - very versatile.

I think she tweeted that she had a laundry "girl" (gotta love that) and a "baby sitter" 4 days a week. She has to be that rare exception that has a baby sitter when she is home.

SG said...

anger issues kate said...
Well, for laundry doing, if I had that many children or less, I would assign days to which the kids would do laundry. Like: the twins on say tuesday, the tup girls wednesday, the tup boys thursday, then friday or monday for Kate, that leaves 3 days to do the sheets, pillow cases, towels etc. The kids would do it after school, after homework, or in Kates case, since she has 12 hours a day, during the day early then have the kids fold their clothes and put them away.

I'm confused. Are you saying that in Kate's case the kids should or shouldn't do their own laundry?

I'm sorry but those children have early mornings and long days at school plus homework. They've WORKED and supported the family since they were babies. They should not have to do their own laundry.

Their mother doesn't have a job and is home all week long and has TWO to THREE weekends a month all to herself. There is no reason those children should be doing their own laundry or even putting them away.

Yes, they have to learn to be responsible. They should clean up their toys and put their dirty clothes in the various hampers, set the table, feed the dog, etc.

Sure, they should learn HOW to do laundry and if they want to help even better, but do their own laundry? She has no job!

Kate has a housekeeper so she doesn't even have to clean her house. What does she do? Shop, tweet and cook, pay some bills? Big deal.

She has all week during the day and after they go to bed as well as child-free weekends each month. There is no reason those children should be doing their own laundry. IMO.

SG said...


Yes, being that the children were already in California I wonder why she didn't let them stay to see the show live.

Although I'm pretty sure they were there on a Friday or weekend so maybe she wanted them home in time to rest up for school with the time difference and all. That would have been the responsible thing for her to do and I really hope that's why she did it, not because of how the kids would behave on live TV, etc.

Tucker's Mom said...

SG, I have to respectfully disagree with the kids doing laundry. I get where you're coming from and I agree those kids have worked their whole lives and have long days. However, every kid should have chores, no matter if they're rich or poor, an actor or a reality show "participant". Did you hear those kids talking about having servants during the RV trip? That blew my mind.
I know mine is a dissenting opinion, but I think the G8 are spoiled. That's not an indictment on any of them as people, it's a result of living an entitled life on a "golden" platter. They have fricking everything from toy SUV's to quads to Crooked Houses to a tree house to a pool and on and on. They get first class, VIP treatment everywhere they go. Head of the line, personalized presents and limousines for heaven's sake!
I believe those kids need to be brought down to earth with chores, be it laundry or dishes or raking leaves.
Can you imagine (maybe some here can) growing up and never raking leaves or shoveling snow etc?? It doesn't do a child any good to have them grow up without doing their part around the home.
Thanks for listening ;-)

anger issues kate said...

Sg: Kate should do the laundry during the school year, and have the kids put their laundry away or Kate can put the laundry away. I did say Kate had 12 hours a day to do laundry. And yes she does have the weekends, that Jon has the kids. During the summer coming(now that they no longer film), the kids can have their own day(with Kate supervisoring(spending time with the kids, this 1, will have Kate get to really know her kids, 2, teach them how to do laundry)(we do know Kate hates spending time with her kids) and put it away. I totally agree with you that Kate does shit all day, and can do the laundry, geez 2 washers and 2 dryers(one can be done with wash in no time).
I think Kate lies on when she does laundry. I think she let the laundry pile up(like maybe 2 weeks) so she can complain about it. Cause if she was doing laundry the way she says then, it would not be a chore or pile up. But as someone here said perhaps Kate washes each child clothes separate, so she does not have to sort them. That in it self is wasting water. That would be 16 loads, not including her stuff.

HollyMo said...

GRRR had a long post and lost it! I`ll try one more time.

Kate needs to STFU, seriously! if she has laundry problems she needs Flylady - great website.
I wash sheets once a week and blankets once a month (sometimes more often). BUT we allow our dog on the bed, she just loves to snuggle, even if she is 60 pounds.

Kate`s Cart, that recipe will be made this week. Sounds so delish! How long do you leave it covered, 5 minutes?

I don't know who this Sandra Lee is, never heard of her before you guys. Not sure I want to see her, unless it's for a laugh.

I don't watch a lot of the Food Network. I cooked professionally for 20 years and most of the celebrity chefs seem so fake. I just can't tolerate them.
I do LOVE my Jamie Oliver. I can not get enough of him!!
Rachel ray, she kept me company when I was unemployed for 2 years. I don't make a lot of her stuff, but she's funny and entertaining.
I like Lidia, she cooks like my mom does.

We watch a lot of DDD and Man Vs. Food. I love to see all the yummy stuff. That Guy Fieri (whatever his name is) is obnoxious though.

SG said...

Tucker's Mom,

I really agree with you in your ideas regarding responsibility and chores, etc for all children, including the Gosselin children.

If you notice I did mention that they should have some chores and even know how to do laundry. We know they sort their own laundry, care for the dog and the chickens already. Mady and Cara help the younger kids with homework and shower time, etc. They can set the table, clear their own plates and put them in the sink or dishwasher (or excuse me... throw the paper plates in the trash) and help with clearing the table.

I just feel that laundry is a huge, time consuming chore. Sorting, washing, drying, folding, putting away. We know they run around the house replacing all the toilet paper, they bring the paper towels up from the basement. Seems to me those children have a lot of age appropriate chores.

Their mother does hardly anything in that home (she admits she has a housekeeper). She doesn't even mow her own lawn (they had footage of the landscapers doing it).

I just hate to see Kate sitting around the house not doing much while she delegates all her chores to her children.

If Kate worked full-time, maybe even part-time, I'd feel differently.

Midnight Madness said...

I believe those kids need to be brought down to earth with chores, be it laundry or dishes or raking leaves.


I agree. Doing chores around the house isn't going to hurt them one bit. They need to learn responsibility, regardless of how much they have worked. They aren't working now, and they shouldn't feel entitled for the rest of their lives. They need to learn now that their lifestyle of entitlement is not going to go on forever. It's over, it's done. It's time to come back to reality. Their mother has said that they deserve the house, they deserve special treatment, they deserve this and they deserve that. What she really means is that SHE deserves it.

The deserving has ended, and if the brakes aren't put on now, she's going to have her hands full of kids who will continue to believe that they are entitled to special treatment, to luxury vacations, to whatever they want. Life doesn't work that way. She thought it was never going to end, and had no plans whatsoever when it did. That was my concern all along - how will these kids adjust when they realize that the VIP treatment has stopped, when they don't have all-access backstage passes, lunch rooms set aside just for them, going to the front of the line. I don't think that she has ever prepared them for that because SHE wasn't prepared for that.

A Pink Straight Jacket For Kate said...

prairielivin said...

OMG Thanks Kate!! I never knew how to sort and wash laundry until today! I have been throwing everything into the wash at the same time and then tossing it all in a pile in the middle of the living room for us to grab and use when we needed. I never knew what to do - my dog would chew on the towels, my cats would scratch holes in the nylons, it would take forever to find a matching pair of socks. But today!! I know there's a better way!!!! All because of Kate!! Hallelujah!

P.S. Is this woman for real?


prairielivin, the same thing ran through my mind as I was reading Kate's Laundry blog entry.


Her next blog entry will be about how she inserts a tampon...

Lake Up North said...

Oh wow. Her laundry routine seriously made my head spin for a second. It's just so over explained. So she counts how many times she passes her laundry room? Yeah right.

If she is such a clean don't get dirty type person why in the world would she have her kids continue to wear clothes? Just because you don't see the dirt does not mean it isn't there!

Good grief, yeah takes a real genius to figure out one's own laundry technique and doing it. I'd never believe sheeple would need this type of assistance but I must be wrong.

SG said...

Tucker's Mom,

I feel that even a privileged child can still be responsible. I think there's a difference between a privileged child and a spoiled child.

It's possible they won't grow up feeling entitled just because Kate feels that way.

I don't see Kate spoiling them in the sense that they don't have to do anything around the house. I see the opposite. I think Kate may feel they should be entitled in school or other places they visit, but not in their home. Seems to me like she gives them plenty to do already. As long as it makes life easier for her.

Jon seems pretty grounded now and lives rather simply. They probably have so much fun at his house without all their excessive toys. They already have a good shot at not being spoiled and entitled. I hope.

Midnight Madness said...

Their mother does hardly anything in that home (she admits she has a housekeeper). She doesn't even mow her own lawn (they had footage of the landscapers doing it).


I'll have to give Kate a pass on that one. Our "mowable" lawn area was about the same size as hers. There is no way in the world I would ever tackle a yard that size. In the summer months, our "Mr. Yard Man" would come twice a week, and it would take him four hours each time to cut the grass, weed around the beds with the whacker, and do the cleanup. It's a very tiring, time-consuming job that I couldn't handle, and wouldn't want to handle. I'd probably have a yard that looked like a reckless barber cut it. You have to know exactly what you're doing to take care of that yard, and Kate is no landscaper.

Midnight Madness said...

Her next blog entry will be about how she inserts a tampon...


And next week - how to remove it.

True Thing said...

Midnight Madness said

You have to know exactly what you're doing to take care of that yard, and Kate is no landscaper.


You have to know what you're doing to take care of those kids, and Kate is no parent.

The twit's tweets said...

How conveniently she forgets the details when she needs to concoct a bs blog entry - you know, things like forgetting that her recipe came from a soup can or that she said in an interview that she had a laundry girl! I finally found where we were talking about it on this blog. It was on the Wendy Williams show on September 12.

No Regrets said...

ADMIN you missed Wendy Williams? She said she had a 'girl' that does laundry and other things to FREE her up to be with the kids, THEN she said she had a full time babysitter 4 days a week. LOL If it frees her up then WHY the babysitter? Total idiot.
September 12, 2011 6:01 PM

If she has a babysitter 4 days a week and if she only washes clothes and linens so INfrequently, she has NO excuse for being overloaded with homework or swamped with laundry.

HollyMo said...

Oh Pink, I just gagged thinking about it! NEVA!

SG said...

Midnight Madness,

LOL. I didn't say Kate SHOULD do her own landscaping, I said she doesn't have to. That is one less chore Kate has to do that some other parents have to. ~ Administrator said...

Ewww. Lol I hope she would change a tampon a bit new often than those sheets.

Tucker's Mom said...

SG, I have seen the kids to chores which is great.
Comparing Kate's last post to the one before (not the recipes), I truly don't think she wrote the latter. Her writing is disorganized and a bit all over the place. The laundry post is tough to read through.

Kate's Cart said...

All the recipes sound good. I'm not in a cooking mood thanks to day 2 of a horrible cold, but good thing I've got leftovers for the troops. Last night was golumpki and tonight is chili I made a vat of Saturday and spoon roast left over from Sunday. This time of year I tend to make a lot of stuff my mother used to make, Polish or my German Grandmother. In the summer it tends to be a lot of grilling and fresh veggies. It's almost time for the annual German sauerbraten, which is an eye of the round roast, brined/marinated for 3 days, then cooked in the brine with carrot, celery, onion. Out of the cooking liquid I make a gravy which includes some of the vegetables, run through the food processor, crushed ginger snaps, sour cream. It's a process of a little of this little more ginger snaps to get the flavor right. And have to make potato dumplings and red cabbage. My gram always made apple strudel to go w/ it.

I make a chicken dish that I call for lack of a better name chicken layer $hit. (My kids aren't little LOL) I layer cooked chicken with tortillas, Mexican cheese, and a sauce made with cream of mushroom soup, sour cream, taco seasoning, chicken broth, taco cheese sauce. Covered w/ foil and baked until hot and bubbly. (I'm not a recipe follower - I think I first saw something like this on Paula Deen.)

I too love Ree Drummond - Pioneer Woman. Even on her blog she posts great pictures of her food as she is making it.

Gift of grab said...

Here's kind of a funny OT item: I sometimes follow Kate's twitter activity on twitiq. When you go to that page (for her or anyone), they have pop-up ads. It has been commented before on this blog that the ads popping up often reflect the user's recent browsing interests.

Anyway, the ad on her page today (and I've checked a few other pages to compare, and hers is the only place I see this ad) is: "Add 10,000 twitter followers right now!"

So I guess there's no question that she's either buying twitter followers (they add them in specified increments day by day) or at least researching this.

She's SO transparent. She should really just shut herself down until she figures out her next move. The website is a yawn, her writing is juvenile, her ideas are unoriginal (at best), and her whole public presentation just screams "FAKE." And she genuinely seems to have no idea just how much she's embarrassing herself.

Oh well, at least she's entertaining, and that, after all, is her goal, right?

Stupid Is said...

I won't go to Kate's blog but I have a question for those that do. Does she have any sponsors? Any ads on the sides to click on? Amazon links? Anything to help her actually earn money from that pathetic blog?

Also, I love food. I hate cooking.
I skip the recipes. No big whoop.

P U said...

I don't know about you, but I'd hate to need a towel after swimming at Kates. IMO, pool towels start to smell after a day of use and only washing them once a week is not a user friendly thought. But heck, smell or not, her schedule must remain intact.

Gimme said...

One more recipe to share that is versatile as well:












(not shouting, caps for my benefit - so can see on longer post)

CREDIT: My sister.

The twit's tweets said...

Gimme said...
I think she tweeted that she had a laundry "girl" (gotta love that) and a "baby sitter" 4 days a week. She has to be that rare exception that has a baby sitter when she is home.


You're right, she tweeted about the sitter 4 days a week and said she had a 'laundry girl' on Wendy Williams.

Kate Gosselin:
@tarasiejk a babysitter 4 days/week and a weekly cleaning lady&i hav lotsa energy! Wouldn’t want a cook if could. This is my job&I love it!

Laura D. said...

Kate's Cart: Your Chicken $hit sounds exactly like a dish I make, but without the tortillas. I add salsa to the sauce, add the cooked chicken, cover with cheese then bake casserole-style. I serve it with rice. My kids love it and started calling it Spanish Chicken, lol. I will definitely try your version though – it sounds great!

Tucker's Mom said...

Kate Gosselin:
@tarasiejk a babysitter 4 days/week and a weekly cleaning lady&i hav lotsa energy! Wouldn’t want a cook if could. This is my job&I love it!
Kate is so busted. Jon came clean about all the perks they got while filming and one was a chef. Also lawn service, flowers, wine and dry cleaning.
She's so full of it.
Does anyone remember the chicken coop episode? Kate left the kids to carry the filming on their little backs and left them to be looked after by the crew and Henry. Kate's excuse to keep going back in the house was that she had to take care of her "lunchly duties". In other words, supervise the food service people and dole out the food to the kids.
At that lunch, there was a nice fruit salad and I remember thinking no way in hell did Kate cut up all that fruit! She only slices bananas in half.

chefsummer #Leh said...

Stupid Is said... I won't go to Kate's blog but I have a question for those that do. Does she have any sponsors? Any ads on the sides to click on? Amazon links? Anything to help her actually earn money from that pathetic blog?

Nope none of the above not sure about the money unless her (butt kissers)-I mean fans are sending her cash.

Anonymous said...

Is she actually bragging about changing bed linen only every TWO weeks??? If she does all the laundry, what does the laundry "girl" do??


Pam said...

Does Kate really believe that people need her help/advice about laundry?

Seriously? The woman who complains incessantly about laundry is now giving advice about it?


Bundt Pan Chicken ~ Easiest Thing Ever

( serve 2 REALLY SUPER hungry people or 3-4 regular eaters )

Plop whole chicken on the Bundt pan tube ( stick the tube up the chicken's wazoo ). Fold her wings around her hips to make her look like she has attitude!

Rub her with olive oil and then salt and pepper her real good.

Cut up potatoes ( sweet or red ), carrots and add that and a can of green beans to fill the area of the Bundt pan around the chicken. Put the carrots on the bottom to ensure they get tender.

Place Bundt pan on a cookie sheet ( to catch any drippings but ususally there are none ), and bake on 375 for 2.5-3 hours until golden brown.

Chicken is SO moist and yummy!!!

The easiest all-in-one thing to prepare and not have to stand over while cooking.

Serve with dinner rolls and honey butter.

mmmmmmmm mmmmmmmmmm good

Anonymous said...

I think she reveals a lot about her relationship with the children when she says, "Getting the dirtying PROCESS under CONTROL was the most DIFFICULT but most NECESSARY.....".


Tamara said...

Khate wouldn't let the kids be in the audience because then all of the attention wouldn't be on HER. Part of it would be on the eight, and she has shown over and over again that she can't stand that.

How are the kids spoiled? They have a few material things, but nowhere near what their classmates have. Travel wise the six are too young to consider them a luxury, and I'd be willing to bet Cara would happily give up the trips. Inside that house is like an orphanage. Only spoiled one is Khate.

A Pink Straight Jacket For Kate said...

In honor of Kate's mildly interesting laundry blog (and my Cuban roots ;o) ), I am contributing my mom's "Ropa Vieja" recipe, to this mighty fine blog.

Cuban Ropa Vieja (literal translation: "Old Clothes")

1 1/2 lbs flank steak
1 large onion, peeled & chopped
2 large carrots, peeled & chopped
celery, finely chopped
2 bay leaves
2 cups red sofrito (she used to puree in a blender: tomatoes, green peppers, onions & garlic- I just buy it ready made from a jar)
1 tbsp dry cooking sherry
1 can baby green peas
1 jar pimientos, finely chopped
1 can tomato sauce (or paste)
salt & pepper (to your taste)

Add meat, onion, carrots & bay leaves to a pot filled with 2 quarts of water.

Bring to a rolling boil.

Reduce heat to medium-low, and cook about 3 hours until tender (you should easily be able to shred the flank steak with a fork).

Remove meat from pot, and set aside to cool.

Strain the contents of the pot, but save the broth. Set aside the onions, carrots, and
don't forget to throw out the bay leaves.

When the flank steak is cool enough to handle,
start shredding the meat with your hands or with a fork. The shredded meat should look yarn-like (or like shredded clothes).

In a large pot, saute the sofrito, about 1/2 cup - 1 cup of the broth, cooking sherry, chopped celery, peas, and the carrot & onions you put aside. Add the shredded flank steak.

If the sauce is too thick, you can add more broth. Cook for another 10 minutes.

Add tomato sauce, pimentos, salt & pepper. Cook until heated (maybe another 10 minutes?),
and that's it.

Traditionally, Ropa Vieja is served with white rice (or black beans with rice), and a side dish of platanos maduros, and/or yuca w/mojo sauce.

Buen provecho :o)

A Pink Straight Jacket For Kate said...

Pam, your Bundt Pan Chicken recipe is BRILLIANT!!!!

Looking forward to trying it out.

Sort of reminds me of Matthew McConaughey's Beer Can Chicken- except a beer can goes up the chicken's wazoo ;o)

PJ's momma said...

I don't eat meat, but I used to, and did this chicken thing: Cut a lemon in half. Place half in the cavity of the chicken, with the pulp facing out. Put an entire head of garlic in on top of that. Place the other half of the lemon on that, rind sticking out of the bum. Place in crock pot on low all day. It is divine and there is broth galore for later. You probably could put potatoes and carrots in there but they'd be greasy. Makes me want to go back to meat!

steff said...

Oh No! I'm doing hubby's laundry today and Kate didn't add anything about how to organize & wash grown up clothes....I don't know what to do now! And I divide the clothes up into piles on the laundry room floor, do I need to go out and buy hampers & dividers & organizers instead? hahahahahahaha

Now back in real housewife land.....

At the tups age, my kiddo was able to divide his laundry into wash piles, by the twins age he could help fold his clothes and put them away. Now at age 17, he does his own laundry every weekend. These are basic life skills that all kids need to learn, just like learning basic cooking skills. IMO as parents, these things are a part of our jobs to teach our kids. Kate is doing a disservice to the kids by not teaching them how to be self sufficient. Not saying little kids should do their own laundry, but teach them over time. As they get older, they get more responsibility for their own things. No different than when they are little, they help set the dinner table. A little older, they help clear the table. A little older, they help load the dishwasher. Eventually they are given the chore of unloading the dishwasher & loading it. If Kate really idolized the McCaulley's so much, she should read up on how chores were distributed and taken care of.

But again, all of these things would help reduce Kate's stress & martyrdom, and we know that just CAN'T happen or what will she have left.

Midnight Madness said...

LOL. I didn't say Kate SHOULD do her own landscaping, I said she doesn't have to. That is one less chore Kate has to do that some other parents have to.


I'm sorry. I must have mis-read it. You said she doesn't even do her own mowing, and I took it to mean that she should get off her butt and get the job done. I know that there are other homeowners who do their own yard work, but many do have landscapers they employ to do it, depending on the size of the yards. I haven't seen too many moms mowing yards that size. If the husband doesn't do it, they have a yard service to take care of it. In Kate's case, this would be a job that is beyond her abilities and is best left to the professionals! When Jon was there, did he mow the yard, or did he leave before mowing season was upon them?

Can you imagine how much whining she'd do if she had to mow the yard and take care of the pool? She'd do blog entries on the fine art of cutting grass, weeding, mulching, backwashing a filter and maintaining proper chemical balance! We've now mastered what to do and what not to do when we do the laundry. I can't imagine how those with large families have gotten along all these years without those expert laundry tips!

Call Me Crazy said...

Kate yet again takes a relatively simple task such as doing laundry and complicates it with her ridiculous rules of engagement. Good grief. She makes it sound like she is disarming a nuclear reactor.

Congratulations on the job, bearswife!

Tucker's Mom said...

I agree Kate should not be doing the lawn cutting because it's too massive. Even planting annuals would be an endevour. It just goes to show the massive cost of maintaining that home. Huge.
DH and I mow the lawn but we do have help come in once or twice a year to do a thorough removal of leaves. They are a bitch!

Friend In Pennsylvania said...

How are the kids spoiled? They have a few material things, but nowhere near what their classmates have.\


How do you know that?

Are you saying that the kids don't feel a sense of entitlement? How many of their peers get to run bases with a pro baseball team, or have stage passes to shows and get to see the backstage set with gifts from the stars, go to the front of the line at amusement parks, have rooms at venues set aside just for them, closed to other people, ride in limos to various events with a security entourage in airports, have meet and greets with the Globetrotters, etc. etc.?

You don't believe that these children are spoiled in the sense that they have come to expect these things?

Friend In Pennsylvania said...

DH and I mow the lawn but we do have help come in once or twice a year to do a thorough removal of leaves. They are a bitch!


The "help" or the leaves? :)

SG said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
SG said...

Maybe I misworded my post or people are just discussing not having to mow their own lawns. I really don't expect Kate to mow acres and acres of land herself.

I merely mentioned the lawnmowing/landscaping randomly listing just one more chore, like cleaning the house, that she doesn't have to do herself so she should have plenty of time for laundry.

HollyMo said...

There are some great recipe ideas coming in. I already copied and save Pink's Ropa Vieja (gracias) and the bundt pan chicken sounds like it will be a permanent member of my repertoire.
Believe it or not I never (NEVA) took anything out for supper tonight!! oops What a sorry wife I am. haha
Thanks for the congrats on the job. It is my dream job come home to roost - working with dogs.

Always Skeptical said...

Twit's tweets, thanks for confirming Kate said she had a laundry "girl." I knew I wasn't imagining things.

Maybe the poor "girl" quit and that's way Kate is so, so batshit crazy busy these days.

Hippie Chick said...

fidosmommy said...
She can't put a laundry mark on the tags inside of shirts and pants to tell whose is whose and then just wash all their stuff together?

I had to start doing that w/ my husband's & son's jeans & some tees! My husband is considerably much taller, but when I'm folding & making the piles of clothes, it makes it much easier.

I wash their clothes together, & mine separately, I'm so particular about my clothes. :) Some get machine washed, some get hand washed, some get dried, some get hung, etc. But it would make Kate's life a lot simpler if she just tagged her kids tags!

But oh yeah, she LIKES making her life harder so she garners sympathy. What is UP with that?? Laundry can suck, but it doesn't have to. And doesn't she have someone? Hasn't she always had someone to help with her "mountain" of clothes to wash? Please, she should see my clothes basket after a week of New England weather! Jeans in the a.m. then cargos & flip flops in the afternoon, or maybe shorts? A skirt, tank & scarf perhaps? Do I need a sweater? Gah! :)

~HC~ aka Jenna

fidosmommy said...

I THINK it was Ron Howard who said one of the things that kept him grounded through all his time as a child actor was that his parents made him do chores. At home, he was just Ronnie, not the famous boy who had a TV show that everyone loved.

He may have been famous, but to his parents he was a son who needed to be raised to be a responsible human being.

I'm all for kids helping with chores, but not to the point where they are the ones making the home function. I babysat for 3 children whose parents would go away for weeks at a time. The
kids did their normal things - oldest one cooked and cleaned the kitchen and bathrooms, middle child did laundry and yard work, the little one
set the table, put dishes in dishwasher and took care of the dog's needs. They each tidied their own rooms every day before school. Every Saturday all three of them spent the entire morning cleaning the whole house. Mom and Dad sat. Needless to say, that was a bit too much for me, so I gave the kids time off the whole time I was there. Do I have to say they loved me?

Beth said...

My mom's tomato pudding:

1 can of tomatoes (15 oz.)
2 slices of bread
1/2 cup of sugar
salt and pepper

Preheat oven to 350 degrees. Butter a small casserole dish. Pour tomatoes into dish. Layer torn slices of bread over tomatoes. Salt and pepper to taste and sprinkle sugar over bread. Place pats of butter over all of this and bake for 45 minutes. Yummy!

Of course, us Tennesseans call it Mater Puddin'. Lol

Hippie Chick said...

Kate's Kart...
Your recipe sounds delicious, I'm going to try it with my guys tomorrow!

All of your recipes sound yummy! Thank you all for sharing. I was going to post my meatlof earlier, but I fell down my damn stairs! (The stupid basement stairs too, not the carpeted ones) I'm OK, just a huge bruise on my thigh. Last time I fell down the stairs, (basement ones again, last year) I got this nasty bruise on my ass that looked like a blue & purple & black butterfly. Yeah, I'm a klutz.

I'll either post later or tomorrow, when I'm feeling...less ouchie. Thanks again for sharing everyone!

~HC~ aka Jenna :)

Warmth Of The Sun said...

Oh, Lordy we go again. Someone mentioned that when Kate names brands in her blogs, she does it in hopes that she will be sent freebies. It really didn't take long for it to happen:

@Kateplusmy8 We noticed you are a fan of our cereal. ( We'd like to send you some <3! Can we connect via DM?

What is it about cereal that turns Kate on? Here we go again with another Saga of the Cereal. Brownie - you've been upstaged.

SG said...

fidosmommy said...

I'm all for kids helping with chores, but not to the point where they are the ones making the home function.

Nicely said.

I don't think children should do just as much as, or even more than, their mother; especially a mother that is home all day doing basically nothing but quick food prep, laundry, tweeting and posting recipes and her children's private moments on her blog.

I feel going to school is the children's full-time job. Kate doesn't have a full-time job.

A Pink Straight Jacket For Kate said...

bearswife said...

In other OT news, I scored a sweet full time job today. I am over the moon happy about it, but I might be around less to bore you all ;)


Congratulations, bearswife :o)

Much luck & success to you!

PJ's momma said...

fidosmommy, you just described my childhood - how I wish you had been our babysitter for just a few days! It sure did prepare me for life though; it was shocking how easy it was when I did all those things for just one person and not six. I do think kids should do some chores and supposedly the G kids keep the chicken coop clean, probably clean up after the dog, and have been shown taking their paper plates to the garbage (snort!). Hopefully they make their beds and tidy their rooms, but that epi where Kate threw all the twins' things down the stairs because the room was dirty sort of implies not. Heck, we even stripped all the beds on Saturdays and made them up again! (I do think sheets should be washed in hot water each week.) Basic chores to teach life skills and discipline/standards are a good thing. But Kate likes control so I have my doubts........she'd rather whine about doing it all, even though she doesn't.

chefsummer #Leh said...

Baked Beef or Pork spare ribs marinated with.

1 Rack
1/4 cup Grill mates-Spicy Staek
1/4 Grill mates-Sweet & Smoky Rub
2 TlbsBlack Pepper & Salt
Vegetable Oil
1 C. Real Lemon Juice
1 C. Apple Cider Vinegar
Large baking pan

1.Pre-heat oven to 250
2.Take larger baking pan add lemon juice and vinegar.
2.Take veg oil and run equally on both sides 3 epeat with stake & spicy rub & black pepper
3.Add rack of ribs to baking pan

A nice slow bake at 250 45-60 mins cover with sweet baby ray's bbq sauce in the last 10 mins.

Hippie Chick said...

Tucker's Mom said...
Also, German Shepards shed A LOT....
It's crazy! Ours sheds like mad! We LOVE her so much, but the shedding is insane. And if we have black on & get down to pat her, forget it, we have her hair all over us, but it doesn't bother us. That's why they invented lint rollers! Maybe Kate doesn't want dog hair all over her ugly-ass clothes. Too effing bad Kate; I'm sure the kids would LOVE it, & so would the dog.

When our dog sees us coming & she's lying down, she automatically rolls over so we can pet her belly. She's so cute & lovable. How can Kate just dismiss her pooch?

~HC~ aka Jenna

fidosmommy said...

I'll look up the recipe for Tomato Butter (another Canadian condiment) that my mom used to make in her crock pot. This is for a meat garnish or, like the recipe above, you can pour it over a block of cream cheese to serve with Triscuits. Oh my, I'd run you down for some Tomato Butter!

My mom also made chili sauce in the crock pot. Also great with meat and over cream cheese.

You guys are making me hungry. Stop it!

Hippie Chick said...




Tucker's Mom said...

Hippie, this time of year can be exasperating with trying to decide what to wear. I change several times a day if I'm out and about.
DH and I were at the Jersey shore last week and I changed about 5 times a day.
Morning walk- pants and layered top. Got hot.
Windy- put sweatshirt on
Rain- chilly, put pants back on, get rid of shorts
Sun is out- hot!! strip clothes as much as possible or change. Again.
My happy medium this time of year is shorts with layers on top.

Tucker's Mom said...

Bearswife, kudos on the job. I hope it's like not working at all since you love it!

Audible Click said...

Just some random thoughts about Kate's "laundry process". Kate: "all kids needed to wear and re-wear their play clothes until visibly dirtied." How many times have we seen her shrieking at the kids to stay clean. We know it was so she could, eventually, sell the clothes on consignment. Ah, but now we have another piece of the puzzle, her laziness is the driving force behind her "laundry process". Can you imagine? Do these kids not get all sweaty from playing outside? Mine sure did.
Kate: "Sundays are new pajamas and new play clothes days". Kate:"I wash bedsheets every other week, but blankets are only washed at the end of each season." Can I just say EWWWWWW?. PJ's only changed on Sundays and sheets only changed twice a month with other bedding only washed every three or so months? Kate, we knew you were a lazy bint and now we know you have no sense of hygiene. As for towels, washcloths, and other items, are you serious? Really? You're proud of this "process"? Good grief you're nasty and dirty, Kate. Just another reason to feel sorry for your children.

Do you bother to buy deodorant for any of the kids that may need it? My son used deodorant starting in Kindergarten and this was with a bath and clean PJ's at night and fresh school clothes in the morning. You're deliberately obtuse and unintentionally creepy. My two cents, rant over.

On a happier note. I didn't think I'd enjoy veering off into discussing recipes but it's given me some great new dishes to try out and the Bundt Pan Chicken has the added benefit of just being funny to read, thanks Pam and everyone else who took the time to post recipes.

Anonymous said...

"How many of their peers get to run bases with a pro baseball team . . ."

Was that a special privilege? Many of the things the kids have been able to do are out of the norm, but that one, maybe not. IDK about the Phillies, but the Cincinnati Reds allow the kids in the ball park to run the bases at home games every weekend. They also have random kids picked from the crowd who get to stand in the positions with their favorite players during the National Anthem and some kids get to announce a player on the radio broadcast.

I agree that Kate's "laundry routine" sounds overly complicated and gross -- washing sheets every 2 weeks? Even if the kids are at Jon's 2 nights a week, that's 10 days on the same rumpled, smelly sheets. And bath towels changed out every week? During the summer, anyway, mine get changed every few days because they start to smell sour.

Some of the recipes sound really yummy. I love to cook, but don't so much because there's just me. My contribution:

Mom's Non-Greasy Pan Fried Chicken

Remove skin from assorted chicken parts. Place flour (I use about 2 TBL), a pinch of salt, and a dash of pepper in a small paper bag (plastic can be used, but paper is better), add 2 pieces of chicken at a time, and shake until coated with flour mixture. Tap piece on side of bag to remove excess flour. Spray skillet with non-stick coating, such as Pam, add a small amount of cooking oil (corn or safflower works best. Olive oil gives the chicken an odd flavor) -- just enough to barely cover the bottom of the pan. The oil can be omitted, but chicken will not brown. Add coated chicken pieces. Cover pan and cook on low heat, turning frequently to brown evenly. Remove when juices run clear. The flour mix and minimal pan drippings can be used to make gravy if desired. This is very low in fat, and covering the pan keeps the chicken very moist and tender.

Dee's Famous Dill Weed Dip

I got this recipe from a friend. It's probably not original.

Take one 16 oz. jar of mayonnaise (I use fat free)
One 16 oz container of sour cream (I use fat free, or can substitute low fat plain yogurt)
2 TBL Worcestershire Sauce
10 drops Hot Sauce
2 TBL dried parsley
2 TBL dried dill weed
1/4 cup dehydrated chopped onion

Mix mayo and sour cream, add Worcestershire Sauce and Hot Sauce and mix thoroughly. Add parsley, dill weed and onions and mix thoroughlly. This is best after it has set for several hours, so make ahead and store in frig. It's a great veggie dip or can be used with chips or crackers.


Laurie said...

Speaking of dogs and shedding - I've got an English Bulldog who sheds like mad. If you're in black be prepared to be in white from the knees down when you leave (and sometimes on your arse because we don't always get the couch completely clean). When we go on vacation he goes to our son's house until we return. We have the following posted in our house.

Notice to People that Visit Our Home:

1) The dog lives here. You don't.
2) If you don't want the dog to be near you, stay outside.
3) Yes, he has some disgusting habits. So do I and so do you.
4) OF COURSE he smells like a dog.
5) It's his nature to sniff you, please feel free to sniff him.
6) I like him better than I like most people.
7) To you he's a dog. To me he's an adopted son who is hairy, walks on all fours, and doesn't speak clearly. I don't have a problem with any of these things.
8) Dogs have advantages on kids. They eat less, don't ask for money all the time, are easier to train, usually come when called, never drive your car, don't hang out with drug-using friends, don't drink or smoke, don't worry about whether they have the latest fashions, don't need a gazillion dollars for college...and if they get pregnant you can sell the kids.

Laurie said...

Audible Chick, you said "we knew you were a lazy bint"....did you mean "lazy bunt"? If so, love the Money Python reference.

A Pink Straight Jacket For Kate said...

OUCH, Hippie.

Sorry to hear of your fall.

Basement steps are a b*tch.

Be well-

*Little sidenote:

Same thing happened to my husband years ago- except he was carrying down the basement steps a crate-full of wine, vodka, rum, etc...

Fortunately, he walked away with just a red hot bruise on his butt.

Unfortunately, the booze was not as lucky ;o)

Friend In Pennsylvania said...

Was that a special privilege?


If I recall, yes, it was. There were no other children doing the same thing. It was after a game, and they were with the players. It wasn't a random, kids run loose on the bases thing. This was done for them personally, a perk of having the show filmed there. I also recall the parents saying that "they" (I'm assuming TLC) arranged for the kids to do be able to do it. I also remember the Globetrotters game, and Kate saying that they were "scheduled" to be there - the players were big fans of the show, and thus, they got to meet them in the locker room. I didn't see any other kids gathered around the team at the same time, so I would think that this was arranged ahead of time.

Additionally, after the show at the Sight and Sound, the kids were backstage, meeting the performers, the animals (weren't the kids in costume?)...again, no other kids around.

These were special privileges, or perks, or whatever one wants to call it. Had they not been involved in the show, it most likely never would have happened.

Friend In Pennsylvania said...

I didn't read Kate's blog. Does she say who puts the clean sheets back on the bed? She may wash them (the easy part), but who has the job of actually making up eight beds? The housekeeper? That's a task I wouldn't look forward to doing.

I can't image clean jammies only on Sundays. Ewww is right. My kids change their pjs three times a week. If it were up to them, they'd put clean ones on every night. They like the smell (and feel) of freshly laundered pajamas. I don't mind - I do, too!

Audible Click said...

Laurie said... Audible Chick, you said "we knew you were a lazy bint"....did you mean "lazy bunt"? If so, love the Money Python reference.
Calling her a "bunt"would be an insult to bunt pans everywhere. ;) I love Monty Python but I was using "bint" with an Aussie connotation, which is really insulting. Come to thinking of it, calling her a bint is an insult to bints everywhere. *snark*

gramof5 said...

Laurie said...

Laurie, I LOVE your post and that "Notice" is so worth the copy paper !

Thank you for the smile . I needed it today.


Tucker's Mom said...

OMG, just noticed the gel French nails on Top Kate!

Sue Buddy said...

Sue Buddy has a new blog up. "Kate Gosselin Attacks Laundry with Military Precision." Read and enjoy.

Please read at the site. Thank you. :)

Sue Buddy said...

Sorry, link below:

Call Me Crazy said...

readerlady said...

"How many of their peers get to run bases with a pro baseball team . . ."

Was that a special privilege? Many of the things the kids have been able to do are out of the norm, but that one, maybe not. IDK about the Phillies, but the Cincinnati Reds allow the kids in the ball park to run the bases at home games every weekend.

Hi readerlady. The Phillies do have a special day set aside during the season for kids to run the bases. But those normal, "mediocre" kids don't get to run the bases privately, or watch the game from a luxury box, or get souvenirs showered upon them, or hang out with the manager's girlfriend, or meet Shane Victorino, like the G kids did.

It would be impossible for those children to NOT feel entitled to things, since they have been raised to expect special treatment. Clearly, it will be up to Jon to teach them how average folks live.

Thanks for the recipes!

Gimme said...

Oh thank you for the link; that was rich!

The twit's tweets said...

bearswife said...

In other OT news, I scored a sweet full time job today. I am over the moon happy about it, but I might be around less to bore you all ;)

Bearswife -- CONGRATS!!!

I'm a klutz said...

Hippie Chick,

OUCH! I'm thankful that you escaped with only a bruise and some more aches and pains, which you don't need. Take care and be careful!

Anonymous said...

Call Me Crazy and Friend In Pennsylvania -- thanks for the clarification on the Phillies/kids' visit. I didn't see the episdode. It aired after I'd stopped watching the show, and I wasn't aware of all they got to do at the game. At the Reds games, the kids usually take to the field after batting practice. Some of the players stay out with them, some don't. I do agree that the kids get far more privileges than most kids do and that they are entitled and also spoiled. Unfortunately, what they aren't, is treated with love, at least not by their maternal parental unit. I'm glad that Jon is levelheaded and down to earth and I hope he's able to mitigate at least some of Kate's behavior and (lack of ) teaching.

HC -- I hope you're okay. Basement steps can be treacherous. Feel better soon. Would you like to join Klutzes anonymous? I'm a charter member. I can find more ways to trip, fall, run into things and drop things than you can imagine LOL. I'd be happy to sponsor you for membership. We spend most of our meetings comparing bruises, scrapes and scratches.


Audible Click said...

Good news for you, bearswife, there's nothing like a job that you love to do. Hippie Chick, I hope you feel better soon, you're very lucky you only have minor damage.

Tucker's Mom said...

Hippie, my mom's old basement steps were treacherous. First, they were painted and very slippery. Second, if you fall and try to stop by putting your hand on the wall, you will get your hand torn up from the stucco walls!

gramof5 said...

Bearswife --
Congratulations on your new job.God was surely watching out for you as, jobs are so scarce right now.
Hope it's all you want it to be.

anger issues kate said...

Pj momma: If you guys remember, from a recent episode, that it is the kids who are to clean the chicken coop, well , they let it get pretty piled up of bird poop. Which means they do not clean regularly. Anyone who owns any kind of birds knows they have to be cleaned regularly, like twice a week to every other day. Not every 2 weeks. What they showed looked like close to more than a weeks worth of chicken crap. I don't think Kate understands, that chickens can get sick from their own poop. Poop produces ammonia, if it is left to pile up, that will make chickens sick, and if not cleaned a person sick(very un-healthy to breath chicken poop, much less the dander that comes from their feathers, can give you breathing problems). I watched enough Animal Cops and Animal Hoarders, one guy had 50 chickens in his house, it was bad. But as Kate put it it is the kids responsibility to clean the chicken coop. Sorry Kate you need to supervisor them. I feel for any unfortunate animal that gets stuck at the Gosselin house. My birds are very well taken care of. Oh, and I think the birds are to be checked with a Vet once a year. Cause, they can get diseases, from the air, water and other wild animals who happened by. Kate thinks the chickens can take care of themselves, what affects the chicken, affects the eggs, then you. Kate is not getting pasturized eggs or eggs that have been checked, these are fresh eggs. Like I said poor animals. Kate lets things pile up like laundry, etc then complains about it.

Moose Mania said...

"Same thing happened to my husband years ago- except he was carrying down the basement steps a crate-full of wine, vodka, rum, etc..."


Ouch. But at least he had some liquid pain killers right there within his reach!

Carezee said...

Kate's laundry instructions were so long winded and confusing I couldn't make it to the end. I am not sure why she bothers with all the hampers and such if she mixes everything together. I divide my laundry into 3 baskets. One for whites, one for lights and one for darks. I read an article from my gas company that says to use cold or warm water to clean clothes. The water temperature on hot does not get hot enough to kill germs so it is just a waste of energy.

Why is everything in her life such a big production? Laundry is not rocket science, wash, dry, fold and put away. What is the big deal? Plus with 2 sets of machines it should get done twice as fast.

I come from a family of 13 kids and my parents. I remember my mom using a wringer washer and having cloth diapers to do on top of regular laundry. I never heard her complain about doing laundry. She was in heaven when she got her first automatic washer and dryer. And no, she didn't have two sets of them. She was happy with one.

Laurie said...

Audible Click, calling her a "bunt" in Monty Python terms was becaue the character couldn't say one specific sound (think cat) for the letter "c" and when they told him just to use the letter "k" he replied "oh what a silly bunt".

Jane said...

Sue Buddy said...
Sue Buddy has a new blog up. "Kate Gosselin Attacks Laundry with Military Precision." Read and enjoy.

Please read at the site. Thank you. :)


i'd like to follow you on twitter - do you have an acct there?

SG said...

Sue Buddy,
Are you THE Sue Buddy? If so, I'd like to follow you on Twitter also.

Sue Buddy said...

SG said...

Sue Buddy,
Are you THE Sue Buddy? If so, I'd like to follow you on Twitter also.


I'm the writer of the articles on Gather, yes.

I don't have a Twitter account. Not sure I want one. Had FB but deleted it faster than Kate accepts freebies! I just didn't like the whole concept.

If I get Twitter, I'll definitely let you know.

Thanks, and thanks for reading my articles.

Dallas Lady said...

Dear Kate,

Your laundry instructions were too wordy and confusing. You need a good editor.

Here is how laundry works in my house:

People put dirty clothes in their hamper. When full (usually at the weekend), we do about three or four loads for three people. We do a load of towels. We do our sheets.

When they are done, we put them in the dryer. When they are dry, we put things away. TA-DA!!!!

You really should wash the kid's sheets more than twice a month, that's disgusting. I bet yours get washed more often. I realize you have eight kids, but you did that to yourself.

Also, you should probably get your laundry "girl" to help you if you're so overwhelmed that you make the kids wear dirty play clothes over and over and sleep on dirty sheets. I know those kids get stinky--even five year olds smell like wet dogs when they come in from playing. Or do you not allow them to play outside?

You bitch so much about how overwhelmed and exhausted you are that I fail to understand why you think anyone needs your advice.

Look, you had eight kids. You alienated everyone in your life. You left your husband. You don't speak to your family. You are, indeed, very alone with eight kids. But whose fault is all that? You made your dirty bed, now lie in it.

Boston Bonnie said...

Love all the recipes. I'm an OK cook but rarely use a recipe. I mostly look on line for ideas then hope for the best when I make them. Luckily my dad is not fussy and although mom is picky, she eats whatever I put on the table, reluctantly, but she does. I try not to make things that I know she doesn't like too often.

Tomorrow I'm going to try a flank steak in the crock pot recipe that I found at AllRecipes. I'll let you all know tomorrow how it comes out.

*Bearswife* congrats on the job!

GKWay said...

@Sue have a little fan club here and also on Preesi's site as well. Great writing but especially how you 'get' how Ms. Kreider operates.

If and when you do get a twitter account, please let us know!

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